As a company president, military veteran and mother, Grace was the epitome of success. 

The only thing not aligned to her remarkable life and career was her fitness and physique.

Her busy life took a toll on her health, and as a veteran of the military, she was not happy with her unhealthy lifestyle – and at 48, she feared her best years might be behind her.

Determined to get back in peak physical shape, she entrusted her health to the expert team at Ultimate Performance.

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“Being strong makes me feel a lot more confident. I really believe that if you’re the best version of yourself in one area in terms of physical fitness, in terms of eating healthy, getting enough rest — it really spills over to other areas of your life.

“So, it really impacts focus, mental clarity, stamina at work as well.”

An ex-military lifestyle gave Grace a leg up when it came to following the structured and intensive U.P. routine.

When she started her transformation she was 142lbs (64.5kg), and by the time she had completed her programme she was lean, fit and strong at 113lbs (51 kg) – even surpassing her high school best.

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It was this point that she wanted to get back to – in her younger years, fitness and health was central to her life. But over the years this way of life had got lost.

“I graduated from the United States Military Academy at Westpoint.

“During that phase of my life, I woke up, exercised, went to classes, did judo, and went to the gym and worked out.

“Before joining U.P., I wasn’t at my best. I knew where I had come from, I wanted to get back there, and I just needed a stern kick in the butt to get it myself together.”

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In her mind, Grace felt her glory days were behind her at 48.  Starting a transformation with a world-class trainer was the first step in smashing through this notion and proving it can be at your best at any age.

“The main obstacle was trying to overcome my own mental block. I think we have limiting beliefs where we think that there are different phases of our lives with certain expectations of how we should look.

“For me, my limiting belief was that my optimal weight, that behaviour of eating right, sleeping well, and exercising was in my past, in my 20s.”

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“Going beyond that obstacle and thinking it is possible to actually be 48 and be in the best shape of your life and eat the healthiest foods – was what I had to overcome first. I think refocusing on taking care of myself allowed me to be better in other areas as well.”

For Grace breaking her mental barriers was the most critical part of the process. Just allowing herself to do better and not stop after small improvements was more than half the battle won.
The physical results naturally impacted every area of her life.

“Coming to U.P. has had a very positive impact on my family. I work out here with my husband, Cole and doing this together gives us a break from our day-to-day lives.”

  Ultimate Performance Singapore Grace Cole | Ultimate Performance

“So, it’s quite positive to work out together. And our daughter observes the fact that exercise and health is an important part of life. Our daughter’s health and wellness are very important to us, and exercise is an important aspect of ensuring that she stays healthy throughout her life. I am glad to see that we walk the talk for her and set an example for her.”

“COVID was my wakeup call. I came to realize what was so important for my family. Overall, I wanted a complete shift in thinking, and that’s what I got at U.P.”

Now, as she heads towards 50, Grace finds herself in a very satisfying position in life.

She is back in great shape, she feels her best and she has learned all the skills she needs to maintain her fitness for life.

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“When I started at U.P., my expectation was just to form habits and not worry about my weight. I just keep showing up, working out, my weight dropped, strength increased, and that’s why today I am here at 113.8 lbs (51kg) which is the lowest I have ever been.

“More importantly, I feel great! This is the strongest I have ever been in relation to my weight.

“Overall, it has given me a very optimistic outlook, and I now have a lot more energy in all parts of my life.”



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