“I didn’t want to be obese any longer. I had early markers of diabetes. They have all gone now.”

Computer programmer Nebyou lost a mind-blowing 34kg to stop the impending threat of diabetes.

He had been hurtling towards obesity and ill-health before partnering with Ultimate Performance.

The 43-year-old felt heavy, deeply unhappy, and struggled to motivate himself to exercise.

Compare that to now, Nebyou is immensely proud of his physique, and most importantly, his health markers all make for good reading.

Below, you can read how he took charge of his health with a U.P. trainer in his corner…

 Nebyoue M43 68wk Pt Dxb - Outstanding Front Ultimate Performance

What would you say made your experience at Ultimate Performance so special?

My experience at U.P. has been great. Everybody’s been supportive and friendly.

My trainer always pushes me to my limits, and if I was training on my own, there’s no way I would be progressing that fast.


Were you able to achieve your goal in partnership with your trainer?

Yes, I achieved my overall goal, which was to lose weight and get healthier. I didn’t want to be obese any longer because I had early markers of diabetes, which have all gone now.

I also wanted to be able to do a pull-up, which I was never able to do before. Now I can do multiple. My next goal is to reach 15% body fat.

Talk us through some of the noticeable benefits of your transformation. Are you more confident now?

I feel more confident in my appearance.

Before I used to wear loose-fitting clothes because I didn’t like my body shape. Now I’m confident wearing any type of clothes and I feel great.


Do you feel that you received the necessary level of support and knowledge to help guide you through the process?

Definitely yes.

I had never built a habit of going to the gym, but my trainer was constantly pushing me to get my steps in. He’d always talk to me on Zoom and WhatsApp when I was in the UK, he’d recommend macro-friendly options when I was eating out, and he even looked out for parks that I could go walking in.

Those check-ins were really important, and I appreciated him taking the time to look after my health.

Physically and mentally, how much better do you feel after losing a staggering 34kg of weight?

I’m much happier with my appearance, just from trying on new clothes and everything fitting. I’m not having to worry about how they look.

I recently found out that I’m a size 34 in jeans. I don’t ever remember being that size. They’re actually feeling loose at the moment, so I might have to go down another size! I no longer have man boobs either, so that’s a plus.

I noticed a lot of changes. I sleep better at night. I have a lot of energy, I feel lighter, and I have more willpower and discipline.


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