“Everyone has been so impressed. I play a lot of golf and I’m hitting the ball about 50 yards further with my driver. My friends were stunned!”

After losing over 20kg of weight, Andrew couldn’t be happier with his physique at 43.

He’d been trying to get in shape for the past few years, but his usual tactics were not working.

Intermittent fasting wasn’t helping him trim away fat and he struggled to motivate himself to train alone.

But Andrew is a different man now, overcoming a “minor midlife crisis”…

Below, he explains how he trained to build these abs, the most important lessons he learned on getting in shape in his forties, and how he’s now driving the ball further than ever on the golf course!

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What was your initial motivation to partner with Ultimate Performance?

My initial motivation to join Ultimate Performance, other than a minor midlife crisis, was that I’ve slowly been putting on weight for the last year and none of my usual tactics seem to work anymore.

Techniques like intermittent fasting just didn’t have the same result. Getting into shape and feeling confident about my body was something that’s been on my bucket list for a long time.

I was looking for a challenge. I needed to focus on something, so I decided to take the plunge.


How do you feel when you look in the mirror after losing over 20kg of weight?

It is amazing and it’s something I never thought I could achieve. I couldn’t be happier with the results that I’ve seen up to this point.


How valuable has the knowledge and expertise of your trainer been along the way?

My trainer has been phenomenal.

He’s been a companion every step of the way, and I don’t think it would be possible to achieve these types of results without the incredible support and knowledge of the trainers at Ultimate Performance.

I travel a lot for work, but he’s helped me manage my time away from the gym. If I picked up an injury halfway through, he adjusted everything to not only help me recover, but also to build me back up stronger.

There’s so much data and experience that goes into it and I have to say it’s been bang on the entire time. It’s fantastic.


Which facets of the program have helped you stay accountable during this process?

There are a lot of check-ins; monitoring what I’m eating, adjusting the routine, and making sure I can exercise in hotel gyms.

Obviously, hotel gyms don’t have the same equipment, so you have to simplify things and try replicating exercises the best you can.

My trainer has always been there to answer any questions and provide motivational support when I needed it most


How have your friends and family reacted to your transformation?

They are all stunned. They’re impressed with the physical change, but they’re also impressed with the dedication and commitment I put into it.

I play a lot of golf and a big bonus is that I am now hitting the ball about 50 yards further with my driver. That’s been a nice extra reward.

Do you feel that you have invested wisely in your health and fitness?

I feel awesome. I’ve always wanted to have that confidence, so it was good to get that affirmation.

I have invested a lot of money, but the program has been fantastic, so I don’t think about the cost. I have invested in my health, my happiness, and mental well-being.

One tip for people who are thinking about doing this; start saving for a new wardrobe because that is an added cost that nobody warns you about.


What were some of the key lessons you learned working alongside your trainer?

I hadn’t gone out in six months. The transformation journey has changed my eating habits.

I’m now much more knowledgeable and conscious about what I eat. I have a lot more confidence. It’s great to be able to go shopping and buy the clothes you want.

Everything fits, everything looks good on you, and that makes you feel better about yourself.


What are your plans moving forward?

I want to keep on going. Now that I’m lean, I want to focus on building more strength. I want to maintain the good habits that I’ve picked up.

I’m looking for a new challenge, not just in terms of what I can do physically, but also in terms of what I can achieve mentally.


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