“I always wondered what I should be doing to keep fit before I came to U.P. I’m now so much happier with my figure and I’m in better shape than I was before having kids.”

Aline’s punishing exercise regime and low-carb diet left her burned out.

What’s worse, she had nothing to show for it.

She trained six times a week and rarely veered away from her strict diet plan, but her body wasn’t showing any sign of losing weight.

When she came to Ultimate Performance, everything changed. She stepped out of her comfort zone and swapped hours of gruelling cardio for three targeted weight training sessions per week.

She lost 15kg (33lbs) to feel strong, lean and empowered as a healthy mum of three at 36.

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Why did you decide to start your own personal training program at U.P.?

I felt like I was stuck. I wasn’t improving myself, I wasn’t losing weight and I wasn’t in the shape I wanted at all.

The most important thing for me was learning from the best and understanding how to keep weight off once I’d lost it.

What did your diet and lifestyle look like before you started working with your trainer?

I’ve always been active and trained five or six times a week, but I was overdoing the cardio and exhausting myself.

I was dieting and eating no carbs at all, which left me feeling as if I was dying for the whole day.

It would mess with my mood and I felt week during the day, which took a toll on me.

I have three kids, but I made sure my lifestyle was healthy. I always ran and made sure I did 10,000 steps every day, but I wasn’t seeing results.

Nothing was changing – no matter how little or how much I ate.

Did your results at U.P. exceed your initial expectations?

I definitely got better results than I expected.

The whole program that my trainer created was very efficient and effective.

In the first chat I had with my trainer, I wanted to make sure he would push me out of my comfort zone. I knew I needed to be pushed to get the best results, even if I complained!

What changes have you seen now that you’ve completed your transformation?

I’ve made amazing changes to what I eat and the exercise I do.

Most importantly, I’m confident that I’m doing all the right things when I train alone. It’s a recipe for success.

There’s also been a lot of change at home. I’ve been making sure my children eat the same foods as me because I found a great balance in my diet and felt good about myself. I thought if they eat well, they will feel good too.

I’ve been really surprised by what I’ve achieved. I’m in much better shape than I was before having kids.

How influential was the support of your trainer throughout your transformation?

The emotional support I received was invaluable. My trainer was always there if I ever found myself in a difficult situation.

I would not have achieved these results and trained with the same level of intensity without him.

He was constantly talking to me, making sure my form was correct and feeding me with knowledge. He also taught me so much about what foods would satisfy my cravings and how to keep sugary foods out of my diet.

What would you say is the key thing you’ve learned from your trainer?

Before I came to U.P., I always wondered what I should be doing to keep fit because my low-carb diets were not working. I now know what it takes to get in shape.

I realise that I don’t need to kill myself six times a week in the gym and overdo the cardio sessions.

So, that’s been extremely pleasing, and I’m much happier with my confidence, figure and overall health

What would you say to other women who want to start their own personal training program, but might be anxious to take the first step?

I think it’s important you have an open mind and trust the judgement of your trainer. You’ll quickly build a strong connection with your trainer, and step by step, you’ll start to see results.

I’d highly recommend U.P. to anyone who wants to lose weight and make a change to their body.


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