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Losing weight and getting the ideal body can feel like an impossible task for so many women.

Leanne was no different – unhappy with the way she looked after a succession of indulgent holidays; she wanted to lose the weight…but lose it for good.

The 33-year-old says transforming her body and getting in the best shape of her life couldn’t have been simpler after 12 short weeks at U.P.

“The last 12 weeks have been the easiest 12 weeks of my life – 100% – because everything’s written out for you. You’re told everything. It’s a fact. It’s scientifically proven.

“The results of all these people are proven. These are real people. So for me to be told that this is what happens when you do X, Y, and Z, it’s a no-brainer. It’s a given.”

Once Leanne committed to her 12-week transformation, the weight began to fall off from day one.

“I’ve lost weight every single week, and I’m still losing weight now, which I didn’t expect to happen.

“I think I lost just over a kilo last week and again that’s not a massive amount but when youre also toning up and building muscle, to still be losing weight I was shocked that I didn’t expect it to happen, but it did.

Leanne has lost a total of 13kg over the 12 weeks and has slimmed down to a lean size 8 as her impressive before and after images show.

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“I think the pictures are more shocking as well, as people tell me they never remember me looking like that. I didn’t either, to be honest.

“I look at that picture now, and I know it’s real, but I never remember. Because you see yourself every day, you never realise how much weight you’re putting on, and now I’m definitely more toned, and I’m at the weight that I was the year before last. The difference now is it’s sustainable.




Leanne, who works as a PA, had been going to the gym for 10 years – but had never managed to achieve the results she wanted.

“I’ve always gone to the gym; I’ve never really had a problem with my weight probably more than the next woman who’s never going to be happy with what they look like.

“I went on three or four holidays last year, and it got to the point where I was like ‘I’ve never looked like this before, and this just isn’t me.’

“I knew I wanted to lose the weight quickly – as quickly as possible, as healthy as possible, but also get the knowledge as well which I know U.P. have.”

Leanne was ready for a whole lifestyle change and wanted to the tools to be able to do it quickly, effectively, but above all, sustainably.

“I just got to that point where I just thought ‘tomorrow literally needs to be the change,’” she says.


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Leanne explains she wanted to learn how to control her diet, how to train effectively for results and how to keep the weight off and stay in shape long into the future.

That’s exactly the kind of education she got during her 12-week transformation at Ultimate Performance.

“My experience of Ultimate Performance was a complete eye opener.  Some of the things that I’ve been taught here just blow my mind. They really, really do.”

One of the things that so many women follow was the ‘low-fat diet’ – and Leanne was no different.

But that changed the moment she came through the doors at U.P., and it helped revolutionise her nutrition and kickstart her weight loss.

“There’s all the information about low-fat diets, but my trainer put me on a high-fat diet when I started, and I thought ‘you people are crazy.’

“I get it, and I understood it, but it’s almost like these guys know something that the rest of the world doesn’t. That’s how it feels.”

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Leanne says that like thousands of other people who have read about diets on the internet, she was eating ‘low fat’ before starting at U.P., but her body wasn’t changing.

“Then you come here and instantly you’re having steak for breakfast. It’s genius, and it works.”

Learning about the right nutrition and training for her body was a massive change for Leanne.

Before her transformation, Leanne thought she was following a good diet, and eating foods she thought were nutritious.

“My lifestyle before U.P. I’ve always considered myself to be relatively healthy.

“Since then, I’ve realised that cereal for lunch and rice cakes to snack on and apples as a snack are probably the worst things I could have been eating, for me anyway.

“The first thing I was told was cut out carbs and cut out sugar. As I say, everyone is different, and that’s not for everybody, but that’s what I needed.”


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She wanted to learn what really works for her and her body so she could stay in shape for years to come.

“I wanted to go away from this and understand more about the way that you lose weight and the way your body reacts to different foods.

“If you don’t understand how or why food works, there is no benefit, and I’ve got all that from Ultimate Performance. I have now got the knowledge.

“That’s what I wanted to get out of this. I wanted to know if I was on holiday for a couple of weeks or if I decided to go travelling for a few months, I’d be okay because I’ve got the education behind me.

“I’ve been going to the gym three times a week for 10 years, and there’s a reason I’ve been doing that and not seeing the results, but now coming here and I’m in the best shape of my life after 12 weeks. I expected to get that from it and that was my expectation, and it happened.”

Knowledge is power – and the education in training and nutrition Leanne has got during her 12-week transformation has helped her finally achieve the change she wanted.

“The educational part was the biggest thing for me. I’m motivated, I can work out, I’m dedicated to the gym, I’m dedicated to trying to get in the best shape I can, but I think with the mentality behind you of understanding the way your body works, the way different foods affect you, it just brought it all together.

“It’s turned from just going to the gym and getting fit into a complete lifestyle change.”


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Working with U.P. has helped Leanne cut through the noise about fitness on the internet and understand what really works.

She says her body transformation journey with U.P. was actually straightforward.

“From day one, everything is laid out for you. You’re told everything – you’re told what to expect, the plan, how you’re going to be in three times a week and that the trainer is going to be with you every step of the way.

“I was told what to expect, and it happened, which is great. There were no surprises. It’s almost like my trainer works harder than I do because she writes out all my plans, she documents my weight, she tells me what to do. So it seems like the easiest thing in the world for me.

“So for me, I came in and took every day as it came, one day at a time, and it works. I remember she would tell me something was going to happen, and it did. Every week I knew what to expect.”

The quality of U.P.’s personal trainers has blown Leanne away in helping her achieve her 12-week transformation.

“I have a great relationship with my trainer Emily. She is very open and honest about everything.

“She tells me if I am doing something right and she is very encouraging. She also tells me when I am doing something wrong. But that is what I love.

“If I so much as move an inch on a repetition she is there to tell me to straighten up or reset myself. That again just shows the quality of the trainers.

“She doesn’t just stand there and watch me now I’ve already paid and tell me I’m doing a great job. She is adjusting me and it’s great to know. It’s that constant support.


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The constant round-the-clock support, education, and support from her trainer have played in huge part in making such a big lifestyle change for Leanne.

“I speak to her pretty much every day,” she says. If I’ve got any questions she gets back to me. She’s constantly educating me again.

“It can just be a random article that’s she’s read, and she shares it with me. Things like that are key. It’s not just me showing up every day, and she puts me on a piece of equipment for 45 minutes, and that’s it.

“I’ve learnt so much from her and the relationship has got better over time. She knows me more and she knows what I’m like mentally and what I can cope with.

“She pushes me how far she thinks that I can push myself which is good. She always thinks that I can do more, even if I don’t. But she is right most of the time.

Now Leanne has lost the weight she wanted and got back in great shape – but this time she says the changes are sustainable.


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The lessons she has learned, the knowledge she has gained and the confidence to be able to train effectively and control her diet will last her a lifetime.

It’s a whole lifestyle choice and change. I think if it wasn’t the case I would finish on Monday and be back to normal. But it’s not like that and it’s so easy to fit it in.

This is me now. This is not extra stress, pressure or a chore. It’s just very much moving forward Ill go to the gym in the mornings.

I’ll know more about different foods what I should be eating.

I’m more educated to look at a menu and know to make those smart choices.

This has changed the way I look at food and exercise, and that will continue now for the rest of my life.

I would still like to come back to U.P., not because I have to, but because I want to.





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