“Watching the increase in weights that I’m able to lift and press is really inspiring. I feel younger, fitter, stronger, and much more confident.”

Businesswoman Frances felt there just weren’t enough hours in the day to get in shape.

She was way too tied up with important client meetings.

Travelling far and wide with work didn’t help her either.

Having just hit 58, Frances hadn’t lifted a dumbbell, barbell, or kettlebell for the best part of three years – but seeing her sister-in-law’s U.P. transformation got her thinking…

“What could I achieve with U.P. if I committed for just 12 weeks?”

The answer: a phenomenal physical and mental transformation that has proved she really does have time to get fit.

Now 8kg (19lbs) lighter, her startling weight loss drew compliments from her husband, children, and even store assistants who helped her slip back into smaller sized dresses.

But feeling great has also translated into Frances’s work life…

She’s thinking sharper every morning and is far less impacted by stressful situations.

Here, she explains the process behind her eye-catching results…

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What encouraged you to put your health in the hands of Ultimate Performance?

I heard about U.P. from my sister-in-Law in London, who herself had a dramatic transformation during her 12-week program, and I think extended beyond that.

I was inspired by her, but I also recognised that I had fallen out of the practice of using weights.

As I aged, it was one of the things that I thought was important for my health and aesthetics.

I hadn’t done any serious weight training for about three years, and I wanted to lose some weight. It was a combination of wanting to look good, wanting to be stronger, and lose a few pounds.

With such a busy work life – how difficult was it to commit to your transformation program?

It’s been very easy to commit.

My colleagues and clients appreciated that I was going to set some time aside to do this. That was very empowering. In terms of stress management, it’s been so helpful.

Feeling good about yourself translates into what you’re projecting in the workplace as well. It benefits you across your whole life, including your career and your productivity, when you prioritise your health.

I would highly recommend this to anybody in a job with any stress level, but particularly one which can have long hours, which has client demands and involves a lot of travel.

The other thing is I’ve been able to manage my travel schedule and still maintain and still find ways to interact. I was able to train virtually with my trainer when I’ve been travelling as well.

How have your family and friends reacted to your transformation?

I’m lucky that I’ve got a supportive husband and children, who are all quite fitness-conscious, so they’ve been very encouraging when they’ve seen the results.

I’ve been inspired to recommend other people in my life onto the U.P. journey. A good friend of mine, who’s also my Pilates instructor, has just started and we’re already vibing off each other.

One anecdote: I visited my daughter in college, it was homecoming, and I was getting changed, and she saw the change in my physique, and her reaction was, ‘Mama, I think your waist is smaller than mine’, but it was with pride.

It’s a nice dynamic and super positive in that respect.

How has this transformation made you feel about yourself from a physical and mental standpoint?

A lot of it is strength-related, and hearing my trainer say that I was a lot stronger than I thought was really empowering.

Watching the increase in weights that I’m able to lift and press is really inspiring, and I feel younger, fitter, stronger and much more confident as a result of this journey.

I don’t suffer from a lack of energy, it’s more positive energy now. I think it’s been inspiring to them [my family] as well, because they see a more energised, happier, fitter, stronger me.

In terms of what I’m projecting, it’s been really positive for them, and I think they’re all interested in the journey. I am embracing being back in my wardrobe and trying on clothes that I was squeezing into before this and now they fit perfectly or are hanging off me.

I ordered something that was two sizes smaller than what I’d normally wear, I put it on in the store, and I got a round of applause from the sales assistant.
It just looked so good. It didn’t bring a tear to my eye, but I was bursting with pride.

What advice would you give to somebody who was thinking about starting their own transformation?

There’s lots of research, but you’ve just got to get out of your own way because you are going to feel so much better about yourself physically, psychologically, mentally, in every possible way, and it’s entirely doable.

Age is just a number. If I can do it, you can do it. I’ve never shied away from my age. I’ve embraced everything that every decade has brought to me.

I’m not going to stand next to a 20-year-old and look the same as they do, but I genuinely think you can get better, and there’s nothing to say that you can’t continue to improve.

I underestimated how fun it would be. It’s not necessarily fun when you’re grunting, groaning, sweating, and hating that last rep that you have to do. But I leave every session with a spring in my step.

I think about the next session, sometimes with a little bit of dread, but also with a lot of positivity. I’m very pleased with the health benefits, I’m very pleased with the physical transformation, and I’m pleased that it’s a journey that is going to continue.


Stepping into your 50s doesn’t spell the beginning of the end for your fitness. Give your health, confidence, and appearance an overhaul today in as little as 12 weeks.


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