Feeling stronger, fitter and more full of energy than you ever have in your life are regular ‘side effects’ of a UP body transformation.

But for Alice, feeling like this again was an absolute revelation.

This is because she had suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as M.E.) for the past five years – a debilitating condition which can cause long-term illness, exhaustion, and disability.

Before she started at UP, Alice thought she could never get back to how she was before being afflicted with her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But after just 16 weeks training with UP and Alice says she finally feels full of life again.

Alice's 16 Week Transformation  Ultimate Performance

“I haven’t felt this well in years!” says Alice who took on a body transformation alongside her husband Andy. “I have M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and honestly believed that I would never return to anywhere near my pre-M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome energy levels, and yet here I am feeling full of life again.  I honestly can’t quite believe it.

This is hands down the best thing I have done in years, and in an ideal world what UP does would be available on the NHS!

“Training with UP has done far more for my overall health than almost anything advised or prescribed by a medical professional.”


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Alice’s transformation has been nothing short of remarkable, considering her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had forced her to stop doing exercise like running and cycling.

I was extremely nervous about pushing myself too hard physically and actually making my health worse,” she says. “So I think the main obstacle was myself and my lack of self-confidence.

But Alice was determined to finally take control of her health and her body and was ready to see how far she could push herself with UP despite her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It proved to be a decision that has changed her life for the better. UP helped teach Alice about the nutrition she needed to properly fuel her body and how to train weights to make herself stronger and fitter.

Even though improving her body composition wasn’t at the top of her goals list, Alice even found the training and nutrition plan helped her shed more than a third of her body fat.

Even Alice’s husband took on the UP transformation challenge and look’s incredible!

  Ultimate Performance

“Although I was never looking for a body transformation in the classic sense, I was simply looking to improve my health and increase my overall strength, by the time I came to the end of my 16 weeks of training with my UP trainer Ajay I absolutely did feel transformed.

“I am stronger, physically, emotionally and mentally. I have dropped almost two dress sizes without that even being my goal. My yoga practice has improved. I know how to eat well. My self-confidence has returned.

I feel like there really is no limit to what I can achieve if I decide I want to achieve it.

Alice has seen a considerable physical change in herself. Even thought she had never lifted weights before, Alice can now barbell squat 55kg and deadlift 70kg for eight reps.

But it’s also the mental boost that her transformation has given her that has been equally profound. She says she feels like it has given her health and vitality back after some very tough times.

Alice transformation

“Through the advice, care, encouragement and support of Ajay, as well as other members of the UP team at the gym, I have learned to fuel my body in a way that works well for me.  This means that I hardly ever suffer from the joint pain or digestive issues I had prior to my time with UP, and that I also have a lot of physical and mental energy again, which is incredible.

“Ajay always listened to my fears and concerns, and answered my (many) questions fully, and throughout the whole process I have felt very well supported.  I also feel like the whole journey has been a real education; not only do I now know how to eat well for me, in my body and lifestyle, but I have also learned how to lift weights safely and effectively – and I love it; I am completely hooked.

“In a nutshell, I cannot thank Ajay and the team enough, I have my health, my self-confidence and my mojo back.  Everyone I know is commenting that I have my sparkle back, and this is no mean feat given the horrendous challenges that life has presented me with over the last few years, and it is all down to my little version of a transformation with you guys.”

She added: “Training with UP is one of the best self-investments you could ever possibly make.  It is right up there with any kind of therapy.”

If you’re inspired by Alice’s journey and you’re ready to start your own transformation journey, see how UP can help you achieve your goals with a Personal Training Plan.


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