Being a mother of three and juggling work at the same time is no easy feat.

It took a toll on Preeya who always lacked the energy to play with her kids and had no time to concentrate on her own well-being.

The turning point came when she could no longer lift her 11-year-old son, who is physically disabled.

In that moment, she decided it was time to change and get fit and strong for herself and her family.

Choosing Ultimate Performance as her professional partner for her journey was the best investment she could have made. Now 11kg (24lbs) and two dress sizes down, she feels stronger and healthier than ever.

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“I have lost weight, and I feel like a different person.

“Physically, I feel the strongest than I have ever been.

“Mentally, I am able to navigate myself around different people’s different situations a lot better. I have got clearer objectives and targets. I am able to be an inspiration to my daughter and son.

“But more importantly, just been able to lift my son, I cannot tell you for a parent of a child with disabilities; it’s the best return on investment.”

Preeya really struggled with her diet. Like many people, she used food as a salve for life’s stresses.

But what she lacked was the fundamental knowledge of nutrition that would give her back control over her diet.

“I have probably been on diets since I was 24 and never felt comfortable in my skin. I don’t do weights, nor do I like a diet where you are strict.

“None of them felt sustainable, and that’s been my problem. I never felt strong.

“I used to stress-eat.  I would completely break the cupboard and get as much chocolate as I could, or comfort eat. I feel in control of my diet now.”

She had tried the DIY approach, tried gyms, and every diet imaginable. Nothing worked.

But what she needed was expert guidance and accountability to support her towards her goals.

This is what she saw in Ultimate Performance. After giving birth to her third child, she signed up.

“U.P. has been on my radar for about three years through people I follow on my Instagram. Nine months ago, I had my baby girl, and after having her, I realised that I have to put my health first.

“I have an 11-year-old boy with physical disabilities, and we are going to be his lifetime carers. And after having my baby, I was unable to carry him, which was very difficult to accept.

“And that’s when I looked up U.P., and I thought, why don’t I try the ‘LiveUP’ program first and see how I get goes. I found its content so detailed, and I was motivated by it. But I needed someone to support me nutritionally, and in the gym, that would be a win-win.”

During her time at Ultimate Performance, Preeya was aware that it wasn’t going to be an easy journey with her work and family commitment.

But the partnership approach that supported her both inside and outside of the gym made the process straightforward.

With an expert trainer alongside her at every step, she didn’t have to think about her diet or training; she could just focus on executing the plan.

Motivated to make her family proud and be the fit and strong mother she always wanted, she committed to the process and got the results she wanted.

“Straight away from my before and after pictures, I have lost 11kg (24lbs). I have never dreamt about that, even when I get here.

“I have never done a push-up in my life, and suddenly, I am here working really hard and doing the exercises that my trainer was telling me to do.

“These are part of my goals, which I am able to fulfil now.

“In terms of body fat, I am two sizes down. I have more clarity, and this transformation has enabled me to achieve all of these goals but also positively change me and be comfortable in my own skin.”

For Preeya, the benefits of training at Ultimate Performance have been multifold.

She feels in better control of her personal and professional life and, most importantly, her diet – something which was missing all along.

Much more than the results, she had finally discovered the path to success that eluded her for years working out alone.

“This is the best return on investment you are going to get for your health and for your future.

“I tell my friends all the time. I have had such a good network of individuals around me who have supported me through this transformation.

“It’s not just about being here for three hours a week; it’s actually outside the gym, having control over what I eat and looking at food I eat. After this transformation, I will be in control to understand what my body needs and what it doesn’t need actually.

“I hope that a lot of my friends will see how far I have come in my journey that they will look up taking this up themselves.”



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  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
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