I always felt like a big person like me could never get in shape. I now feel incredible. My excess weight has gone, I fit in nice clothes again, and lifting weights has definitely helped my ADHD.

Lot’s weight was out of control – and the worse it got, the more she just wanted to hide from the world.

The 36-year-old loved fashion, but she didn’t dare to wear the outfits she wanted because of her appearance.

And even the baggiest, biggest-sized clothes in the high-street shops wouldn’t fit.

Lot retreated into herself. She hated photos, avoided swimming with her friends, and went from being outgoing to shy.

She felt deeply ashamed of her figure – but more recently her spiralling weight gain was restricting more than just her self-confidence.

As a sufferer of ADHD, Lot had noticed her lifestyle was making her condition worse.

Brain fog, unclear thinking, and feelings of depression had become the norm.

That had to change, but for nearly 10 years Lot had always wondered – “How can a big person like me ever get in shape?”

She assumed it was near-impossible… until she teamed up with Ultimate Performance who understood the way she felt, and what she wanted to accomplish for herself.

Lot’s mind-blowing 27kg weight loss is proof that, with the right approach, it’s possible to become the person you want to be, no matter your starting point.

Lifting weights three times a week and swapping out her ‘quick-fix’ microwave meals have turned her into a woman who feels proud, powerful, and confident in whatever she chooses to wear.

Equally as important – Lot is thinking sharper and making better decisions at work every day.

How did she do it? Read on to find out.

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What motivated you to partner with Ultimate Performance for your fitness journey?  

I always felt like a big person like me could never get in shape. I thought my results would only ever be mediocre. I felt ashamed of my body, and my diet and lifestyle were a complete mess. I saw a lot of U.P. adverts on Instagram. I always receive ads about losing weight and people getting fit.

But U.P. was the only place that I saw advertising bodies resembling mine – people who were overweight. I became curious straight away because losing weight seemed achievable.

As time went on, my motivation became even clearer. I never wanted to feel like I used to ever again.  

Tell us a little bit about your diet and lifestyle before you started working with your trainer.   

It was completely out of control. I was very sedentary. I was a couch potato. I got depressed and started eating microwave meals and takeaways. Everything I ate was easy to make and super unhealthy. I got heavy, and I did not fit in the largest clothing size in the shops.

I was out of breath while tying my shoelaces and sitting down in chairs. Everything was hurting. My feet hurt when I woke up in the morning. I was always tired. I felt awful.

Those were enough signs to tell me I needed to change.  


How did being overweight affect your life, your confidence, and your personality?  

Being overweight affected everything.

I went from being quite outgoing to being very shy. I wanted to hide myself. I didn’t want to be in photographs. I remember my co-workers went to a lake in the summer, and I wanted to go.

I love the water, but I was too scared to be in a bathing suit around them, and I was very ashamed. When you are overweight, you don’t want to move. You feel ashamed and scared.  

And how would you compare that person to the one you’ve become now?

I feel incredible. My pain has gone, my excess weight has gone, and I fit into nice clothes again. I have felt big improvements. It makes me feel powerful.

I’ve learned that I can push myself a lot harder than I realised and that I am stronger than I thought. It makes me feel in control of everything I do.

Now I know I can take charge. I can choose what I want my life to look like. Instead of just thinking everything happens to me, I make it happen!


Have you had experience training before?  

10 years ago, I went to a gym where I felt quite comfortable. It was very low-key and nice, but the trainers were not knowledgeable. They seemed uninterested in helping me and more focused on the good-looking people. I did not feel at home; it felt like it was all about looks and not about the mental transformation that you can have. That is what sets U.P. apart.

You have done so many transformations with people like me and people who came from worse places. When you are overweight, it is extremely hard to feel understood by a lot of people. Especially fit people who can feel like an ‘in-crowd.’ But I didn’t feel like that at all at U.P. That was very important. 

How much happier and healthier do you feel about yourself now you are 27kg lighter?

It is fantastic. I had a knee injury, which I had for 13 years, and it was always weak. I’ve always had trouble with the mobility in my knee. After a few months, my legs got so strong that the problem disappeared. I also had a lot of problems with my feet. Walking would hurt a lot, and it was the same when I woke up. I felt like I had my grandmother’s feet. They hurt so much, and that problem also disappeared.


You also mentioned you have ADHD. Do you believe your transformation has helped you cope better with your symptoms?  

Training with U.P. has helped my ADHD in two ways. The feeling that I get when I work out clears my brain, so my thinking is a lot sharper.

Then there is the clean eating. That has been great for my ADHD, too. I used to suffer from brain fog and struggled to focus. These problems will never go away, but now that I am eating well and exercising, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference. I also feel much better physically and mentally.

I don’t suffer from depression, and my mindset has improved 100%. 

You’re someone who’s passionate about fashion and buying new clothes. How much more confident do you feel now trying on new clothes when you go shopping?

I like expressing myself through the way I dress and the way I look. When I was overweight, I felt very limited because I didn’t fit the larger sizes in the store anymore. I felt excluded. I wanted to hide my body, so I wore very loose, oversized clothes. Whenever I would walk into a fitting room in a store, I would come out feeling depressed because nothing fit. Even if it did fit, it didn’t look nice, and I would feel horrible, hating myself.

Now I go into a fitting room, and I’m like, “I fit in a size medium, I fit in a size small,” and everything I put on looks great. That is an absolute joy.


Final question!

What would you tell other women struggling with similar issues who might be thinking about starting their own U.P. personal training program?

I would tell other women struggling with similar issues to also seek help. It is not always easy to do this on your own. I would have never been able to do this on my own. I tried for 10 years, and when you try and fail, you feel like it is not for you.

But if you can, contact U.P. and you will be set for life. It hasn’t been as hard as I assumed it would be. In the beginning, it felt like a significant effort. I had to work hard on my food choices, push for my daily steps, and manage my work and training. But after a while, you start to realise it is quite easy.

It’s like climbing a mountain at first, but in the end, it is not that difficult. 


Lot struggled to see how she’d ever lose weight. Now look at her. Taking the first step was the hardest – but it proved to be the best decision of her life. Start your journey here.  


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