There used to be a popular misconception that Ultimate Performance was exclusively made up of hulking, ripped, beast-like personal trainers. Sometimes even we can see why that might be a first impression if you walk into one of our gyms at the right (or wrong) time! These days we are regarded as being a bit more well-rounded, with various sporty shapes and sizes, and a diverse range of sporting and academic backgrounds. That said, we do still have our fair-share of larger than life men – all those years of weight training hard and eating right do result in the side effect of big muscles!

UP is an intense working environment, which requires strong characters who are also team players. We are certainly not a massive company with a tangled and labyrinthine corporate structure, so everyone has a clear role (or two – or three!) and there is nowhere to hide. So whilst every company hires achievers, we go a step further and actually create achievers. We put a huge amount of effort into training new personal trainers (all of whom would be regarded as senior trainers in any other gym) and there is on-going education for everyone in the team. We constantly challenge, test and learn.

This unique culture of positive pressure means our personal trainers are regarded as the best in the industry. It’s a tough environment, but our best people thrive when they’re so challenged. Innovation and new ideas are encouraged, and if we make mistakes then we pick ourselves up and learn from them. Finger pointing is only reserved for people who don’t try, not people who make the odd mistake.

Our people are taught to believe in themselves and to foster a long-term approach to their careers. The fitness industry standard of chasing a quick dollar and only caring about numbers is a total anathema to the way that we work. Our long-term approach informs every aspect of the decision making process at all levels and stages within the company.