Who said weightlifting wasn’t for girls?

This is the misconception Basia had of weightlifting and the gym before she started her 12-week transformation with Ultimate Performance.

She came to UP a complete beginner, believing that lifting weights was just something that men did…but she left with a love of heavy lifting and a strong, powerful and feminine new figure.

Basia, who was already in good shape before starting her 12-week journey, came with the goal of just ‘toning up’, but the far-reaching results of her new training and diet regime really surprised her.

Basia 12 Week Transformation Result-basiar-12wk-pt-ldn-front-900 Ultimate Performance

“I didn’t come to UP to re-shape my body, I was happy with what I had,” she explains. “All I wanted was to be slightly ‘more fit’ and ‘more lean’ (whatever that meant).

After 12 weeks I walked out not only in the best shape I’ve ever been, but really happy and proud of my newly-acquired strength and feminine athletic curves.

“At UP I also discovered my limits – both physical as well as mental. I actually learned that my limits are nowhere near where I thought they were. Each training session and experience at the UP gym proved to me that impossible goals are achievable which boosted my self-confidence and positively impacted both my work and my private life as well.”


Basia’s results speak for themselves. She almost halved her body fat down to a super-lean 11% while building lean muscle which gave her the feminine athletic look she wanted.

But her performance gains in the gym were equally incredible too – despite never having lifted weights before, she developed impressive strength on hip thrusts, squats and even recorded a double bodyweight personal best lift of 110kg on the sumo deadlift in just 12 weeks.

“Being a beginner at UP was not difficult at all!” she says. “I can honestly say that they taught me a lot; how to train with top technique, how to eat to achieve the desirable healthy and toned body, how to stay committed and push myself not allowing me to give up in the most challenging moments.”

Basia says her beginner status and fear of training with weights had stopped her from starting her UP transformation journey sooner.

“I generally love challenges but lack of prior gym experience was holding me back with my final decision to join the UP 12-week programme.

“I didn’t particularly like the thought of being a beginner but the decision to start was even tougher because training with heavy weights and scary-looking gym equipment is not necessary considered feminine nor actually a ‘girl thing’.

“But luckily more than being a beginner or being judged for doing the ‘men thing’, I was afraid that if I didn’t try it I would truly regret it later.

“Today I know that I absolutely would – I would miss out big time! Joining UP and training there for over 12 weeks made me completely fall in love with weight training and honestly reshaped quite a lot of things in my life.”

Sumo deadlift

Very quickly into her training programme Basia realised that UP is the best environment for novices to learn how to train with the correct form, technique and intensity because you’re working one-to-one with the world’s leading personal trainers every session.

“The training was tough but I was always getting lots of support from both my trainer as well as other people at the gym. Every drop of sweat was yielding great results quickly and thus was very satisfying.

In fact, my reflection is that as a beginner I probably made the best decision to start with UP – if you literally need to learn everything (as I did) you want to learn it the correct way and thus with help of experts.

It wasn’t just training either – working with UP helped Basia learn all about nutrition and how to optimise her diet to get the body composition results she wanted.

Basia’s nutrition plan actually required her to eat more food than ever – but a mixture of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, healthy carbs and vegetables (and even dark chocolate and berries) to help maximise her results in the gym and her performance outside of it.

Lateral raises

Are the results sustainable? This was a question Basia asked herself after her transformation journey with UP. But the answer from Basia is an emphatic ‘yes!’

“Just like many other people, I was wondering what would happen after the 12-week programme with UP. Would I be able to sustain the great results after I go back to my ‘normal’ life or will it be just a temporary transformation? I can assure you that it was not a short-lived effect for me!

One year later and I am continuing my gym journey, getting stronger and happier every day. The excitement about gym and lifting didn’t fade away.

“Ultimately UP equipped me with passion, knowledge and skills that helped me to shape my next steps, to continue to sustainably master my strength, my fitness and truly enjoy training.”

If you’re inspired by Basia’s story and want incredible results of your own, start your transformation today with one of our Personal Training Plans.


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