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How to get rid of 'stubborn' body fat  

Do you have 'stubborn' body fat that you just can't shift? Maybe you have belly fat you struggle to burn off. Or excess weight on your thighs which never goes no matter what diet or exercise plan you follow. We have some good news for you...

The truth about 'stubborn fat'

The reality is…there is no such thing as ‘stubborn fat’. You just haven’t found the right fat loss approach yet.

Everyone can and will lose fat, but everyone loses fat differently. Some will come off faster, and some will come off slower – so it feels ‘stubborn’.

But with the right plan in place for you, you will lose fat if you stick to it consistently enough.

Here we explain the main reasons you are struggling to lose fat, and the four simple steps you need to take to lose fat effectively…

3 reasons why you are struggling to lose stubborn fat

We have helped over 25,000 people lose fat of all ages, shapes and sizes – so we know what works.

And we know the main problems stopping people from losing fat effectively.

It boils down to three factors…

1. No consistency

Fat loss is a process that requires time and consistency. It’s not always linear. The more consistent you are with the plan you set, the better your results will be.

We see people fail when they lose consistency. They stray off track, stop logging their meals, and don’t hit their daily goals.

That’s why UP Transform gives you all the tools you need to stay consistent – the goal-setting tool, nutrition targets, meal plan builder and progress tracker.

2. No accountability

Fat loss is easy when motivation is high. You feel great, you’re eating healthy meals, and you’re hitting every workout hard.

But willpower always wanes, so you can’t rely on motivation alone. This is where accountability comes into play. You need something that’s going to keep you focused on your goal when things get tough.

With no accountability in place, people are quick to throw in the towel and give up on their goals.

That’s why UP Transform has built-in accountability features. The Daily Goals and a smart Weekly Check-In system are designed to keep you accountable, so you can stay motivated and on track much easier.

3. No tracking

People lose motivation and quit most often because they don’t see results.

But if you are not regularly tracking any measures of progress, how do you know if your fat loss plan is working?

Recording reliable progress metrics means you’re not guessing – you can see your progress in black and white. Or, if progress slows, it shows you where you can improve or adapt your plan.

That’s why UP Transform enables you to track multiple progress metrics – including progress photos, body weight, body fat, steps and sleep. So you can see results, know you’re on track, and stay fired up to hit your goals.

How do you lose 'stubborn fat'?

Fat loss in a nutshell: expend more energy, consume fewer calories. Do this consistently, and you will lose fat. Simple in theory, but much harder in practice.

That’s why UP Transform removes the guesswork and does the thinking for you.

It helps you set a goal, so you have a clear timeframe. It sets your nutrition targets, so you know what to eat. It gives you recipe ideas, so you can keep your meals enjoyable. It gives you tracking tools to keep you accountable.

Here are four key things you need for successful fat loss…

1. Eat a calorie-controlled diet

Calories count. There’s no way around it. Ensuring you are tracking your food intake and logging your meals is a sure-fire way to put your body in the calorie deficit needed to start losing fat.

2. Choose nutrient-dense whole foods

‘Eating from the land’ is a principle we recommend to every one of our clients. Whole foods nourish your body better, improve your health and well-being, and they fill you up for longer, making dieting easier.

3. Exercise regularly

Make this a non-negotiable. Lift weights 3-4 times per week – it helps improve your body composition, signalling to your body to retain muscle tissue so you can lose fat in a deficit. Complement this with increasing your daily activity, which is an easy way to increase your calorie burn and accelerate fat loss.


4. Stick to the plan

Don’t give up at the first hurdle. You must stick to a plan long enough to allow it to work. Results might not be instant.

Your body can take time to reach a point of relative health before it begins losing fat. If you jump from diet to diet without setting a consistent baseline, you will always fail.

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