I used to be unsure. I lacked confidence and wanted to cover up. I’m a different person altogether now. I feel like I’m at my best and I’ve never been this strong.

A serious injury had led Sarah living a life of stress, overeating and drinking too much.

Ever since her injury, the 38-year-old had never mentally recovered and she’d lost all semblance of a healthy routine.

Sarah was now noticeably more introverted and felt like she’d lost the woman she knew and loved.

That inspired her to start training with Ultimate Performance.

And it was through weight training that Sarah lost 15kg of weight, uncovering the root cause of her self-conscious nature.

Changes to her figure quickly made her feel empowered and restored her body confidence. She’s now able to wear whatever she wants without any hesitation and carries herself with conviction.

After seeing what’s possible in her late thirties, she’s curious to see what’s possible in the future.

Here’s how Sarah improved her physical and mental well-being in just 27 weeks with U.P…

 Sarahm F38 27wk Pt May - Good Front Ultimate Performance

What made you make the move to put your health and fitness into the hands of U.P.?

I sustained an injury a few years ago and was in quite a bit of pain. I was eating unhealthily, drinking too much and I didn’t feel myself.


What obstacles have you encountered during your journey with U.P.?

I’ve had to get my head around dieting and sticking to it, getting into a routine and stopping myself from reverting to bad habits. That has been the hardest part. It was hard to maintain a social life and cutting out alcohol was a challenge, but now I have great nights out with friends and enjoy it for what it is. We catch up, have a dance, and I don’t need to drink to feel great and confident in myself. In the end it’s not been too hard.

How supportive has your trainer been throughout your transformation process?

When you haven’t got any time, and you don’t feel or look good, you make up excuses, because it’s horrible, sweaty, and unpleasant.
My trainer has gone above and beyond to support me in my journey. I receive messages constantly to make sure that I’m staying on track, he’s pushing me to stay on top of my diet and my steps. He’s been supportive when I’ve faced challenges outside the gym, he’s made me feel safe, kept me focused, helped me recover if I do slip up, and that positive reinforcement has been incredible.

My trainer helped me overcome some of the obstacles and barriers by giving me his constant support, whether it was morning, noon, or night, seven days a week. He was always checking in; especially at times when I was likely to be most vulnerable to have a setback. He reminded me that if I did take a knock, it wasn’t the end of the world. He reminded me that tomorrow was a new day, and we can go again.

I had to try and overcome falling back into bad habits and using food or drink as a means of stress relief, which a lot of people can be guilty of doing. It’s hard to break those habits, but instead I would go to the gym, do a spin class or boxing, push through, and relieve the stress in a different way.

What were the changes that you first started to notice and how did they make you feel?

I started to feel so much stronger in myself and the visible signs, when losing weight from my top half, made me feel more confident in myself. Plenty of other people have definitely noticed a difference in me, both in my confidence and my physique.

It’s been amazing. It’s boosted my confidence in everyday life; the way I handle things and interact with people. I present myself differently. I now wear what I want to wear and I’m not self-conscious anymore. I don’t mind just wearing a sports bra in the gym and showing off my abs.

I feel more confident in what I’m wearing. I used to be unsure, I lacked confidence and wanted to cover up. I’m a different person and I love and believe in myself again.

What have you noticed has changed in your mindset since you started?

I feel like I can achieve anything. I keep setting myself new goals and keep pushing myself harder.

I know I can do it now. The most significant change I’ve noticed since starting at U.P. is my mental strength and happiness. It’s not just been physically transformative, it’s been amazing on a mental note.

I’ve never felt this strong physically and mentally.


What are your goals moving forward?

I want to get stronger, work on building more muscle and definition, compete in more triathlons, and stay fit and healthy.

I feel like I’m at my best. It’s been an amazing journey..


Sarah’s never been happier with her figure, but it goes way beyond just aesthetics. Train with U.P. now and find out how you can build unbreakable resilience and confidence in just weeks.


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