“I can fit into clothes that I’ve had for years. There was this one skirt from my hen party about eight years ago that I held onto. I’m now back in that same skirt.”

40-year-old Jennie had completely fallen out of love with her figure.

She winced with sadness and self-criticism every time she flicked through the clothes on her wardrobe rail.

Nothing fit her body anymore.

Perhaps the most embarrassing part was Jennie had read dieting books and taken online nutrition courses. Naturally, she began to question why those lessons were doing nothing for her fat loss.

She decided it was time for a lifestyle reset with an Ultimate Performance personal trainer leading the way.

Fast forward a few months, Jennie is back wearing a skirt from her hen party eight years ago.

She’s learnt life-changing lessons on lifting weights and food choices that have made all the difference. Jennie’s slimmer, happier, and her skin has never looked so good.

In her own words, this is how she achieved stunning results with the U.P. methodology…

  Jennie L F40 27wk Pt Che Front | Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to start your own training program with Ultimate Performance, Jennie?

My main motivator for coming to U.P. was to regain my strength.

After spending a lot of time out of the gym after Covid, I needed to start looking after myself again. I’d lost my mojo with the gym.

My work means that I sit down a lot. I was having terrible back pain, and I think it was just one of those things I’d never given enough attention too. It was like a slippery slope that just kept creeping and creeping.

I really needed that accountability. I needed something or someone to get me back on track.

How would you describe your lifestyle before you started working with your U.P. trainer?

Because I’d read a handful of books and even done courses on nutrition, I thought that I had a really good idea of where I needed to be.

I thought before this point that I was in an alright place, and I knew more than most people because I’d trained and looked into nutrition for years.

But now that I’ve gone through this transformation, I realise I was not in a good place at all. I look back now at where I was before and realise things slowly spiralled out of control.

It’s subtle. You don’t notice. But now when I look back to when I started the transformation, my diet and lifestyle was poor.

I was not taking care of myself. My sleep was poor. I wasn’t hydrating enough.

I was taking supplements, but it was a little bit hit and miss. I’d take them for a few days, then I wouldn’t take them for ages and that kind of thing.

I was conning myself a little bit about actually what I was eating. It wasn’t nutritious food and it wasn’t food that would support my training.

How was your figure making you feel? Did you find it affected your self-confidence?

I was quite embarrassed and ashamed about my physique because, like I say, I had trained in the past and I had probably reached a point where I thought, “Oh, I’m all right, I’ll look okay.”

But as I stopped exercising the weight piled on, I didn’t feel good about myself. I didn’t have a reason to train after Covid.

I was working from home and not leaving the house much – I didn’t have any motivation to exercise or eat well.

So, when I first started training with U.P. and I saw those first pictures at the beginning of the transformation, I was shocked. I was ashamed and a little bit sad to be honest.

Sad that I hadn’t looked after myself as well as I could have done.


Now that you’ve completed your transformation, tell us about some of the results you have achieved with exercise and a cleaner diet.

As time has gone on and the transformation progressed, I’ve noticed unexpected benefits.

For example, my skin is better, I feel more alert and awake, and I have more energy.

I feel happier and my mood has improved, as well as my mental health. My sleep has also improved.

So, what started off as a focus on strength and sorting out my back has been complemented by all these other positive changes along the way, which I wasn’t expecting.

The changes in my physique have been a nice bonus and a by-product of it, but it was the other things that kept me motivated throughout.

Did you think it was possible to achieve a result when you first saw the U.P. results wall?

When I first saw the results wall, I never imagined I’d get a six-pack or look lean. My aim was to get strong and get rid of my back pain. That was my goal.

So, looking at all the past clients, I always said that wasn’t my journey. But as time has gone on, I’ve been like “Maybe I can do that.”

Going to the final week I was shocked about how far I had come. I was so proud of myself.


What would you say the biggest difference has been from day one compared to now?

When I look back at the first picture and my most recent pictures, I didn’t think it would be possible to have reached the place where I am.

The change has been subtle over time. What’s interesting is that now those two pictures look very different, but not in the way I expected.

Besides the noticeable changes in my physique, which are obviously amazing and make me really happy, there are other differences.

For example, my skin looks different—I have psoriasis—and it’s virtually gone in six months, which is amazing. My eyes look clearer, and overall, I appear happier.

That’s the main difference I notice when I compare my face in the pictures from the beginning to now—I look happier.

You also mentioned that you can fit into clothes much better. Tell us about that.

So, my goal wasn’t weight loss. It wasn’t about losing fat or reaching a specific body fat percentage or anything like that. But now I can fit into clothes that I’ve had for years.

There was this one skirt from my hen party about seven or eight years ago that I held onto.

I got rid of a lot of clothes that no longer fit me because I didn’t want to face the sadness of going through my wardrobe, realising that I hadn’t taken care of myself, acknowledging that I had gained weight, and then feeling ashamed when trying on the clothes.

It was like, “What have you done?” You know, all those self-critical thoughts.

So, I donated many clothes, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with that one skirt because I loved it so much.

Then, one day, it finally happened. I think it was last month or the month before. I came to the gym and proudly announced, “I’m back in that skirt!”

It was an incredible feeling. You know, it’s nice to wake up in the morning, open my wardrobe, and confidently choose any clothes without wondering if they’ll fit.

I no longer have to squeeze into my skinny jeans all day and make myself uncomfortable. I’m not giving up on smaller jeans. That’s final.

I can simply open my wardrobe, pick anything, and know that it fits me. I mean, it may not seem like a big deal to many people, and it probably shouldn’t be the sole motivator, but damn, it feels amazing.

That’s amazing! Now, final question. What would you say your highlight has been?

My biggest highlight probably was getting my first pull-up.

You’re part of a community here, so being next to another client and her trainer, with them both cheering me on, was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Everyone is working so hard in the gym, so when you achieve one of your goals or you achieve something that you set out for, you’re not just happy for yourself, you’re happy for everybody else.

Everybody is happy for you, too. It’s the weirdest experience. But that’s my biggest highlight, that first pull-up, and just being like “Oh my God, I’ve done it.”


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