When lockdown hit, Tom found himself in a negative cycle of eating and drinking.

He had been unhealthy for a while but having to isolate at home was making things worse.

After finding himself at the heaviest he’d ever been, he wanted the help of the professionals at Ultimate Performance to turn things around.

Training through lockdown helped him lose 16kg, and he is back to feeling his best mentally and physically.

 Tome-m28-18wk Front Ultimate Performance

“I lost around 16kg (35lbs), and obviously I am very happy with it.   

“As well as the physical benefits, I feel mentally sharper all the time.   

“I work really long hours at work, and it used to be a real struggle to get up, but now I am absolutely flying on 8 hours of sleep.    

“I am more confident. Not just physically but confident mentally as well.”  

Tom’s health had been going downhill for a while. He used to be sporty, but over two years, his weight had crept up.

He had a demanding job as a financial trader, and he regularly found himself eating and drinking too much.

“I have been in Amsterdam for five years, and I came to U.P. off the back of a pretty unhealthy stretch which was exacerbated by the Coronavirus crisis.   

“I was not eating healthily and drinking far too much. I was at my heaviest ever weight above 80kg (176lbs).   

“I was looking to get back into shape. A couple of friends had done U.P. and thoroughly recommended it because they got results so quickly.”  

When he started at U.P., his trainer crafted a training and nutrition plan that fit perfectly around his life and commitments.

Even with the lockdown, his trainer adapted his training plan with the few bits of exercise equipment he had at home.

Every day he was progressing, getting stronger and losing fat.

“On the training side, I was impressed and surprised at just how much you can do with so little equipment –  literally with just three bands, a dumbbell and a couple of kettlebells.  

“I feel much stronger now than at the start, which is ridiculous.  

“It shows you can improvise, and you can maintain strength, which is really good.”  

Tom was astonished by the results he had achieved with minimal equipment during lockdown.

But when he emerged from the isolation, his friends, family and work colleagues were equally amazed at the transformation.

“My girlfriend hadn’t seen me since Christmas – so that’s 14 weeks or so. She was pretty surprised!   

“I’ve not seen many friends yet. But there’s been people at work commenting gradually, ‘you look very different’ as they have seen it day by day.”  

The dramatic change in his body, the improvements in his health and all the positive comments from friends, have given Tom more confidence.

He’s even doing better at work.

I am feeling a lot better. It’s not just looking better in the mirror and feeling more confident from that perspective.   

“I feel more energised. I am more confident mentally, I need less sleep and I am less tired.   

“It’s not just a physical thing. It’s definitely helped at work too. I have been way sharper at work. It’s definitely improved my performance in the last four months.   

“For the 16 hours or so that I am awake, I am fully alert and energised.”  

Tom is now in great shape. It’s clear the transformation has put him back on a positive path after the struggles and excesses of lockdown.

“It’s far easier in lockdown to do a load of damage to yourself, where you drink every night or eat like shit.   

“Doing something like this [transformation], there is way more benefit versus the damage you can be doing in lockdown.   

“Having something to commit to and focus on, it’s a pretty solid way to switch up 3-6 months and sort yourself out!”  

For Tom, partnering with a professional trainer at U.P. has been a priceless investment.

It has got him out of bad lockdown habits and back in great shape quicker than he could ever have imagined.

“I’d definitely recommend doing U.P. It’s all about discipline and consistency.   

“You have responsibilities, but you have always got someone there to help you along the way and keep you on a path.   

“It’s a very efficient way of getting back in shape and definitely worth the investment.”  



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