“I feel badass! I never thought these results were possible.”

Tali says she feels like an athlete again at 44 years old.

She’d grown up playing competitive sports and had plenty of success.

But, despite regular exercising and aggressive diets, she’d never been happy with her figure.

That changed in just a few months working alongside her own U.P. personal trainer…

Tali learned how to train, what to eat, and feels like a teenager again shopping for new outfits that suit her body.

Here, she explains why getting in shape past 40 wasn’t as difficult as she first thought…

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When you walked through the U.P. doors on day one, you said you’d never been satisfied with your body. How pleased are you with what you’ve achieved a few months on?

I mean, if it was legal to walk around naked all the time, I think I would do it. I’m very, very happy because I feel more like the athlete I was when I was growing up.

I always did competitive sports when I was younger, but the way I looked on the outside has never matched up with the way I thought of myself. Now it does!

How do you feel about your body now Tali? Did you think these results were possible?

I feel amazing. I feel more like myself than I ever did before. It’s been such an interesting experience and I’ve loved training with you.

Honestly, I never thought I would look in the mirror and see what I see today. Never.

How did you find the nutrition during your transformation? Did you face any obstacles?

At the start of my transformation, I was a little bit resistant to follow the plan, and it was tough.

For some reason, I thought, and I don’t know why I thought this, that I would be able to achieve my goals by tweaking my diet every day. I thought that if foods fit into my macros, I could eat what I wanted. But that wasn’t true.

I was really resistant to letting go of the beliefs that I had in my head. But as soon as I let that go, everything changed.

As soon as I surrendered to my trainer’s expertise and didn’t try to hold onto my false knowledge, my progress started to move very quickly.


You also just completed your photoshoot in the gym. How did it feel seeing all those photos?

I feel badass! I couldn’t believe it was me when I saw the photoshoot pictures. I feel very confident and I’m still getting used to the ‘new’ me.

There’s a little part of me that’s scared this is temporary and it won’t last forever, but I know staying in shape is a process. I love it.

How much of an impact has your transformation had on your day-to-day life?

Massively. My whole lifestyle has changed. I am much more focused on sleep, walking, and consuming lots of water.

I’ve always loved fashion, but I’ve never been comfortable experimenting with it because I never thought my body suited what I wanted to wear.

It’s almost like being a teenager and discovering what I can wear and what looks good.

All of my friends have suddenly started telling me about their fitness journeys and have asked me for my advice. I want to send them to U.P. I always say I’m not the expert!


What would say makes the U.P. methodology so special? And what have you learned in the time with your trainer?

Me and my trainer had a winning formula. I might be moving cities soon, but if there is a U.P. gym in that city, I will definitely be coming back.

The process is so intelligent and clear. The steps are not difficult. So, if I do move to an area where there aren’t any U.P. gyms nearby, I will work with you remotely.

There are not many trainers out there who have the same level of care, understanding, presence, experience, knowledge, and passion as mine did.

One final question. Do you think this is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made?

Yes. This is one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made. But it was also obvious. I was always looking for a place that would help me holistically.

There are places you can go where someone will help you with exercise or someone will help you with nutrition, but not both.

When I found Ultimate Performance, it was clear they help you with both. My trainer was so invested in my success. I had some dark days where I was very unsure of myself.

I even remember one session where me and my trainer spoke for an hour. I needed that support more than you’ll ever know. It’s been an incredible experience that I’m very thankful for.


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