Getting fit again has been the saving grace for Jade after going through the toughest time of her life following the death of her father.

Jade had moved out to Hong Kong to help him in business around two years ago.

But a hectic work schedule, frequent travel and a poor diet took a real toll and made her gain a significant amount of weight.

Jade took action and she had been four months into a transformation with Ultimate Performance Hong Kong when the worst happened.

Her father passed away suddenly and she was forced to immediately take the reins of his companies, despite having to deal with tremendous grief, sadness and stress.

Still in shock, the grief was manifesting as frustration and anger at work, so she decided to return to U.P. Hong Kong to finish what she had started and regain some balance back in her life.

Training proved to be the outlet she needed to help her through. Now, 17kg lighter and healthier, Jade is in a much better place

“I feel much more in touch with my body and mind, and generally I am calmer.”


 Jade-before-and-after-front-900 Ultimate Performance


“I think before I was very black or white – at extremes – and now I feel like I have a more relaxed, balanced approach to life.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had that before – and I’m excited to set new exercise and strength goals and achieve them.”

Forty-three-year-old Jade achieved life-changing results at U.P. – during her two stints here she lost 17kg and melted 25cm off her waist.

Jade, who is now the COO of Rodman’s Plastic Company in Hong Kong, moved from London to help her dad with his business.

Work involved constant travelling between Hong Kong and China and resulted in a lifestyle of long hours, travel, convenience food and poor sleep.
Naturally, it soon began to take its toll.

“We were constantly eating on the run or out for both lunch and dinner. I’ve never been one to get away with that kind of lifestyle – especially with long hours and ‘no time’ for exercise – so my weight escalated up by about 12kg in that year.

“Work was very intense, and I did feel tired and stressed most of the time. I didn’t sleep well and had quite sharp mood swings – which in hindsight was probably a projection of my own internal frustration with myself.

“I noticed my friends asking me if I was working out – which was a pretty ironic question, but I started to get that they were hinting I needed to do something.”

Jade managed to stay in denial until she saw a photo of herself on social media; she couldn’t believe how big she had become. It was at that moment that she emailed U.P. and decided to take action.

“I decided to use the shame I felt as motivation to get into better shape.”

 Jade-before-and-after-back-900 Ultimate Performance



“When my trainer Matt gave me my detailed diet plan – I was happy not to have to think about what to eat anymore… and just follow the plan.

“The biggest game-changer was preparing meals for when I travel – and cutting out eating on the run.

“By not dining out 70% of the week, and knowing exactly what I am eating and when, made it simple to see after a couple of weeks that this had been a massive part of the problem.

“With the exercise – I did notice I started to sleep better, wake up fresher and wanted to get outside on weekends.

“Matt, my trainer, checked in on me several times a week – which motivated me to do my training and cardio while I was away travelling.”

Jade’s first stint at U.P. lasted around 4 months, and she lost 13kg pretty quickly.

She not only looked good but also felt fitter and stronger. However, she came back to U.P. a year later under very different circumstances.

“In June 2018, my dad passed away very suddenly. It was devastating and a huge shock to say the least.

“I immediately had to take over running his companies – which was pretty overwhelming, considering I was also suffering incredible grief.


 Jade-before-and-after-side-900 Ultimate Performance
“My stress levels were through the roof – and I lost about 3kg very quickly despite my efforts to eat consistently.

“All in all, I felt physically weak and started to noticed that I was projecting my grief through anger and frustration at work.”

“I started thinking about returning to U.P. – not only to get stronger – but also to have a place to let out all of the pent-up energy inside that I could release in a gym – rather than at work.”

Jade channeled her negative energy in her workouts and finally regained a sense of balance and became stronger both physically and mentally.

“I’m a lot more active in my everyday life. I eat better consistently – and have found a balance to allow myself a night off to enjoy a dinner out, knowing that the majority of my week will be back to normal, healthy eating.

“If you want to change your body – U.P. will help you do it as long as you listen to their advice, eat what they tell you and put your all into your workouts.

“It’s such a great place to work hard alongside other people looking to achieve similar goals.”


With U.P.’s help, Jade has found a healthy balance that has pushed her to achieve her goals – Start your own transformation by arranging a consultation at U.P. now. 


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