Being surrounded by a family with strong females who never compared looks to self-worth, Ali was living a pretty healthy life.  

It was only when she moved to Amsterdam for her job that she noticed her fitness and health begin to suffer.  

From regular business lunches and socialising to the perils of the lockdown, before she knew it, her weight was creeping up, and her energy levels dipped.  

Tired of being unhappy, she took inspiration from TV personality and Ultimate Performance client Gemma Atkinson, who champions weight training for women, and started her own transformation.  

Now she is 14kg (31lbs) lighter, she is on fire with her 10k runs, and she is back on track with a healthy lifestyle.  

  Ultimate Performance

“I’ve got way more energy, a routine, and structure in my life.  

“I also sleep better, I’m happier, healthier, and the one thing that a lot of my friends say is that I’ve got a lot more energy than I’ve ever had before.  

“It hasn’t just been a physical transformation. I’m learning skills to take with me for the rest of my life.”  

Ali says her health started to slide when she moved cities for a new job. But once she had settled in, she vowed to turn things around and saw U.P. as the professional partner to achieve what she wanted.

“I have been fit and healthy at certain points in my life. After moving to Amsterdam, my job required a lot of travel, and with that comes a lot of socialising, not a lot of time for exercise.   

“My diet got poor, my training got very sporadic, and my body shape changed to a shape that I wasn’t happy with. I’ve followed Gemma Atkinson on social media for years, she’s one of U.P.’s ambassadors in the UK, and she’s a real advocate for strength training for women, being strong and healthy, and that was the goal that I was after.   

“Covid allowed me to be at home and more in control of my diet and training. When the gyms in Amsterdam reopened, I thought, “There are no more excuses; this is my opportunity”.”  

Thinking back to before her transformation, she wasn’t feeling her normal confident self. Being raised around strong women, it never entered her head – but in recent times, her self-esteem had taken a knock along with her fitness.

“My body confidence wasn’t at an all-time high. I’ve never been concerned about how I look.  I grew up around very strong females that don’t equate your appearance with your self-worth.

“However, social media and comparison culture creeps in and knowing that I wasn’t very strong and healthy, and going for a 5k run took me way longer than they would have done six months ago.   

“Even doing any kind of HIIT class, I was dying afterwards, and I knew that’s not how I wanted to feel going forward.”  

Ali discovered what was missing at other gyms – a personalised approach built on partnership, a diet and training plan guided by data, and precision training techniques alongside a professional trainer.

Getting her diet, training and lifestyle aligned and optimised made a huge difference. The results have been manifold – from run times to sleep quality, everything in her life feels upgraded.

“All of the lazy habits that I’ve had before have disappeared. I’m way more active, and I can run up four flights of stairs now without running out of breath.   

“I can do any kind of class that you throw me into, and I’ll probably be in the top five finishers. It’s super easy now for me to go for a 5k or a 10k run.”

Ali achieved results with U.P. far quicker than she ever imagined. Her hard work, dedication and commitment to the progress paid her back many times over.

Her impressive transformation caught the eyes of all those around her. Everyone could see the discipline and determination that had gone into it.

“The reactions have all been positive. The aesthetic reaction is a big confidence boost, but the thing that meant the most is when people complimented the dedication and discipline I’ve shown, and they recognise the time and effort the transformation’s taken.   

“People are recognising that there isn’t a quick fix overnight, and this took commitment and hard work.  

“The one nice payoff is my legacy with my friends from training at U.P. is that they now all walk because the only way they can see me is if they come out for a walk with me.”  

Ali says her transformation would never have been possible without having her trainer there every step of the way.

He has been a constant source of guidance, support, motivation and expertise – teaching her many lessons that will stand her in good stead for life after U.P.

Ali finally discovered the missing ingredients to succeed in life with the help of U.P.’s training and has changed her overall outlook in life.

“My trainer, John, made the whole process fun. It would have been way harder if we hadn’t been able to have a bit of a laugh.   

“He’s very open with any questions I wanted to ask, and I learned something in every session about nutrition, supplements, what I was doing and how my body was changing and reacting to things.   

“It’s also remarkable how quickly he figured out my psyche, what makes me work, what makes me tick, when I need praise and motivation and when

“I need a kick up the ass. That just goes to show the level of trainers they have at U.P..”  

Ali says with the education alone, she has received a return on the investment she made in her health.

Now she has the knowledge and skills she needs to carry her fitness journey on herself.

“It was worth every penny and every minute spent counting macros and preparing meals and reworking my diary so that I could eat before social engagements or I could get extra steps in a day.   

“It’s changed how I view my body, my health, and wellness, and hopefully, the skills that I’ve learned will enable me to maintain this level of fitness and improve for the rest of my life.”



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