“I was 80kg around 20 years ago, but I didn’t think that would ever happen again. Honestly, I feel 10 years younger.”

Frans was out to prove to himself that age couldn’t, and wouldn’t, hold him back.

He wasn’t going to let the fact that he’d tip-toed into his seventies stand in the way of getting in shape.

The 71-year-old had lost weight before. But that weight, and more, piled back on during Covid.

It meant Frans walked through the doors weighing in at 101kg, and in truth, he had nagging doubt that history would be repeated.

He’d set his expectations quite conservatively, believing a 10kg loss would be his ceiling with the knee and shoulder issues that plagued him.

But by cutting out alcohol and winning his war of nutrition, he turned the clock back 20 years to find his ‘true self’.

In 14 weeks, Frans lost a staggering – almost double his target – and made massive improvements to his life which he knows will stick.

He feels younger, he has bundles of energy, and he’s in a great place both physically and mentally.

Frans recalls, in his own words, how he has managed to turn back the clock with U.P. here…

 Franss M71 14wk Pt Ams - Good Front Ultimate Performance

What brought you back through the doors of U.P. following a five-year break?

I started at U.P. five years ago I lost 15kg in three months which was incredible. But during Covid, I gained 12kg back because I had no access to gyms, and I couldn’t get it off. I tried another personal training studio, but I didn’t improve there, either. The only system that worked was at U.P. so I made a new start.


Can you remember the last time you weighed close to 80kg?

Honestly, I thought I would plateau at 90kg. Now, I’m down to 82kg. I was 80kg about 20 years ago, but I didn’t think it would ever happen again.

People were worried because I had lost so much weight and asked if that was good.

But now I tell them that is the original me; I was always 80kg. I found my true, original self, which I never thought possible.


How has this latest transformation made you feel?

I feel more energetic. I feel brighter in my head because one of the things is stopping alcohol, and I couldn’t do that previously. I feel brighter mentally because I don’t get that fog from alcohol, which is great. Physically, I feel very healthy, fresh, and good.

I’m not at the top of my power yet for training, but I feel more energetic during spinning, and I’m in better shape than I ever was. The belly has gone, but that’s not all.

My face is much different, and people tell me that. It’s a much more healthy, stable, and positive face. It’s an expression of how my health and mind is. I don’t feel 71 years old. I feel 60.


Having entered this journey with various ailments, how did you manage to tailor your regime to get you through these 14 weeks without complication?

I had a shoulder injury and I had undergone knee surgery, but now there is no injury, no pain, no worries. It’s very good now because you’re very careful and asking how they are all the time. My goal was 10kg and I lost 19kg, which is almost double.


What are the main takeaways from your time at Ultimate Performance?

There are three points.

One of them is stopping alcohol. During the first interview, I promised that I wouldn’t drink any, and I didn’t do it. Then you started monitoring me about drinking at the weekend, which helped a lot. The extra monitoring was good, and then it got to a point where I could just do it myself.

The second one was learning to eat more because I wasn’t eating enough carbs so the UP app, which calculates calories and macros, is unique and a very good system.

Before, I ate very little in the daytime, and in the evening, I would drink and snack, but now I’ve doubled up on what I eat; I eat everything, normal fats, I eat more healthily, it feels better, and I have more control.

Number three is the training itself. It pushes you to the limit which you need.


Personal training has helped Frans feel 10 years younger. If you to rediscover that zest for life in your sixties, seventies, and beyond, U.P. can help.


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