I’m looking and feeling so much better. It’s given me a lot of confidence.

Romee admitted that she used to be afraid of lifting weights.

But now she can’t imagine a life without it.

Losing almost 8kg in just 11 weeks by carrying out her bespoke training plan has given her life-changing confidence. She’s slimmed down, added muscle and believes she’s made a much-needed fresh start.

Romee finally found a personal trainer she could trust at U.P – a trainer that’s helped her feel great about her figure wherever she is. Most recently, laid on a beach on her holidays.

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What brought you to Ultimate Performance, Romee?

I wanted to change my body both physically but also mentally. I was interested to see what weight training and good food could do for me, to help me feel strong and confident in my body.


What did your diet and lifestyle look like before you partnered with your personal trainer at U.P.?

My lifestyle was okay because I always play sports – I’ve played hockey ever since I was little.

I thought I knew what I was doing with my food, but when I came to U.P. that changed.

In just two weeks, I started seeing great results and quickly realised this was the place for me. I believed in the process and made all the changes I needed to see results. . .

Tell us how your transformation has made you feel.

Good. I feel very good.

The results I saw motivated me to continue working and get stronger. Mentally, I feel much better and I’m not afraid to eat certain foods and lift weights.

I’m now much more willing to do so many things outside of the gym that I wouldn’t have done before I came to U.P. I now walk more and enjoy playing sports every day like I did when I was younger.

It’s given me the opportunity to focus on what I enjoy.


How impressed have you been with the physical changes to your body?

When I look in the mirror now, my pants and jeans are all way too big. I really feel good about myself.

I love seeing the muscle I’ve put on and have noticed how much stronger I am.

When I play hockey or go on my bike, I feel strong, which is important to me. I’m looking and feeling so much better than before which has given me a lot of confidence.

Plus, when I was laying on the beach, I felt great. I thought to myself I’m confident and happy with my body.

How important was your personal trainer in helping you see such incredible results?

My trainer was excellent, he’s helped me make massive changes.

I now have control over what I eat.

Before training with U.P., I would think I couldn’t eat the day after I had a big meal. My trainer has helped me understand that I don’t need to think like that.

I now know exactly what I should be eating, and I’m not afraid to eat bigger meals. It’s given me a balance in my life, and I have energy for my training sessions.


What made your U.P. trainer different to trainers you’ve worked with in the past?

When I first got in touch with U.P., I realised I’d found someone who would understand me. It felt like I was passing myself over and my trainer was someone I could trust.

I’d worked with trainers in the past who I didn’t trust, and I wasn’t sure about their training methods.

What would you say to women who are afraid of lifting weights?

The trainers understand your goals and what you want to achieve here.

Training helps you build strength and muscle, but you won’t become bulky like some women think you will.

I’m delighted with how I look – I didn’t ever think I’d be as strong as I am, so it’s nice to learn about your body.

You will learn so much about training and how to enjoy food while working towards your goals.

Expert personal training and minor diet changes have made profound changes to Romee’s confidence.

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