“My aches and pains have gone. I don’t feel awful in the morning when I wake up. I don’t feel like I have to do yoga every few days.”

Alistair’s energy levels just weren’t the same as when he was younger.

The 45-year-old had been a victim of the “midweek slump” for as long as he could remember.

Every week without fail, he would hit a proverbial wall as his energy levels crashed.

It affected his mood and his performance at work so he’d rely on coffee and carbs to get him through.

Alistair had always been a keen runner, but work and family life always took priority over going to the gym…and he was stuck in a rut.

Working with Ultimate Performance changed everything. It was more than just getting six-pack abs. It’s helped him get back into the habit of exercise, shown him how to eat healthily and manage his energy levels, and given him accountability to actually hit the goals he sets.

Losing the weight and getting fit has even shaved 10 minutes off his 10k run time.

Below, Alistair explains how this transformation was made possible by working with a professional trainer…

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What was it that motivated you start your personal training program with Ultimate Performance?

I’d seen the benefits that other people had got from U.P. I wanted to get into much better shape, improve my energy levels, and be able to get through the week without a slump, which I’ve experienced for some time.

It would often hit me in the middle of the week and sometimes, on a Saturday, my energy would completely disappear. It would take a couple of good nights of sleep to recover. It was starting to get in the way of my life.

It affected my mood and the way I would react to certain circumstances. Now I feel like I’m more resilient, I’m not getting frustrated as easily.

How much do you feel you have learned during this process, given that you arrived with experience in strength and conditioning?

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve got a background in strength and conditioning, but I learned more about dieting and the implications of how it can make you feel. I didn’t miss carbohydrates when giving them up; I felt less bloated and more energetic. It was an educational process.

Now, if my energy starts to vanish again, I know how to adjust, whereas before it was more caffeinated drinks and more carbohydrates. It was great feedback. It was a process that kept me accountable, and I didn’t anticipate learning so much from it.

Seeing the videos, I can see how my technique was compared to how it is now. I was finding it difficult, but I’ve learned more about technique and thinking about how I’m lifting. I’ve got more confidence in lifting weights because I’m focusing on my technique.

What was your training regime like before arriving at the doors of U.P.? And how has it transformed since?

It was total self-sacrifice. It was either work or the family. Now I’m making time to exercise and if I get up at half past five, and work out from 6pm to 7pm, my energy levels are far better than if I was getting out of bed later.

My aches and pains have gone and I’m happily sleeping seven hours a night, whereas that had been tough previously. Losing weight is one thing, but having the discipline to exercise more during the week has been a big plus.

The strength work had so many benefits; I don’t feel awful in the morning when I wake up. I don’t feel like I have to do yoga every 48 hours. I haven’t even thought about doing stretching, I just haven’t had any soreness at all.

I never thought I would get back into lifting weights, but now I will keep going.

Have the results of your training had any implications on other aspects of your life?

I’ve felt the benefits when I go running. When I went on holiday, the first 10k time I did was 57 minutes. Three-and-a-half weeks later, I did a 10k in 46 minutes, so I shaved more than 10 minutes off my time, which is pretty incredible.

The experience has been transformative. It’s held me accountable in a really good way and it has educated me. It’s a much more sustainable way of getting into shape.


Personal training has given Alistair a cocktail of confidence, focus, and energy that have changed his life. Find out what one-to-one training with U.P. could do for you…


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