I’m excited about how I feel in my own body. I can go on holiday and feel good about myself. I can wear a bikini on the beach and look good. I’m so proud.

Joanna felt she’d become ‘bottom of the list’ with family life, caring for her children, and running a business.

Her demanding work and home life ate up so many hours of the day, she didn’t have the headspace to prioritise her own health.

The 46-year-old hadn’t realised how much she’d neglected herself until faced with the hard truth from both her husband and mother.

It proved to be the ‘now or never’ moment she needed to put herself and her health first.

With her wedding anniversary fast approaching, she paired up with an Ultimate Performance trainer to regain her glow.

The physical and mental improvements have been out of this world.

For the first time in years, Joanna feels proud of her body. And she can’t wait to step on the beach in her bikini when her next holiday comes around.

But her 13kg transformation means more than just that. She’s feels as if she’s become a role model for her daughters. Someone they can aspire to as they grow up.

Equally as exciting for Joanna…she loves shopping for clothes again!

Here’s how she made such remarkable changes to her figure with her trainer…

  Joanna Monkhouse F46 21wk Pt Ams - Good Front | Ultimate Performance

Joanna, tell us about the turning point which made you partner with Ultimate Performance?

I have two children and my own business. I’m very busy, and I had let myself get out of shape over the years. I was quite active, but I wasn’t eating as well as I could be.

I’ve always had a focus on eating healthily, organically, but I would always have a bit of this and that. You don’t realise how much extra you’re having.

I was exercising three times per week, but online, so you’re not putting in maximum effort.

I didn’t walk enough. I was averaging about 5,000 steps a day. The rest of the family was more active than me because my husband and my daughters play a lot of sport.

It came to a crunch moment and I decided that I needed to do something for myself, my health, and my family. My husband and mother told me the hard truth, which was that I needed to do something. That wasn’t an easy truth to hear and it upset me for a couple of weeks.

But I thought they might have had a point, so I took action. A friend of mine sent me a photograph of their U.P. transformation on Instagram and I realised that’s what I wanted.

What would you say to women who were struggling with similar issues?

I think a lot of women have difficulty – especially when you’re a mother – to focus on yourself, because your children come first, then your husband, and work, so you end up at the bottom of the list.
I realised that I was going to have to start looking after myself if I was to continue doing all those things.

I had six or seven weeks until our wedding anniversary, which was my first goal as we were having a big party. Then I was motivated by the progress.

I didn’t think I would see the changes that I’ve had so quickly. I feel so different. I felt proud of myself for what I could achieve.

I feel empowered, I feel like a good role model for my daughters, I’m putting myself first. It can be hard to do that as a mother, but it’s important to do it.

Your children need to see that you’re strong and that you take care of yourself because we want our children to take care of themselves.

They need to also have good behaviour models, good eating habits and good exercise habits. If I can do it, they can do it. This is your body, this is your vehicle, this is your life.

You need to look after it as well as you can. It’s been empowering for the whole family and not just for me.

How did your appearance in the beginning, before your transformation, affect your life, your confidence and your personality?

My appearance has definitely lifted my confidence. I didn’t feel good about myself before U.P. I felt, to a certain extent, it was inevitable that you get older, your hormones work differently, and it’s normal. It’s natural. You’re going to get fat or out of shape.

I realised that that is silly because if you make the effort to look after yourself, there’s no reason for any of that. Of course, we’re all going to age, but you can age gracefully, you can keep on doing the things that you did before until you’re a hundred.

There’s no excuse for not being active and keeping yourself fit. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. Eat well, move well, be healthy.

We don’t think about brushing our teeth; we just do it because we know it’s good for us. Walking, and other things I’ve added into my life, doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. I just do it.

What excites you about your transformation journey now?

I’m excited about how I feel in my own body. I feel different, more confident, I look much better in my clothes, it excites me to go shopping again.

I settled before, clothes looked okay, but now I’m spoiled for choice. They all look great, which is exciting.

I can go on holiday and feel good about myself, I can wear a bikini on the beach and look good. I feel proud to go to the beach in a bikini. I can own my body and own where I am in life.

I’m not 20 anymore, but I don’t need to be either. I’m turning 46, so I should be proud of how I live now. I want more, I want to look better than this, even though I’m happy with how I look now.

Did you feel supported every step of the way?

It is so focused on getting the best results for you. The trainers are amazing. They provide nutritional support, mental support, and encouragement during training sessions. It is about your whole life.

It’s not just about coming to the gym three times a week. It’s about transforming your life, and making your health, fitness, body and your mental health better.

There’s a huge investment on both sides. You are investing in me and I’m investing in me. There’s double investment and I’m reaping the benefits. The attitude here and the discipline behind it, the commitment, knowledge, and experience that U.P. has is on a different level to anything I’ve experienced before.

It’s not a one size fits all system. It’s fixated on the individual, customised, unique, tailored, which is what helps get the best results.

Everyone is on a journey, which makes it different from other gyms. It’s a very supportive atmosphere from the traders and also from the other clients, which is really nice. .


Joanna proves it’s never too late to shape the slim figure you’ve always wanted. Partner with U.P. today – we’ll show you how.


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