“It’s almost like I’ve been taken back 10 years. I feel healthier, stronger and more rested.”

Toby felt a shadow of his former self going into his forties.

He remembers the days when he boasted broad shoulders and a muscular, wide chest – the result of his hard work in the gym.

But recently, 41-year-old Toby’s motivation had fallen by the wayside. He’d lost the passion he once had for lifting weights.

Fourteen weeks after starting training with Ultimate Performance, Toby feels 10 years younger with more strength, confidence and drive than ever.


What motivated you to start your training program with U.P.?

There were two reasons why I wanted to start my own personal training plan.

The first was I simply wanted to lose some weight.

Secondly, I was focused on the strength and conditioning side of things. I wanted to get back in a similar shape to how I’d been in the past.


Tell us about your lifestyle and diet before you started your program. Did you think it was healthy?

Before I started working with my trainer, I believed my diet and lifestyle were fine. Nothing I did was overly thought out, but I was aware of what to eat and when.

I never gave my diet any proper thought and didn’t have the guidance to understand my nutrition in the same way I have while working with my trainer at U.P.


How does U.P. compare with personal trainers you’ve worked with in the past.?

My program at U.P. had a very clear structure, which helped me achieve my goals.

There’s an ongoing dialogue between you and your trainer, which I really appreciated.

The weight that you lift is always going up week after week, and you log that in the app which I found was a great reference point to see where I was up to.

It’s something I’ve never experienced before.


How much improvement would you say you’ve made during your transformation, both mentally and physically?

I’ve made incredible changes both mentally and physically. I feel healthier, stronger and more rested. It’s almost like I’ve been taken back 10 years. I’ve got that motivation to go to the gym back

and I’m enjoying myself – I find it extremely rewarding. Getting myself back into the shape I was in around 10 to 15 years ago is hugely satisfying.


Do you have any tips for people considering starting their own transformation?

Well, it’s important to remember that your training and nutrition need to work together. So, there’s no point doing one without the other.

I learned that being aware of what you’re eating and why you’re eating it is crucially important.

When you’re training, it’s absolutely key that you get it right and listen to your trainer.

It was enjoyable to challenge myself and really put my mind to my training and nutrition.


What would you say was the secret to your success?

I think the key ingredients were focus, discipline, taking the program seriously, and just enjoying the process!

There has to be part of you that enjoys the program, both inside and outside the gym. If you can get all this right, it’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

But at the same time, it’s important that you’re committed to what you’re doing and make sure you keep your discipline.


How easy to follow did you find your diet plan?

There’s a fluidity in the program that allows you to be flexible and still enjoy your diet, without it being too overbearing.

When you’re eating, you measure the amounts you need and work within a framework that fits your lifestyle. It’s not so rigid that you can’t adjust to your likes or dislikes.

In terms of accountability, having the app makes you much more aware of your calories. Plus, your trainer can see exactly what you’ve been eating.


How would you compare yourself now to when you first walked through the doors at U.P.?

Much, much more confident.

When I first signed up, I wasn’t sure if this was possible. I didn’t know what the journey would be like, but I now feel fitter, healthier, more confident and overall a lot less lethargic as a result.

It made me realise that if I put my mind to something, the results can be amazing.


Don’t let yourself slip into middle age without a fight. Toby unlocked his potential in just 14 weeks and now feels lighter, healthier and more focused than ever. Enquire today.


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