Radiographer Mags lost a stunning 42lbs in 16 weeks working with Ultimate Performance.

The 48-year-old’s transformation is a paragon of how diet and exercise can truly change your life.

Mags, who works gruelling shifts in healthcare, had been living off cake, sugar and caffeine for years.

She says she was on a ‘merry-go-round of physical and mental exhaustion’ and was constantly falling ill and struggling to overcome it.

But after just 16 weeks and 42lb weight loss later, she looks and feels like a different person.

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Mags says she’s gone from the person who ate cake for breakfast, to the person who everyone comes to for fitness and weight loss advice.

Her lifestyle, her health and her body have all been completely transformed – she has learned how to train weights for fat loss, how to control her diet for optimum body composition and how to stay in shape for life.

Mags explains how she made such a stunning transformation and what she has learned during her 16 weeks at UP…

What were your expectations going into the programme and what were your motivations? 

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“My main expectation was to lose a bit of weight and be a healthier ‘me’.

The main motivations were firstly an uncomfortable conversation with my GP with regards to my health and weight.

Secondly, my dad, who had the worst cardiac history and he would have been deeply disappointed to know that I was heading the same way, despite being medical and fully understanding the implications of my unhealthy life style.”



Can you tell me how you were feeling both physically and mentally before starting with UP?

I was constantly on a merry-go-round of exhaustion emotionally, physically and mentally.

“I realised I was getting ill more and more frequently and I was taking longer to shake things off.  I lacked concentration and motivation.”

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation with UP? 

I work in healthcare and I do crazy shift work and on call, I basically lived on cake, sugar and caffeine for years.

Years of shift work and on-call has meant a good night sleep can be just four hours if I’m lucky.


Result-magm-16wk-back-900 Sled-push Ultimate Performance

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with UP?

Everything changed.  I eat green vegetables now for a start, I rarely did before.  I make time to do the cardio even if it means at midnight after I get off shift.

I walk everywhere at every opportunity to get the daily step count in.

I make time to do the meal prep and I actually have a plan when I go grocery shopping, that never happened before.

I am also acutely aware of the importance of sleep is and try to get as much in as I can.

I have also found I have little or no interest in alcohol anymore.

What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy inside and outside the gym?

My health has improved greatly, the GP is very happy, as am I.  Work has been a struggle at times due to the nature of the job, but I have generally more energy at work.  My energy levels are much better and

I find the cardio getting easier, the weights never go down in the gym and its tough, but weirdly I like the challenge now as before there were times I dreaded it.

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How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

My trainer Christian has always accommodated my crazy work schedule even its meant me being in the gym at 7:30 am and doing Saturdays, so it’s not ever been an issue for me time wise.

The training is hard work, but you get out what you put in so it pays off in the end.

What were your results like after your transformation?

I think I’ve lost nearly 20kg, which is practically a third of my original body weight which is quite frankly insane.

I literally don’t look like the same person.

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?

I’ve learned that I can no longer, at my age, just chuck any old crap down my throat and think it doesn’t matter.

Using the tracker and the MyFitnessPal app have both made me realise the importance of knowing what I am eating.

I now consider everything I eat and the quantity of it.

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How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

Yes, I have changed. My whole attitude has changed, and the ripple effect it has had on other aspects of my life is quite noticeable on me and on others around me.

I’ve gone from the girl who ate cake for breakfast, to the girl who people now seek weight loss advice from, which for me is just hilarious.

Would you recommend UP and why?

Yes, I would recommend UP not just because of the massive transformation I have achieved, but because at no time did I feel unsupported or left on my own to get on with it.

And because I am still learning about how to manage and maintain the weight loss, which I know I would never have been able to do on my own.

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