“I’ve lost 22kg and barely recognise myself.”

29-year-old Miguel was tired of being greeted with “you’re getting bigger” by his friends and family.

Especially with his wedding just around the corner.

He made a vow to his wife that he would be in good shape for their wedding day. But sitting at 100kg, he was doubtful any personal trainer could reverse the damage he’d done to his body in time.

Miguel was also motivated by his health. His family had a long history of heart disease, and doctors told him his gastro reflux and lower back problems were all his own doing.

Now a stunning 22kg down, read how Ultimate Performance helped Miguel feel like a completely new man.

 Miguel-front Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to start a personal training plan with U.P.?

The main reason I came to U.P. was to make sure I was in good shape for my wife, and ensure my health was under control.

While I was in a relationship with my wife-to-be, I was 100kg, even though I promised her I’d never reach that weight.

I then started having quite a few health problems like gastro reflux, which meant I struggled to stomach food. I also had some issues with my lower back and feet. I’ve got plantar fasciitis and have microfractures on my heels.

My doctor told me these problems were caused by my weight, so I felt something could be done, especially because my family has a long history of heart disease.

Finding out that my weight was the main reason I had these problems was the wake-up call I needed to make some changes.

How would you describe your diet and lifestyle before you started working with your trainer?

I’m someone who likes to eat a lot, so I tend not to check what I’m eating.

After training at U.P., I realised that what I considered a normal serving of food was way beyond the calories that I needed, and I was eating extremely unhealthily.

People told me I had gained weight before I came to U.P. and I was getting larger and larger. I’d tried a few fad diets and intermittent fasting, but after some time, I’d get lazy and gain all the weight back.

I had a hard time keeping up with friends and family during physical or sports activities, and I was getting tired of being greeted with “you’re getting bigger” or “I think you need to lose weight”.


How instrumental was your trainer in your transformation?

He was excellent throughout my transformation. When I first met him, he told me he was going to track everything.

He was always messaging me and checking how well I was doing, which was helpful because it kept me on my toes. He watched over me and always gave me guidance, even outside the gym.

That was something I never got to experience with other personal trainers.

What kind of results have you seen from your personal training plan?

One month after I signed up, I was shocked by my transformation. We went beyond the 10kg that my trainer pushed me to aim for, losing a total of 11kg.

My friends and family were shocked at the difference, and I was delighted that it was noticeable on my wedding day. But my training plan did not stop on my wedding day milestone.

In just six months, I lost 22kg. I can barely recognise myself from the before and after photos since joining U.P.

I am now able to do more physical activities with my new athleticism, and I no longer suffer from the ailments that I experienced when I was overweight.

My eating habits have changed, but I can continue to enjoy great-tasting food while avoiding unhealthy ingredients with the help of the Ultimate Performance Cookbook and food tracker.

I do believe that I can maintain a healthier lifestyle even after I have graduated from the program.

Without the U.P. program and my personal trainer, I may have never achieved this much improvement in my health and lifestyle in my lifetime.

How has your weight loss affected the rest of your life away from the gym?

My wife is very proud of my transformation. Because I’ve started portioning my food and eating healthily, she has joined me for some meals and lost a significant amount of weight herself. Now, a wedding dress that she tried a month ago has started fitting her.

My dad has also lost about 8kg too. He’d gained some weight over the past few years, but when I flew back home, I think it inspired him when he saw my weight loss. He felt that if his son could do it, so could he. So, he started working out at home and will often ask me for advice.


Would you recommend U.P. to other people looking to make changes to their health and fitness?

Definitely. I feel U.P. has a unique way of how they treat their clients.

As I said, the way that my trainer was helping me meant I could focus entirely on my program. Other gyms that I’ve experienced look at you only when you’re in the gym itself, never outside of it. U.P. was more holistic, and I realised that diet is just as important as exercise. Both go hand in hand.

I came here because I saw a friend become a Client of the Month, and I wanted to see what results I could achieve.

What I have achieved has been amazing and something that I haven’t experienced in my life.

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