Consistency, dedication and a strong mindset can conquer anything. 

Jade’s transformation is proof of how anyone can overcome sugar cravings and take control of their diet to get the body they want.

The 31-year-old couldn’t go a day without snacking on chocolate and getting her sweet fix before starting her 12-week programme with UP.

But with an intelligent diet plan and a desire to achieve incredible results in the gym, Jade made this stunning transformation.

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“The physical difference was amazing and it’s something I never thought I’d achieve – I’ve taken part in classes before and trained at other gyms but I’ve never got the body I wanted,” she says.

“Now when I look in the mirror I have more confidence because before I wouldn’t like what I saw.

“But now I’m a lot more confident in myself and my body.”

Jade cut chocolate and sweets out of her diet and optimised her nutrition to get the best body transformation results possible.

Her weight training programme at Ultimate Performance helped her burn fat fast and build the body she wanted.

She lost nearly 9kg in weight, shed over a quarter of her body fat and dropped two dress sizes down to a slimline 6.

“My diet before was quite bad because I ate a lot of refined sugar and starchy carbs which I included every day no matter what time of day it was.

“Now since being with UP I’ve learned how to fit my carbs in and what time of day around training. It’s given me so much more knowledge about the food and nutrition and my daily intake.”

She adds: “It feels amazing to be in control of my diet.”

Jade explains how she made this impressive transformation in just 12 weeks, how her diet has changed and what helped her get the results she wanted.

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How do you feel after achieving such an impressive 12-week transformation? 

Now I’ve completed my 12 weeks I feel very confident in myself, I feel more positive about training in a gym and feel open to trying new things with food and recipes, and I have a lifestyle that’s a lot healthier.

Have you noticed a big difference in the way you feel or how it makes you perform from changing your diet?

The food I’ve been eating is so much healthier and has made me perform a lot better when it comes to training. I’ve now got better sleep patterns so I’m getting a full night’s sleep, whereas before I’d be waking up several times in the night.

Now I’m getting a full sleep and I’m ready to train hard every session. I don’t struggle to get up in the morning either.

What were you eating before?

The food I loved eating before would be chocolate which I’d eat every night because of the sweet tooth I had.

In the evening would be the worst time of day to eat it.

I have given it up over the 12 weeks. I found it challenging in the beginning but now I’ve got used to it I’ve switched it for other alternatives.

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What was the toughest part of your 12-week journey?

The most challenging bit of the transformation was the food prep. You’d come home from work to cook dinner and then you’d have to cook for the next few days.

If there was something I’d forgotten I’d have to run out to the shops to get something healthy in rather than just getting on the phone and getting a takeaway in.

The prepping each night was the most difficult thing. But you soon get used to it.


How did you find the intensity of the training?

The training here was really good. Because it was one to one, I felt like my trainer knew me more than I knew myself.

I would keep having daily check-ups to see how I was feeling, see what progress I was making and my trainer was getting me to send pictures of my food and my daily intake and my calories. I would always get advice at whatever time of day whenever it was needed.

It also helped my training so much more and really helped me in the gym.


How was your relationship with your trainer?

I think it’s really beneficial to have a trainer with you every step of the way. I couldn’t lift the weights that I can now or I didn’t have the confidence to walk around the gym to ask for help. With a personal trainer, I know there’s always someone there to help support me.

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What have you learnt about training? 

I’ve learned that I can push myself now. I also know now how important it is to rest when you’re training so much on certain days – that’s just as vitally important.


How quickly did you start seeing the physical results? 

I started seeing results after just three or four weeks. In the beginning, I had a bit of a panic thinking “I’m not losing weight” or “it’s taking its time to drop off”.

Then after three or four weeks, my body just changed dramatically due to the vegetables and healthy food. That’s when I started seeing results and it just made me want to push harder and work harder. Even if I felt I didn’t want to train because I was tired or it was late in the day, I just thought ‘come on! You can do it! Just push yourself. You’ve seen results, keep going!’

To see my weight dropping and my body fat dropping was amazing. I’ve never ever been this lean or been at this bodyweight before that I’m at now. To do that when I thought it wasn’t even achievable is just amazing – it keeps pushing you on and makes you want to train. Even on rest days, just going for a walk was easy.


What were your results like after 12 weeks of training at UP?

I had a weight loss goal that I had in mind when I started, and I got well below that. Both me and my trainer were happy with that at the end. That pushed me more as well to think that I could get to that weight, it made me think what else can I do?

With my strength training, it did help me to lift a lot heavier with the weights, and with someone always there I would always have some support behind me to go heavier. On my own, I wouldn’t dare try that.


What are you most proud of accomplishing from your journey?

I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved with the food and preparation because I really didn’t think I’d be able to stop my cravings.

To be able to stop the chocolates and treats at night, or the social gatherings with friends and family I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to, I could still go but pick the healthier options rather than eating the food I shouldn’t be eating that causes damage to my body.

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What was the reaction of your husband?

My husband was very supportive throughout the transformation. It was a bit of a struggle at the end when he wanted to go to social things or take me on nights out or dates. But now it’s easy to go out because I know what healthy choices to make and I can look at the menu before I go out.

He loved the results. He thought they were amazing. He was blown away.

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What has this 12-week transformation given you?

It’s given me a different outlook on life. I’m healthier. But doing a 12-week transformation has made me look at things differently because we want to start planning a family.

That kind of thing you need to be healthier for. It’s not just the food and the body – it’s being healthier on the inside that matters too.

What has UP given you?

UP has given me the confidence to walk into a gym and go into the weight section where all the men are at and not be afraid to train in front of the men which a lot of girls I know won’t touch weights or don’t have the confidence to be around the weights. I’m glad I’ve taken that from the experience.

I didn’t even realise how good for you weight lifting was. Obviously, you hear all the stories about how bad it is for women and that it’s just for men, but I’ve only trained weights for 12 weeks and I’ve lost this much weight so obviously it’s doing something right.




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