After four months working with her UP Personal Trainer, Shiona looks like a completely new person. Not only has she lost the fat she wanted to lose, which is always impressive fat loss for a woman, but she has remembered

Shiona's 16 Week Transformation  Ultimate Performance

UP client Shiona came to us in a very stressed state, not really eating much and working long hours. She said the combination of these were making her depressed and so she wanted to do the UP programme to turn her life around and become a healthier, stronger person
After working with her UP Personal Trainer, Shiona looks like a completely new person. Not only has she lost the fat she wanted to lose, which is always impressive, but she has remembered how to smile!

Why did you get in touch with Ultimate Performance in the first place?

“I’d been suffering insomnia for 4 years with bouts of depression and had been running on anxious energy for too long. From about 6 months before starting with UP my metabolism had dropped greatly and my energy or desire to anything was getting less and less. I blamed everything and especially my age but most of all blamed me for not finding a solution to get out of this hole. Ultimately, if I wanted things to get better I have to change my habits, frame of mind and in turn, my life.”

What did you find as a result of training with UP?

“The results are endless. My sleep pattern has improved tremendously going from 2-3 hours a night for 4 years to now averaging 6-7 hours and this is absolute bliss. My metabolism has come back with a vengeance but with added physical strength allowing me to do even more and not feel shattered at the end of it.

My concentration and focus is the best it’s been in years and as a result, I’m accomplishing more at work and my multi -task skills are back where they used to be which is needed in the creative field where I work.
Cutting back or changing my habits at social gatherings is no big deal as when I do meet up with friends I just don’t give into myself and why should I when I’ve come so far and feel so good.”

Staying young with weights

What did you like most about your personal training with UP?

“The most important or best benefit for me was the constant challenges my personal trainer Adam laid before me. He listened to my complaints and put up with my looks of “are you kidding me, there is no way I can do that.” His professional approach was always “can do.” I used to be like that when I was younger, but somewhere along the way in life, I lost it. He brought it back. In each session, I was pushed further than I had ever imagined and each day I feel like I have a win and have accomplished something. My determination to reach new goals has extended into my daily life where no hill can ever be high enough ‘coz, I’ll climb it!”

Middle aged and HOT

Did you find any other benefits to your personal training?

“Other great benefits that I’ve discovered on the UP journey, is that when I don’t exercise I miss it. It’s now become part of my daily routine and I feel I’ve let myself down if I have not taken the time out as it really replenishes the mind and the body and problems don’t seem quite so difficult when you’ve had time to completely shut them out focus on something else then come back to it with a fresh perspective.
The old term “healthy mind, healthy body” is true. I feel far more positive than I’ve done in years in all areas of my life.”

Last but not least, my body is in better shape than it’s been in years. It wasn’t easy and only comes down to hard work, commitment and dedication combined with encouragement and guidance from my personal trainer.

Curls are for girls

Would you recommend Ultimate Performance to your friends or colleagues?

“Definitely! The service is exceptional. Adam closely monitored my progress with diligence and very clear instructions and reasons of the benefits of the training and how it is connected with your daily life. I felt he was very receptive to my needs and used or developed an approach to find a way to get the best out of me even when I was having a shocker of a day. Having a trainer that suits you is highly important to your progress and the level of results you want to achieve.
The eating plan was difficult to adjust to but it has trained me to be far more aware and conscientious of what I’m putting into my body and what not to mix things with as well as cutting back on excess.

UP has changed my life and only for the better in so many ways. Its’ not just about the body, it’s the mind that needs the most training.

Can’t thank UP enough – as the Nike slogan says “Just do it!” and UP did it for me.”

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