Regular drinking, social events and travelling with work brought Saliya’s wedding preparations to a halt.

As a program manager for Amazon, her job came with great responsibility.

But it also meant she struggled to commit to a routine and focus on her fitness. With her wedding just months away, she was out of shape and says her mental health was suffering.

Saliya contacted Ultimate Performance to find a personal trainer to help her slim down while working around her priorities.

That investment has been priceless for Saliya’s mental and physical health. She’s shed 22kg and feels like a different woman after carrying out her personalised weight training plan.

Saliya is now lean, happy and proud of how far she’s come. Most importantly, she felt confident at her hen party and walking down the aisle in her dress on a wedding day she’ll never forget.

  Saliyak F33 38wk Pt Syd Front | Ultimate Performance

“My body shape has changed drastically. I was looking at photos yesterday and I’ve been blown away by the difference ever since I came to U.P.

“I now feel strong not only physically, but mentally as well, which has been great for me.

“My trainer has also given me suggestions and laid out plans, so when I go into social situations, I know what I’m doing with my diet.”

Here, Saliya speaks about how she was apprehensive about taking up weight training at first, the countless compliments she’s received from friends, and how she’s now well-equipped to stay in shape at social events with work.

What was your motivation to start your own transformation with U.P.?

I was getting married this year, which motivated me to lose weight and get in shape. Before I came to U.P. I was travelling a lot with work and didn’t have much of a routine. My diet was all over the place and I was drinking a lot of alcohol as well – it wasn’t a good lifestyle. So for me, it was just about making a change.

What did your diet look like before you started working with your trainer?

My diet was all over the place. I have a lot of social events throughout the week and at weekends, so I was regularly eating out and drinking a lot of alcohol. While I enjoy eating out, the knock-on effect of putting on weight wasn’t making me feel good. My mental health started to suffer because of it in the last 18 months or so, so I knew I needed to make changes.

How much of an impact has your transformation had on your physical and mental health?

Coming to U.P. has positively impacted my mental health, no doubt about it. Prior to working with my trainer, I was struggling. I now feel strong not only physically, but mentally as well which has been great for me. I’m definitely feeling a lot more confident in my own skin. I had my hen party recently and I was strutting around in a white swimsuit feeling confident, which was nice.

My body shape has changed drastically. I was looking at photos yesterday and I’ve been blown away by the difference ever since I came to U.P. My friends have also commented on my figure, suggesting there is something different about me now. It’s great to know that people close to me have realised the work I’ve put in. I feel a lot more switched on and focused at work, which is great because I often work very long hours. I’m a lot happier and more positive every day.

Have you ever worked out in the past?

I’ve tried a number of different things in the past to get in shape. I’ve tried fitness bootcamps and boxing, but they never really delivered the results I wanted. The difference with U.P. was the attention to detail and how your program is customised to you.

I’ve always been inspired by women lifting weights, but I was a bit intimidated by it, to be honest. I wasn’t sure about going to a gym and lifting weights because I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. Coming to U.P. has given me the confidence I need to be able to go to the gym and lift weights, knowing that I’m doing it correctly.

How did you balance your busy social life with your transformation?

Training with U.P. has helped me manage my social life and still work towards my goals. My trainer has taught me how I can still attend social events and eat well. He’s given me suggestions and laid out plans, so when I go into social situations, I know what I’m doing with my diet.

How would you compare yourself from day one of your transformation to now?

I’m a completely different person. My mindset is far more positive now, my physique has changed and my fitness has improved. I have gained so much confidence and seen many mental health benefits – it’s been a life-changing experience. I’ve had to put in a lot of hard work and be consistent with my training and diet, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.


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