Life as a new mum was incredibly hard for 38-year-old Hina.

After her second baby was born, she was always tired, her sleep was awful, and she felt like she didn’t have a single moment to focus on her own wellbeing.

Hina just felt drained. And low energy and cravings meant she was just grabbing comfort food to make herself feel better, but really it was just making matters worse.

She wanted to feel happy, healthy and slim again – but in a sustainable way – and Ultimate Performance Dubai helped her achieve that, and more.

“Before joining U.P., I was tired, unhappy, lazy, and sleepy all the time, but after working out here, I feel the complete opposite.

“I start my day early, and I still have a lot of energy. My family is very happy, I’m very happy – everything is in place. Everything seems to be good now, and it’s an amazing transformation for me.”


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In the time that Hina trained at U.P. Dubai, she lost an amazing 20kg, shed 18cm from her waist and gained a new lifestyle, healthy habits and boundless energy that has astonished her family.

“When I joined U.P., I was lethargic, big, and unhappy. Of course, after giving birth, you have sleepless nights so, there is fatigue, and then because I was so big, I was unhappy because you don’t want to see yourself so big.

“I was eating unhealthy things because when we are low, we think ‘Oh, these chocolates will make me very happy’ – so that’s what I was doing. It was a big sad package that came to U.P.”

“When I joined U.P., I was still breastfeeding, and that phase of pregnancy brings a lot of extra things to it.

“However, even before, when I used to be thin, I never worked out. My weight used to be 52-53kg, but I used to starve myself. So I used to faint here and there, and had no energy – but I used to look thin, so I was thrilled.

“So then I had the baby, and it all became part of this big package that made the beginning at U.P. very difficult!”

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Hina gives credit to her trainer, Yash, who provided psychological support and plenty of motivation alongside a bespoke diet and weight training programme.

“The transformation, when it started, was difficult, and then I started seeing the results, and my sleep pattern improved a lot. I was waking up early and then being so active. That is the one factor that brings me to the gym again and again.

“So when I met Yash, initially for a few weeks, it was tough for me. I’m sure he has seen through many clients, but, for me, getting into the cycle was difficult. But he helped me in these very minor things, which look minor, but they have a big impact on body and mind.

“The food was the biggest thing. He made me a plan (in fact, he’s made me seven to accommodate the complicated food habits at home) and he used to text me reminding me to take my supplements, and saying ‘don’t forget to drink water, don’t forget to do this or that.’

“So initially, I felt ‘My God, this is like having another husband, and I don’t want to listen to him.’ But then you see that it’s helping. U.P. definitely has an amazing setup, but he had this super plan for me, which really helped me.”

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Hina not only loves her new body but is also extremely happy with how her newfound energy has impacted her relationships.

“After the pregnancy and all that, I have more pressure at home. I have two kids now to take care of, I have a whole family to take care of – the house, my husband, and myself. But now I have realised that when you take care of yourself, your mind basically starts working at probably double or triple the speed.”

“I’m just super active. Everyone at home has started making fun of me now. They are forever commenting on how I can’t sit in one spot. And I was not like this at all.”

 Hinaj-30s-50wk-pt-dxb-back-900 Ultimate Performance
Hina had never lifted a weight in her life. But now she knows just how strong and healthy it has helped her feel, she’s telling everyone.

“When I came here, I consulted a doctor, and she said, “Oh, no! Don’t lift weights, cardio is fine.” One tends to listen to one’s doctor, but when I came here, my trainer said you have to listen to your body also. I am so glad I did.

“I never lifted even two kilos in my life, but now I live when I lift. I think every woman should feel this strong and have this much energy.

“I would definitely recommend U.P. to all my friends, and I’ve already done that. You guys are different; it’s not like the other gyms. See, losing weight is not that difficult; losing it in a healthy manner which affects your life and body in a positive way is what U.P. is all about.”

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