I’ve never been leaner in my entire life. I can say safely that I am leaner and fitter than when I was playing competitive sports. I wore a bikini poolside recently. That’s really amazing.

After stepping into her fifties, Vanessa worried that her best days might have been behind her.

She was exercising as often as six times a week, but still seeing no improvements to her figure.

It was a tough pill to swallow… especially because Vanessa used to be as fit as a fiddle when she played competitive volleyball as a teenager.

For decades the 53-year-old had tried to resurrect her fitness regime, but it only ended in disappointment, whether working out alone or with a personal trainer.

Within months of her introduction to Ultimate Performance, the mum-of-two achieved more than she had in two years of trying previously.

In 25 weeks, she lost 8kg to become the “leanest and fittest she had ever been.”

Her energy levels have increased exponentially, her mental fortitude is now at an all-time high, and she realises looking great in her fifties isn’t so difficult after all.

The “best investment of her life” has also saved her hundreds of dollars’ worth of savings in chiropractic costs per week.

Learn how she rolled back the years with U.P.’s “magical” assistance, here…

  Vanessah F53 25wk Pt Sg - Good Front | Ultimate Performance

What brought you to the doors of Ultimate Performance?

I played competitive sport in my teenage years, I loved being active, but during my late twenties, through to my thirties and forties, I became very inactive. I wanted to be more involved in my fifties, improve my health, and join a good fitness program, which is why I ended up at U.P. I decided to start my own fitness journey when Covid hit. I went on YouTube and learned yoga and Pilates, then joined classes when fitness studios reopened. My goal then was to be healthy, lean, strong and lose weight.  

However, after getting a personal trainer, dabbling with that, and training myself six days a week for two years, I wasn’t getting results. It was frustrating, but I knew if I found a good trainer, a good environment, a good program, and got help with my nutrition, I could do it. I went to different gyms, signed up for a trial with consultation, but I still couldn’t find the right person or place.

I saw my friend Jessie and noticed significant improvement in her. She told me about U.P. and it sounded like the right environment for me to challenge myself, because I needed that competitive background to achieve my goals. I explored it and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  

How did the environment at U.P. differ from those you had previously experienced?

The personal training I had previously was only once a week, it gave me a foundation, but it was very basic and I felt like I could be pushed more. There wasn’t enough intensity, so I wasn’t reaching my potential. I felt like I needed to learn more.

When I came to U.P. the program really suited me, I was stretched beyond my limits, and I enjoyed it. Every time I hit a new weight, a new rep range, or I did an exercise with proper form, it energised me and motivated me to go back for the next session. 
It’s really well planned, well thought out, and pushes me to do something that I didn’t think I could achieve. I hadn’t seen any results during my previous program. In fact, after nine months, I was getting bigger and heavier. Within the first six to eight weeks at U.P. I already saw results. I was leaner, mentally stronger, more alert, and I was happy coming to the gym.

The energy and vibe are amazing and from the first time I stepped in I was completely blown away. I could see the trainers working really closely with their clients, helping them, driving them, encouraging them and motivating them. The interaction is amazing. I fell in love with U.P. I’m always blown away; it’s phenomenal, magical.

Are you glad you invested in personal training with U.P.?

If I had to make this decision again, I would’ve done it earlier. I spent two years getting no results and within three months at U.P. I was already seeing them. It is so encouraging and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. The results are phenomenal, but the commitment also trains your discipline. It’s a friendly environment, the clients are also chatting and encouraging each other, and working hard to achieve their goals.

I have not yet met one person who has told me that they did not improve. Every single person I’ve interacted with has been so happy to be at U.P. It’s definitely worth investing the time and joining if you have a fitness goal, be it losing weight, getting leaner, getting fitter, for your overall wellbeing, improving your mental health, or improving your energy levels.

How do you feel about the results you have achieved in 25 weeks at U.P.?

I’ve never been leaner in my entire life. I was playing competitive volleyball for a long time throughout my teenage years. And I can say safely that I am leaner and fitter than when I was playing competitive sports. I’ve never felt so energetic, mentally strong, confident. Last two months, for the first time ever, I wore a bikini poolside. That’s really amazing. Being 53, I never thought this moment would happen.

I have a lot more energy at work, I can wake up early, end the day late, and I don’t get body aches. I used to go to a chiropractor to get my back fixed and I’d pay $300 per session every week. I haven’t been back since, it’s so empowering. 
The energy carries me throughout the whole day. I have more energy to spend time with my family, so the impact of the training has a ripple effect. It’s not only benefitting me. I’ve stopped drinking and I’ve shown that if you put in the time, commitment and dedication, you can be healthy. It’s important to be healthy and they’re inspired by it. I’ve benefited tremendously.

This investment has helped me in many ways and I’m still a work in progress of course. It’s a lifestyle now; whenever I travel, I check to see if there’s a gym in the hotel. I need to train because it keeps me alive and makes me feel energised. It’s changed my perspective on life. I’m a happier person and I feel so driven and motivated. I can handle any challenge that comes my way with a positive attitude. 


Vanessa’s transformation proves that age is just a number. Whatever your starting point, you can unlock life-changing confidence with the world’s leading personal trainers. Get started here.


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