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Sporty Claire has discovered the incredible power of weight training to help become her lightest and leanest self ever.

The 37-year-old had signed up for a duathlon, but was feeling heavy and unfit and wanted professional help in shaping up.

Seeing a friend’s transformation at Ultimate Performance persuaded her this was the place to achieve her goals in the shortest possible time.

She signed up to a body transformation programme at Ultimate Performance Mayfair initially and loved the results she saw.

“I thought the results were pretty impressive after just eight weeks.

“When I started, my PT, Jen, said that we will get you down to 55kg, and I was like – ‘Wow!’ and then we smashed it! I was pretty astonished by what can be achieved in such a short space of time.”


  Clairep-30s-8wk-pt-may-front-900 | Ultimate Performance


Claire wanted a quick transformation and so signed up for the two-month programme.

The training and diet changes helped her drop down to 52.9kg and reduce her body fat to a lean and healthy 12%. She also lost 5cm on her waist and saw lots of new muscle definition.

It was signing up for the duathlon which spurred her on to get back in shape.

However, a weight gain of 3kg was making her feel heavy and slow. She was finding it difficult to shift the weight on her own and realised a fully supported training programme would get her in shape on time.

“I wanted to become a little bit leaner, and try and get a bit more muscle mass, and try and feel lighter.

“I didn’t want to carry the extra weight because I was trying to do duathlons and playing tag rugby, and running up and down the pitch, I could feel it.”

“I’ve always been a sporty person so that part of my life I wasn’t so worried about, but my diet wasn’t the best. I ate a lot more food than my body actually needed, and not all of it was nutritious.”

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U.P. helped get her diet back under control right from the outset.

The bespoke nutrition plan she was given gave her structure and helped educate her at the same time – helping her understanding the why.

“Joining U.P. has given me better nutrition understanding about which foods work best at certain times of the day. It has also made me more food conscious.

“I think keeping a solid food diary in MyFitnessPal and learning how calories and macros work was the most important thing to me. It really is 80% diet, 20% exercise.

“One big benefit for me has been the understanding of how food can impact massively on my diet and weight fluctuations. I know a weekend away will rack my weight up a few kilos, and it’s hard to drop back down.

“I know, for me, weights sessions bring down my weight slowly, but a strong cardio session will drop my weight by over a kilo overnight for a quick fix. It’s helped me understand my body and what works for me to maintain my new body shape.”

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Despite decades of outdoor sports under her belt, Claire only took up weight training properly for the first time at U.P.

She usually found it hard to trust P.T.s, but the level of professionalism and focused care at U.P. changed her mind.

“Before coming to U.P., I used to train more cardio than weights, and here I learnt a lot more about how to lift properly rather than cheating the system.

“It gave me knowledge, understanding, and variety. In other gyms, even the nice ones, I have seen people lift weights badly, and the P.T. is just standing there counting the reps.

“Here the P.T.s actually know and care about what they do. They don’t ever let you slip. If you have made a bad move, they will rectify it.”

It would be safe to say that Claire got the absolute maximum out of her U.P. transformation programme – in eight short weeks, she became her leanest and lightest self ever. However, the long-term education is what she values most.

“I feel proud of what I have achieved here. For me, the biggest benefits have been seeing my body shape change into something I’ve never seen before. I’ve also loved feeling lighter as now I feel like a fawn when running around instead of a horse.

“I learnt a lot at U.P. The most important lesson was how my body works under pressure and what it can endure. And the fact that going to the gym and doing cardio isn’t enough, you need to put the weight sessions in as well. And it’s the weight sessions that will help you get lean rather than cardio – I didn’t know this at all!”

With the guidance of her U.P. trainer, Claire achieved all her fitness goals and more.
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