Terry’s path to a transformation was tougher than most after recovering from major brain surgery.  

Doctors operated to clip two aneurysms in his brain, and 48-year-old Terry worried he would never be able to exercise properly again.  

Now a father with a two-year-old daughter, his health and future came into sharp focus as he headed toward 50.   

Working with Ultimate Performance not only helped him on the road to recovery but got him into the best shape of his life.  

As well as losing 12kg (26lbs) and getting an impressive six-pack, his doctor was amazed to see the transformation in his high cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are now all firmly in the healthy range.   

  Ultimate Performance

“After having a couple of aneurysms clipped and having brain surgery, I never thought I would be able to train as hard and get back in amazing shape like I am today.  

“The highlight of the journey was getting the six-pack out and seeing what I’ve achieved. To have a six-pack at 48 feels totally out of this world.

“To improve my cholesterol levels and see that needle reduce, and to feel so much healthier and hearing from a doctor’s perspective that it was excellent and one of the best transformations he has seen, it was awesome! I was super stoked.”

Before he started his transformation, Terry’s lifestyle had been sedentary. His life revolved around work and home and the poor diet habits that come with that.

But for the sake of his long-term health and his daughter, he didn’t want to carry on down this path.

“Like any kind of red-blooded male, I was having just beers, beers, cakes, biscuits – all the bad stuff that feels good at that time, but not so good later on when you start feeling the pounds pile on.  

“I am coming up to 50 years old. I wanted to prove to myself that I can still get in really good shape.” 

When he started his transformation journey with Ultimate Performance, his trainer took the time to understand his challenges, his needs and his goals.

Then he built a personalised training and nutrition around him that was focused on improving his health and giving him great physical results.

But what was really effective for Terry was having a trainer who was both an expert coach and a trusted advisor inside and outside the gym.

“Being accountable was quite a big part of it. My trainer kept me on track and made things really simple, and it seemed a hell of a lot more achievable to do because the steps there are so much easier.  

“When I saw the results, and I started seeing a change in body shape for one, it kept me motivated. I was blown away.   

“I was amazed how much a trainer could push me much more than what I would have done by myself.”  

Working with a professional trainer was a real education for Terry in how to exercise with precision and how to eat for both results and health.

Terry took on board many lifelong lessons, which helped him achieve exceptional results while having the knowledge to maintain them.

“I learned a lot more around foods and carbohydrates, and sugar, especially – the whole package. The nutrition and what kinds of portions are good and not good. It’s totally blown me as to how big and important nutrition is for the body, you know.  

“My quality of life has changed, including my outlook on the food we have in the house. We have a two-year-old daughter, so when she is older, she will be able to make better decisions are around food.”  

It has utterly transformed Terry’s life – not just his body. He feels like a man revitalised.

“I feel very strong, especially from my core which I never had before. I feel physically and mentally fit and strong and a lot more on track with things.   

“I am a lot more focused and determined, believing anything is possible. It is all because of the U.P. training.”  

“It totally transformed and turned me into channels I never thought were possible throughout my whole body, and the definition has really blown me away.”  

Going from being a sceptic about Ultimate Performance’s results to forging six-pack abs at 48 has been quite the journey for Terry.

But the real value has been the transformation in his health.

As part of the process, Terry got his blood work done at the start and end of his program, and the results speak volumes.

His cholesterol came down from a high of 5.8 mmol/L to a healthy 4.4 mmol/L, as did his LDL cholesterol down from 3.46 mmol/L to 2.1 mmol/L.

He also halved his triglycerides down to a healthy range –  greatly decreasing his risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and stroke.

Needless to say, his doctor was amazed.

“To lower my risk of cardiovascular disease and get into the healthy range – I’m lost for words because a simple thing of following good nutrition and training is all it takes to feel and be a lot more healthy.  

“I look at the future with my daughter, and I know I can be around a hell of a lot longer and be a lot healthier around her. That plays a big part in my heart.”  

Terry trusted the process, committed to his program and got an astonishing return on the investment he made in his health.

“A lot of it is in your mind, whether you believe it’s possible or not. But I believed it was possible, and it’s totally transformed my thoughts and what you can achieve after something as big as what I went through.    

“I got my money’s worth as well. It’s totally transformed my whole body and my whole thought process from a mental aspect. For sure, I would do it again, hands down.”



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