“I don’t feel the dips anymore after having lunch. It is just a completely different level of energy. Running after my two-year-old son is completely different.

Sarah’s low energy meant she struggled to finish even the most straightforward day at work.

She felt the dreaded ‘afternoon slump’ the moment she sat at her desk after lunch.

Countless bad habits and careless eating were the obvious culprits.

Sarah was also starting to realise that no amount of group classes would turn her fortunes around – but she was too afraid of stepping into the weights section.

What’s worse, she had an energetic two-year-old at home who she could no longer keep up with. It soon hit her that she needed a change, for the sake of her son and her career.

To do that, radical lifestyle changes were in order. Changes that she set out to make with an Ultimate Performance personal trainer.

Her faith in her trainer was repaid entirely over the coming months, as she lost 28kg and completely reshaped her body to drop a remarkable five dress sizes.

Read how Sarah’s transformation gave her endless energy, and so much more, below.

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Tell us how your life has changed in the last 10 months at U.P.  

The biggest difference has been in simple things, like a normal workday and my energy levels during the day. I don’t feel the dips anymore after having lunch. It is just a completely different level of energy.

And also, just running after my two-year-old son is completely different. I enjoy going out for a run. I just achieved the fastest run I’ve ever been able to do, which was a target for me – 5km in less than 30 minutes.

In terms of physical impact, before I started this journey, I was around size 42 waist. I’m now down to 36 or 34 waist, which is small – extra small. Going shopping is a great experience now.

I can wear almost everything!  


What transformation results have you achieved in this time? 

Compared to when I first started training with in February this year, I was 83.6kg. Now, about 10 months later, I lost almost 30kg which feels amazing.

I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. My weight has not been this low since I was 15.  

Nutrition is a big part of the U.P. process. Tell us about your experience with managing your food.   

One of my biggest takeaways when it comes to nutrition is finally having an understanding of how many calories different types of food have and how much I need to eat in a day.

It was really eye-opening to track everything I ate; it really gave me a clear picture of how much there is and how much I actually need.

Now that I have a clear idea of exactly how much there is in one portion of any food, I can easily tell how much I actually need in a day.

It has changed my entire approach to nutrition.  


Would you say your approach towards the gym has also changed? 


Before I started U.P., I was only doing group classes. I was scared of the gym floor; I had no idea how to use any of those machines.

Now I can walk into any gym with confidence and know exactly what I have to do. I’m incredibly proud of what I have achieved in the last few months!

I never thought I would be able to do pull-ups and chin-ups. I’ve tried in the past, but I just kept hanging there.

Also, the pendulum, which I was sort of scared of in the beginning, I could barely do it without any weight. Now I can manage almost 40kg on it.

That’s quite a big achievement. 


Any upcoming goals, and how do you feel about these? 

My upcoming goals would be small. I mean, I reached my target regarding weight loss and fat.

In fact, I exceeded them in some ways. Now I am more focused on getting stronger, building muscle and doing more pull-ups. Maybe even weighted ones.  


How about wearing a bikini? Are you ready to start wearing new things now? 

I never liked or enjoyed it at all. I did it, but I didn’t enjoy walking around in the bikini at all. Now there’s a huge difference!

I don’t feel I need to hide anymore or put on clothes to cover myself.  


Apart from the physical transformation, how else has U.P. changed you?  

The biggest change has been how I view exercising and training.

I really look forward to going to the gym; working out is the top thing of my day now. Even going for a run is something I look forward to, and I plan it in my schedule rather than thinking of it as something I have to do. 


Sarah’s transformation helped her overcome lethargy and turbocharge her life. It took determination, a lot of effort and U.P.’s time-tested transformation process, but it was certainly worth every drop of sweat. Now you can start your transformation at U.P. too. Join today!   


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