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What you get on the
Ultimate Performance Home Workout Programme:

  • 1 x 60-minute video check-in and virtual training session per week
  • Daily online support and accountability from your U.P. trainer
  • Access to our U.P. Lockdown community support Facebook group
  • A weekly personal check-in and feedback email from management

In order to give everyone maximum flexibility, this will be a weekly programme that will be charged and cancelled on a 7 day basis. If this enforced experiment works, and we will be developing software to improve it once we have understood the process over the first two weeks of operations, then my plan is to offer this enhanced online service on an ongoing basis so that clients who have to take breaks from the gym, be it for traveling, budget, or any other consideration, can still get a close partner to optimise their health and fitness goals.

How to make the most of the
Ultimate Performance Home Workout Programme:


As a part of the Ultimate Performance Lockdown Programme, you will receive continued 24/7 email support and up to 5 days a week of 15 minute Skype calls.

The level of service you will receive will be no different from what you have experienced working one-to-one with your trainer. They will continue to provide a service that aims to deliver a significant return on your investment, and as a business U.P. will still continue to closely monitor and scrutinise everything that our team does so that accountability remains at its usual peak levels.

Your trainer will work with you to continue to adapt and improve your new plan to help you achieve the goals you have set, listening, advising and coaching you whilst you are not able to come to a U.P. gym.

They will work with you to understand the consequences of every aspect of the new situation you now find yourself in due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Nothing less is appropriate for the continued commitment and investment you are making in your health.

There is no reason that, during this time of forced absence from your U.P gym, you cannot continue to physically improve and achieve new goals and be in a strong position to hit the ground running when life finally returns back to normal.


You will continue to track your dietary intake and update your progress tracker. We will assess your body composition progress through the progress tracker and progress photos. Unfortunately, we will not be able to perform a Body Prophet assessment every two weeks. However, we can and will still be able to gauge progress, estimate whether improvements need to be made and make sure that you get as much value out of your transformation as possible with these tools.

The process for updating your progress tracker is no different. Please access your progress tracker via your Google Drive folder and fill this out as you already have been doing, providing as much detail as possible.

As you will not work with your trainer in person, we would like you and your trainer to spend the first twenty minutes of your one hour virtual training session discussing your progress, reflecting on what went well, what you could do better and planning for the week ahead to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.


The nutrition plan for the first week of your Lockdown Programme will remain the same.

Your trainer will review your rate of change on the progress tracker at the end of the first week and make adjustments if needed.

However, in theory, if you execute the same number of workouts per week with the same level of effort of a typical U.P. session and you maintain your non-exercise activity levels, there is no reason why you cannot make progress at the same rate as previously. I myself have been covering up to 10 miles a day just packing around my kitchen whilst on calls – quite possibly overkill, but it can be done!


Your trainer will work with you to create a bespoke home workout programme based on your current ability and goals. The programme will be based on the principles of resistance training for strength and muscle building so that your training and progress is not impacted.

The programme developed for you will be dependent on the equipment you have available. If you do not have access to any equipment, please do not worry, your trainer will be able to design a programme that challenges you. However, if you do have access to or can purchase any of the equipment listed at the bottom of this guide, your trainer will be able to make a more varied programme for you.

In your Google Drive folder, you will find the programme for your home workouts. To help ensure you use optimal technique, your trainer has provided a video link showing how to execute each exercise. Your trainer will also guide you through how to execute each exercise during your video training session. We do plan on moving away from Google Drive to an easier to use platform, but right now our goal is not create a pretty looking user interface, it is to get you executable information of maximum benefit as quickly as possible.

It is important that you record the loads you use and reps you perform during your training session. To stimulate your body to change, we need to apply a level of stress that provides an unaccustomed challenge, i.e. add more resistance over time. Your goal should be to beat your workout log every session. Do not worry if you have no load, we can manipulate a range of variables, such as repetitions, tempo, rest intervals, mechanical advantage, and frequency, to name but a few.

It is more than possible to progress whilst out of the gym. The progress will be different, over time it will become harder to achieve due to the limited exercise options, but it can be done.


During this period, if you can walk outside, your goal is to continue to hit your daily step target.

Your daily routine may have changed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. If it has, you will need to make a conscious effort to hit your step target. Don’t worry, after a couple of weeks, you will establish your new routine and it won’t feel like such a big effort. The key is to do your best each day and maintain this standard.

For reasons outside of your control, you may not be able to walk outside and may find it hard to hit your required step target. This will have a direct impact on your body composition unless a change is made to your plan. Your trainer will work with you to decide which of the following options is best for you:

Option 1
Start an alternative way to increase your activity levels through additional cardio sessions:

  • Walking up and down your stairs
  • Home stepper machine
  • Skipping rope
  • Indoor bike
  • An additional metabolic/interval workout

In truth, these are just a few examples of the approach that can be adopted. We are only limited by our imagination!

Option 2
You work with your trainer to redesign your nutrition plan to decrease your calorie intake. This will help establish the deficit you need to meet your goal weekly rate of change.


Avoid stocking up on snacks and highly palatable foods. Adhering to your nutrition plan is much more challenging when you are locked inside with easy access to the cupboards. Make sure your freezer is stocked with whole foods and protein sources. i.e. frozen meat/fish, vegetables, rice, whey protein, oats, etc.

Make a “no snacking” rule. Stick to eating at mealtimes, create a new daily routine and use this time to learn how to cook nutritious diet-friendly meals. This will also help add structure to your day with its psychological benefits.
Conscious eating. Avoid eating while doing something else (i.e. watching TV) and make meals a sit-down event – you will enjoy your food more and be less likely to overeat. Chew your food; 20 chews with each mouthful.


As we prepare for a lot of uncertainty, maintaining routine in certain aspects of your life will help make this tumultuous time more manageable. Use it to your advantage; we have been gifted with time, which is often something that we lack in our normal day-to-day lives. Master the basics, learn something new, do your best to see this as an opportunity.
Remember, the best things that we can do to stay healthy, outside of regular hand washing and avoiding large crowds, is to continue with the sensible foundations of all good health:

  • A daily walk in the outdoors
  • Prioritise good sleep, make an effort to wake up with an alarm clock
  • Avoid excess processed food and alcohol
  • Exercise sensibly
  • Minimise stress


Below is a list of equipment that we recommend for home-based training. This is not an exhaustive list (a lot can be done with bodyweight) and some kit may not be feasible for your home. However, based on your set-up and discussions with your trainer, you can decide what is most appropriate for you.


Adjustable dumbbells would be our first recommendation. You can do an entire workout with a set of these. Brands like PowerBlock or Bowflex are good. As an alternative to adjustable dumbbell sets, spinlock dumbbells that allow you to adjust the weight manually or multiple sets of fixed weight dumbbells are great options.


If you have the space, a barbell with weight plates in addition to dumbells will give you a greater variety of exercises to choose from, and make loading with greater resistance that much easier for certain exercises.

Resistance Bands

These are great for a variety of movements, rows, lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions and squatting/overhead pressing options. All good resistance band sets should include a pair of D-webbed handles or wrist/ankle cuffs and a door/fixed structure attachment. If you cannot find resistance bands with D-webbed handles, wrist/ankle cuffs and a door/fixed structure attachment, do not worry. You can purchase bands without an attachment point; and D handles, or wrist/ankle cuffs and carabiners to attach them.

Suspension Trainers

You hook suspension trainers onto fixed structures and perform pulldown/row variations and pressing options with resistance bands. We can also use these for manual resistance/partner-assisted training.

Pull-Up Stations

A wall mounted or ceiling-mounted pull-up station or an alternative that can fit to your door frame door would greatly improve the options we have available. This can also provide fixed structure to attach your suspension training equipment to.

Push Up Bars

The higher handles on push up bars mean that you have the option of decline presses with feet on the floor and flat presses with feet/knees/legs rested on a surface (sofa level) to accommodate for different strength levels).

Ab Core Pads

A nice-to-have, not a must-have piece of equipment. The ab core pad increases range of motion when performing ab exercises, meaning you can get more bang for your buck with every rep while also adding, stability and support to your back.

Home Cardio Equipment Options

  • Stepper – If you are completely confined to the house, acquiring a stepper and getting some steps in may be a great way to help hit your step target.
  • Exercise Bike – There are a great variety of exercise bike options. For example, the moderately priced indoor exercise bike or high-end bike from Wattbike. If you have a bike at home, you can purchase an indoor bike resistance trainer that converts your bike into an indoor exercise bike.
  • Skipping Rope – A skipping rope is great alternative to an exercise bike if space is limited.

* Please note that availability of the products listed above may be limited. The demand for home exercise equipment has understandably increased in recent weeks. If you are not able to buy any of the recommended products above, please use the recommendations we have made as a guide and work with your trainer to source an alternative option.

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