Nithin felt like it was ‘now or never’ to get healthy and back in shape again.

He had been gaining weight for 10 years after an ankle injury, and successive surgeries stopped him from exercising properly.

When the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns hit, it only made matters worse for Nithin.

Now 36, he knew he needed professional help to get fit and stop the health insurance and medical bills mounting as he got older.

Working in partnership with his dedicated trainer at Ultimate Performance has transformed his health, his body and his approach to keeping while losing 20kg

Even as a vegetarian, he has proven that with the right training and diet, you can build muscle.

“At the stage I’m at now, after this journey, I can’t believe that being a vegetarian that I could make such fast and effective progress.

“I researched it myself, and I knew it was possible, but I’ve never thought that within a short span of six months, it would be possible for me to achieve my goal and get to where I wanted to be.

“So, the whole idea of vegetarians can’t grow muscle, now I feel it’s all false – it’s a hoax.”

Here Nithin talks about how his training changed, how his knowledge of nutrition has improved, and what his transformation has given him that he didn’t expect.

  Ultimate Performance

What was the motivation behind taking up personal training at U.P.?

Ten years ago, I had an accident. I suffered a minor injury and had to undergo surgery. Before that surgery, I was normal, and I had a good fitness routine. After the surgery, I went on bed rest for three to four months, and I put on a lot of weight.

Even after recovery, I was immobile. It’s been five years, and I put on a lot of weight in these last five years.

I had another set of surgeries to remove my implant, which was another setback for me. Ever since, I have been trying to get back on track, but I was on and off, and I wasn’t able to get back on my own.


How did lockdown affect your comeback from injury?

In the last year, during the lockdown, I was literally immobile. It was another setback. Around October, I started this journey with U.P. to get back on track.

I started running and doing some cardiovascular exercises, but over a certain point in time, I was kind of stuck because I was not moving anywhere even after a lot of effort.

So that’s when I decided to seek professional advice – somebody whom I could trust. I needed to get back onto a regime.

The one thing that kept me motivated was thinking, ‘It’s now or never’. I didn’t want to go back to not moving and gaining a lot of weight. So that’s when I decided, ‘Yes, it’s now or never, and let’s move forward.’

The great thing is that I am there now. So, my next goal is just to stay really lean, stay in this zone, and just make sure that I no longer have to go back to the same cycle of needing to worry about, ‘Man, how do I lose it?’ Because if you don’t intend on getting there, you don’t have to worry about losing it.

How has this journey with Ultimate Performance helped you overcome your injury?

In the past, I’ve been doing exercises myself. But then with my rehab, I wasn’t meeting my fitness goals.

So, what was different in this journey, was the routine that U.P. helped me create for myself, and the systematic approach towards each of those steps.

Cutting down my goals into multiple phases and defining baby steps for each of those phases, with a clear picture of where I want to be – that made a lot of difference.

The nutrition plan that was professionally created for, it made a lot of difference because I had no clue what to follow. Over the past 10 years, I had already slipped from my fitness regime quite a lot, and I had no clue what to eat. This is what made a lot of difference.


Did being a vegetarian hold you back from getting the body you wanted, and how did Ultimate Performance help you achieve your goal?

Before I joined U.P., I was sceptical about whether the results advertised were accurate. It’s an investment, of course, and there was a lot of scepticism that I had.

But, I got a very good trainer, and he motivated me. Being vegetarian is definitely not a constraint. You can be a vegetarian but also achieve your fitness goals. Breaking down the diet into the nutrients that are necessary, planning the supplements, learning how each of the supplements affect your digestion and muscle building – all these were clearly programmed by my trainer.

How did going into another lockdown affect your transformation journey?

One good thing that happened was that my trainer kept me informed. He said, “Hey, this is going to happen. There’s going to be a lockdown.” But the push was always there – “Let’s not move away from why we started this journey in the first place.”

My trainer helped me to keep on track with my diet and fitness regime; the number of steps, the amount of calories that need to be consumed, the amount of exercise that needs to be followed.

I didn’t have all the equipment that was available in the gym, but my trainer helped me keep up with the training using whatever fitness equipment I had, like bands.

My trainer helped me to use those productively, to make sure that my fitness was not affected and that the progress was consistent. This was important so that when we got back to the gym, my progress continued rather than having to start from scratch.

What are some of the positive effects you have experienced in terms of the quality of life after your transformation?

There are a lot of things that changed. I mean, confidence, yes. The industry that I work in, means I must meet new people and address a group or crowd. So that perception of confidence needs to be there.

That’s what changed the most, apart from all the positive things that have happened to me. What I noticed is how this possibility spreads across people that I meet. My family and my friends see the change in me, and they are motivated by me.

To me, that’s the biggest change. All these efforts, of course, are for myself, my body, my mentality and my day-to-day life. But how this affects people surrounding you is what matters. So that’s the biggest change that I would say this has enabled.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining Ultimate Performance?

Take your time. Before I took this decision of joining U.P., I was sceptical about whether this investment was going to be worth it and whether I should make this investment.

Only one thing that I thought about was I wanted to break through my routine and hit my goal.

With age comes health problems and issues, so eventually, you will spend the money on health insurance or medical bills. Instead, get fit at the right time…I mean, there is no right time. You can’t define the right time. I mean, it’s right now – it’s now or never.

U.P. is totally worth it. At the end of the journey, you will definitely feel better and feel like what I’m feeling right now. I feel it is totally worth it, and I’m in a much better position compared to when I started. So, totally worth it, just go for it.




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