35-year-old Zade was so uncomfortable with his physique that he daren’t look at his reflection in the mirror.

He put his recent weight gain down to stress, poor motivation and lockdowns during Covid, likening his situation to a ‘slippery slope’.

Zade felt anxious about the way he looked and even began to wear clothes which would hide his body. If he was to ever find self-confidence once again, he knew he needed to hit the reset button.

He took the first step by reaching out to Ultimate Performance. His faith was repaid almost immediately as he saw fat loss results within just weeks.

By the end of his training program, he lost a remarkable 29kg and has sculpted an impressive physique. Not only is he more muscular than ever before, but his stress and anxiety are also relieved.

“I’m now happy to look in the mirror! I’m much more comfortable putting on lighter clothes.

“I’m also a lot more confident when I go out and just generally a lot happier when I’m speaking to people.

“Plus, my anxiety and stress levels are almost non-existent nowadays and my sleep quality is much better too.”

Here, Zade speaks about the world-class environment in U.P. gyms, how his trainer was the perfect ‘support system’, and how he can now wake up without an alarm for the first time in a decade.

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What was your motivation to get in shape and begin working with U.P.?

After all the lockdowns and isolation periods from Covid, I ended up putting on quite a bit of weight from a lack of interaction with people and staying indoors.

I became a lot less active, so I wanted to hit reset and get my life back to where it was before Covid. I wasn’t happy with how I felt and would actually avoid looking in the mirror.

I’d also wear clothes that would hide the weight I’d put on, but now it’s a different scenario completely.

How was your physique making you feel and affecting your life?

I had a lot of personal circumstances that made it difficult for me to look after my health – it became a very slippery slope.

Covid was the cherry on top that affected my motivation, I didn’t want to keep active or get in shape.

I also had a lot of anxiety and stress around the time, so going to the gym was very intimidating, especially after I let myself go and put on weight.

How did you find the environment at U.P. and was it important in helping you see results?

The great thing about U.P. is that it’s one of the least intimidating gym environments that I’ve ever been in. Everyone is supportive and friendly, not only the trainers, but also other clients. Everyone at U.P. has the same goal so you don’t need to feel intimidated by anyone.

The level of respect that other trainers have for your space makes it so much easier for you to come in and get the job done. I found that great in helping me overcome my initial anxiety – I slowly built my confidence back up and became comfortable training.


Tell us about some of the benefits you’ve felt now that you’re in incredible shape?

I am now happy to look in the mirror! I’m a lot happier and much more comfortable putting on lighter clothes. I’m more confident when I go out and just generally a lot happier when I’m speaking to people. The before and after photos are shocking because you don’t realise the amount of progress that you’ve made in such a short amount of time. I don’t recognise myself before my transformation.

I’m now a lot more comfortable taking care of myself, which applies to a number of areas of my life. My anxiety and stress levels are almost non-existent nowadays. I make a point of not placing myself in a situation that causes me unnecessary stress, whether that’s physical or mental. I also feel I have a lot more resilience now with my anxiety.

My sleep quality is now much better too. It takes me about five minutes to fall asleep when I get into bed, which is a lot better than it used to be. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and I almost always have a healthy amount of deep sleep. Plus, for the first time in over a decade, I wake up without an alarm at 7.15, and I’m bright, energetic, and completely ready to start my day.

Do you think you could have achieved such incredible results on your own? 

I don’t think I could have done this on my own. It’s not just about getting in the gym and doing a one-hour workout three times a week. You need to be on top of the amount of water you have during the day, the quality of your food, and the amount of sleep you get.  

Bringing everything together is difficult, so you need a support system from a U.P. personal trainer who can guide you through your transformation. If you train alone, it becomes very easy to skip sessions or take shortcuts. The key to getting the results you want is consistency, which my personal trainer was great at helping me with.  

What have your friends and family said about your body transformation? 

It’s funny actually, a lot of friends that I’ve run into when I’m going about town, initially don’t recognise me. My family, of course, they see me regularly and they’ve noted that it’s a great improvement. They’re very happy to see me back in shape and happy with how I look.  


If you feel weighed down by your appearance and want to know the quickest, most efficient way to lose weight, we can help. The supportive environment at U.P. can empower you to succeed and help rebuild your confidence with as little as 3 hours of training per week. Enquire today to find the plan for you. 


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