I feel so much more confident on the beach, and I don’t need to avoid pictures anymore. I’ve never seen results this fast.

Aliona couldn’t remember the last time she felt good in her bikini.

Every time she stepped on the beach, a feeling of insecurity came over her.

And naturally, she couldn’t help but compare herself to the other slim, curvy girls.

Aliona’s insecurities even made her feel like she had to ‘cover’ her body and avoid group photos or selfies with her friends.

But after dragging herself to fitness classes for a number of months, and seeing no real results, she decided it was time to take a new approach to her fitness.

In less than 18 weeks of personal training with Ultimate Performance, she finally has the slim waist that’s blessed her with life-changing confidence.

Aliona feels incredibly proud of her ‘bikini body, and below, she explains how it was made possible in just a few months…

 Alionah-20s-18wk-pt-la-front Ultimate Performance

What were your motivations to start training with Ultimate Performance?

My motivation was to change how I looked. I wanted to feel more confident on the beach, in a bikini, and hanging out with everyone. I started to feel very insecure surrounded by people in bikinis.

I also wanted to transform my lifestyle and how I felt. I used to go back and forth between yo-yo dieting and being really strict with my workouts. Then, I would lose motivation and let it all go.

I knew partnering with U.P. would keep me in check. I’d have to come in every week, and you would make sure I stayed on track. That was a huge motivation for me – someone to give me a routine.


Can you tell me how you were feeling both physically and mentally before you started with the program?

Physically, I felt very out of shape compared to my usual standards. I’ve always been involved in sports and had coaches pushing me to work out regularly. So, I felt like I couldn’t run a mile as fast as I used to or lift as heavy as before.

I didn’t exactly feel overweight, but I definitely felt less fit. I knew I wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be.

Mentally, I was exhausted from attending classes every day. By the end of the day, I felt drained and lacked the energy to work out, which seemed counterintuitive because I used to work out when I had more energy. It’s strange how when I feel like I have no energy, that’s when I know I need to work out.

So, tell us how you’re feeling now compared to back then.

I’m very tired after I work out, that’s for sure. But for the rest of the day, my energy and mood skyrocket.

It genuinely helps me tackle my daily tasks, giving me enough energy to complete everything. It’s like one task in the morning sets the tone for the rest of my day. It helps me stay on top of my everyday routine.
I’ve also noticed a significant improvement in my posture. During our workouts, you always remind me to keep my shoulders down and engage my core. This has carried over into my long study hours and computer use, reminding me to maintain good posture.

Physically, I feel better, particularly in terms of posture, and I also feel stronger. Plus, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my digestion.


How much more confident do you feel in your body?

Honestly, I noticed a difference in the first month. I feel so much more confident on the beach and didn’t need to avoid pictures anymore. As I kept going, I was like, “Wow, I’ve never seen results this fast.”

I also started to enjoy my eating routine. I got into a rhythm. When I look in the mirror now, I’m thrilled.

I know that if I stick to this plan in the future, I’ll see even more incredible changes.

What effect did personal training have on your health, performance, lifestyle, and energy both inside and outside of the gym?

Inside the gym, initially, I came in not really knowing where to start with the workouts. I didn’t have a clear sense of my starting point. I remember picking up weights and thinking, “15 pounds? I didn’t think I could do that.” But now, with every exercise we do, I’m determined to finish it because I want to lift heavier weights.

I aim to increase by one or two pounds each time. So, I find myself pushing harder in the gym compared to when I first started. There are moments when it feels like I can’t do another rep – but when I give it a try – I surprise myself.

Training has also improved my routine. On workout days, I know I’ll have everything in order. Starting the day with a gym session wakes me up and leaves me with a lot of energy. After the session, I know straight away I’ll be in a better mood and more prepared for the day. If I skip a workout, I feel cooped up and lethargic.


Tell us about your results. How pleased were you with what you achieved?

I was pleasantly surprised after just one week of training. I felt a lot less bloated and all the ‘puffiness’ seemed to disappear.

Then, after the first month, I could see definition in my shoulders and noticed that my stomach was much flatter. Those were the first two areas I saw changes. It gave me a real confidence boost, especially when I was in a bikini.

I then started to notice changes in my legs, and my bum seemed to have a nicer shape. It made me feel solid, no matter what I was wearing or the situation I was in.

I felt like my body was stronger which gave me a lift in confidence too. Even when I was fully clothed, I felt like, “Okay, I know I’m stronger and leaner.”

How did you find training, and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

Whether it’s school, work, or other commitments, I was always quite busy. Personally, I prioritise school above almost everything else, and I need to stay on top of all my coursework. So, I used to think that going to the gym was more of a luxury, something I didn’t really need to focus on. I would often say, “I don’t need to go to the gym; I need to focus on my schoolwork.” But as my school schedule cleared up, I realised that I had more time. I thought, “Okay, now I can go to the gym.”

But over time, I’ve come to understand that even when life gets busy, you can’t neglect fitness. It’s not just about physical health; it’s about mental health and my energy levels too. It should be a part of your routine.

So, even though my schedule has become busier, and I’m certain it will get even busier in the future, I’ve come to view fitness as something similar to brushing your teeth. You have to do it, otherwise, everything else in your life can start to unravel.


Finally, how has this transformation changed you, and do you think you’ll carry the lessons you’ve learnt forward for the rest of your life?

People always say you need to prioritise your health and it’s important you have a healthy routine. I’ve acknowledged that as true – but I’ve never truthfully lived that lifestyle. The only time I ever had a consistently good routine was when I was involved in sports. So, it had been a long time since I consistently worked out.

At most, I’d go for about a month, then get sidetracked by a big assignment which made it difficult to start up again. This is the most consistent I’ve been since my sports days.

Even on weekends when I’m not working out, I’ve got an urge to get back in the gym. I love it. I can’t wait for Monday to train again. It’s strange because I know it’ll be tough, but I always feel so much afterwards.


Getting your dream ‘beach-body’ figure like Aliona, it doesn’t need to take years. With the right approach, you can see mind-blowing results in only weeks. Start your transformation now.


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