I’ve achieved more than I ever thought was possible. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been with my figure.

Unhappy, unfit and unrecognisable. That’s how university graduate Georgia described herself.

Every time she looked in the mirror, she saw a woman who had lost her way. Comfort eating and long hours sitting behind her laptop were to blame, she said.

Just 22 weeks on from her lowest-ever point, she’s now thrilled with how her body looks.

Weight training with U.P. has left her feeling ‘strong and invincible’ as she dropped a stunning 30lbs.

This is Georgia’s story…

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What did your diet and lifestyle look like before you partnered with U.P.?

My diet and lifestyle before joining U.P. were quite unhealthy. I was comfort eating, so eating completely the wrong food for what I needed. It wasn’t nutritious at all.

As for my lifestyle, I wasn’t very active. I struggled to get my steps in during the day and was constantly sitting behind my laptop. I had no energy or motivation, so overall it was unhealthy how I lived.

Was your lifestyle starting to affect your confidence?

My previous lifestyle really affected my confidence and my self-esteem. I struggled to recognise myself in the mirror – I didn’t feel anything like my true self. I was disappointed in how far I’d let my health slip.

I didn’t feel confident in my clothes and wasn’t happy with how I looked. I really struggled with that before I joined U.P.


What was it that motivated you to begin training with U.P.?

My motivation was to draw a line under everything that had happened at that moment and to make a change. I was unhappy, unfit, and I didn’t want this self-sabotaging behaviour to continue anymore. I felt like I’d hit rock bottom, and U.P. was like my North Star.

Tell us about the results you’ve achieved while working with your trainer?

I lost an incredible amount of fat and gained a lot of muscle. I’ve improved my deadlift, and most importantly gained my love for strength training back again. It’s something that I used to love, but I completely lost my way. That’s been a huge bonus for me.

I started noticing results very quickly, but the first thing I noticed was my motivation and energy levels improved. I think it was about one month in, I tried on some clothes that were previously too tight for me.

They fit me fine, and I thought to myself ‘wow, this is incredible.’ Seeing the changes happen to my body so quickly was extremely motivating.

You must be incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved in such a short timeframe?

I feel very proud of my achievements at U.P. I have achieved more than I ever thought was possible. I can honestly say, physically, I am the happiest I have ever been with my figure.

When I saw my ‘before and after’ photos, I was shocked. I looked at my ‘before’ photos, and I didn’t recognise myself. I couldn’t believe how much I had changed and transformed. It looked like two different people.


Did your close friends and family have anything to say about your transformation?

My friends and family have given me a lot of compliments. They couldn’t believe how much I’d changed and the amount of muscle I’d put on. They said to me that I look like a different person, which is nice to hear.

It’s not just the physical improvement they’ve noticed either. I feel more energetic every day, and I’m able to do more things with my friends and family, which they have noticed.

What’s been the most important lesson you’ve learnt from your trainer?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout my time at U.P. is probably the importance of consistency. It’s so important that you stick to your plan. You have to build a fitness regime and a controlled diet into your lifestyle.

It’s not about fad diets or just doing one workout a week and hoping for results. My trainer taught me the importance of consistency and how to get the best results.

Finally, how has lifting weights improved your mental and physical health?

My U.P. program has left me feeling completely different. It’s hard to put into words how different I feel, but it is a massive positive change. Being able to lift heavy weights has made me feel invincible and strong. It’s really boosted my self-belief because I never saw myself getting to this point.

I keep achieving these milestones and personal bests, which really motivates me to keep going. I’ve also now got much more control over my diet. I used to have quite a poor relationship with food where I would emotionally eat, but I’m now able to fuel my body in the right way.


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