After a serious cycling accident left Sue with a broken back, she saw her health and mental wellbeing slipping away.

Being off sick from her busy job left Sue feeling aimless and lacking direction, turning to alcohol at her lowest point.

After deciding enough was enough, Sue began her transformation journey at Ultimate Performance online as lockdown struck.

Using only dumbbells and a resistance band, Sue was able to achieve impressive results losing 7kg alongside her expert trainer.

  Ultimate Performance

“I had a serious cycling accident, fracturing my back in two places, so my muscles and mental health really suffered.

“I was at my lowest point, my sleep was horrendous, I was on medication and doing physio. I turned to alcohol every day, drinking heavily.

“I felt so bad in myself, inside and out. U.P. has changed everything.”

Before starting the program, Sue had previously been a qualified personal trainer on a cruise ship, but eventually left this behind. Despite having knowledge of the fitness world, Sue admitted that her grasp of health and nutrition was very basic.

“Since coming to U.P., I realised that I only knew the fundamentals. U.P. is a different level of knowledge. The intensity of the sessions is everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Working 12-hour days and 12-hour nights was taking its toll on Sue’s energy levels, causing her to reach for chocolate and sugary snacks to stay awake. Feeling tired and sluggish was getting the better of her, causing her to lose interest in healthy home-cooked food.

“My nutrition before was okay, it wasn’t structured though. I would have bread every day, along with easy foods. I wasn’t batch-cooking. I wasn’t weighing anything out. I didn’t understand good and bad fats.”

Having so much time on her hands meant finding comfort in alcohol, which only worsened her mental and physical health. Feeling at her absolute lowest, Sue realised that she needed to change her eating and drinking habits, which led her on a path towards U.P.

“Training at U.P. has been life-changing for me, mentally and physically.”

Due to lockdown hitting just as Sue was about to step through the U.P. doors, she threw herself into virtual personal training sessions with her trainer.

“Doing things virtually meant that I could take more time to think about my diet.

“I used to eat okay, but since U.P., my habits are so much better. I’m even working out my macros – I never understood it and I always wanted to know more.”

Despite lockdown preventing her from having one-to-one training sessions in the gym, Sue was astounded at how effective the online training process turned out to be.

“My trainer kept everything basic for me so I could understand.”

Sue was determined to know the right form and tempo for each exercise, which initially worried her before going virtual. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism of her trainer, she was able to achieve the challenging workouts she was looking for.

“Split squats were my least favourite exercise, but I got such good results.

“Without support and positivity, I would have definitely given up.

“It saved me mentally, through such a bad time – both with lockdown and my accident.”

The results Sue managed to achieve were phenomenal. Replacing sugar and alcohol with exercise was having a glowing effect on her mindset, as well as allowing her to look toned and lean.

Initially cautious with exercises due to her injuries, Sue realised that her improving strength and endurance was helping her recovery. Equipped with the precise techniques required to work around her injuries safely, Sue received constant reassurance from her trainers.

“My back and my elbow are feeling so much better. I still have pain, but it is nowhere near as bad. I’m doing exercises I never thought I’d be able to do. I’m deadlifting over 70kg.

“Some days I don’t think I can do one more rep, but my trainer pushes me to do it. I’ve surprised myself.

“For me, U.P. is the best in the world. It’s not a chatty gym – you come here for results. It is pure intensity, but for me, that is how it should be.”

Previously, Sue felt that she lacked the confidence to have her photo taken. After her transformation, Sue is excited to take on the Ultimate Performance photoshoot to showcase her results. Already delighted with her current physique, ambitious Sue is passionate about pushing her progress even further.

“I want to be an example for other females, to show they can have the confidence to do this.

“I have a vision in my head of how I want to look.

“It was tough doing all this on top of my job, but I’m glad I made it work. It’s been so rewarding.”

Reflecting on her time at U.P., Sue still can’t believe how far she has come.

When she thinks back to her past self – relying on painkillers and alcohol to get through the day – it’s like looking at another person. The effects of her program have been numerous, from her glowing skin to her gleaming smile. With a totally changed mindset towards food, Sue now no longer relies on sugary snacks to plough through her workday.

“I was feeling lethargic all the time, I didn’t know anything about nutrition. I look forward to eating and making new things now.”

“I’ve got my mojo back, I feel happy and I feel positive.”



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