My program helped me release the stress of my situation and focus on the positive side of life.

Valentina was living a glamorous and hectic life as operations manager for Dolce and Gabbana.

She loved her job, but the stress was leading her to make poor lifestyle and eating choices.

Soon these unhealthy habits were beginning to show on her body – and with the beach and sun a big part of her life, Valentina wanted to look and feel her best again. 

Coming to Ultimate Performance helped her lose 26lbs, regain control of her diet and better manage her stress levels.

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“The personal training sessions at U.P. are definitely the best decision of my life. I would say it’s the best money I have spent on myself.

I’m now a more active person. I have a better work-life balance; of course, work is still stressful, but I’m managing it better. 

Before coming to U.P., Valentina was always a naturally confident person. But she had recently noticed she was shunning beach invitations and parties because of her body.

Also, her career-focused lifestyle was hampering her from making any lasting positive changes. Committing to a structured and focused U.P. program seemed a good way to take back control of her life.

“My job is stressful, but I realised that it was just an excuse to come back home and not eat properly. Also, I was not sleeping well, so I would wake up really tired and stressed.

“At one point, I wasn’t the same confident person I had always been. I was avoiding going to the beach with my friends. I would just find excuses or go by myself, and at that point, I realised that I wasn’t feeling good about myself anymore.”

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This was not Valentina’s first attempt at weight loss. She was a veteran of many diets, but never saw long-term success with any of them.

In fact, she mostly ended up gaining extra weight on top after a few weeks. U.P.’s holistic and natural approach really appealed to her jaded palette, and she thrived on the combination of a balanced diet and goal-focussed training.

“So, the difference between U.P. and the other diet that I tried earlier was that my earlier diet wasn’t healthy at all.

“At U.P. my personal trainer gave me real, fresh food! I had tried a Cambridge diet in which you are not actually eating real food; it’s just juice and shake and some powder that you put in water.

“It’s not even a nice process because you’re not enjoying what you’re eating. You’re eating in two minutes, something that is chemical and fake, so I wasn’t feeling healthy at all.

For me, the excellent diet paired with the training is the big difference at U.P. The results, when you combine these two things are amazing.

Of course, Valentina says that none of this would have happened if her trainer hadn’t held her accountable throughout the process.

“In the beginning, my trainer was constantly messaging me through the day. But it worked, because the process is hard and you need someone to push you every day. 

“My weakness was the weekends, so my trainer would randomly call to remind me not to drink. He was always there to make sure that I kept my goals centre-stage during the weekend.

“More than pushing me to fill my tracker or follow a specific diet, my trainer was truly concerned enough to ask after me and push me to speak up and open up about my problems.”

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The personal touch proved to be especially critical during the lockdown. Valentina suffered personal bereavement in her family, and her trainer’s support helped her get back on an even keel.

2020 was a really hard year. I’m Italian, and the situation in Italy was very, very bad. I lost my uncle during this period, and when we went into lockdown, and they closed the gym, I just gave up.

“I was not really focused on training even when U.P. was offering a lot of stuff, but my personal trainer kept calling, and after three weeks, I got back on track.

My program really helped me release the stress of my situation and focus on the positive side of life.

Her hard work and her P.T.’s persistence paid off, and Valentina has regained her confidence and sculpted a figure she always wanted.

“In January, I was avoiding the beach with my friends, and now, even though I am not a social media person, I feel so confident in a bikini that I’m always taking selfies and posting them.

“The nicest thing that happened to me was this girl at the beach who told me you look very sexy, and that was really nice because it came from a woman!”

Fitness helped Valentina beat her stress and turn a corner in her life. If you’re weighed down by responsibilities at work, a U.P. transformation can help you feel your productive best.  Enquire now.


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