Stephen wasn’t getting any younger or any fitter – he could feel time creeping up on him.

Working a bank job by day, he kept his passion for rugby alive as a referee at high-level games in Hong Kong.

Now aged 36, he felt like he was slowing down even with all the cardio and running he was doing.

So with belly fat piling on and facing fading fitness, Stephen came to Ultimate Performance inspired by some of the many transformations he saw online.

Now after 23 weeks, Stephen is lighter, leaner, fitter and stronger on the field than he was even in his teenaged heyday thanks to his goal-focused program at U.P.

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“When I first joined U.P., I wanted to remember how I looked at 18, which I do now, but this is the fittest I have ever been.   
“Joining U.P. and seeing the radical change in my physique and even in my mental health, I can say that U.P. has changed my perception about personal training.   
“On the pitch, I am often looked up to now by the players and even the coaches since they have seen me undergo this transformation and seen me perform much better at the pre-season tests. The whole feeling is incredible.” 

Training at U.P. wasn’t Stephen’s first encounter with a structured exercise regimen.

He had regularly worked out with the respective coaches on the field and also at a few gyms. Despite that, he never achieved the results he wanted.

“When I first joined U.P., I was aerobically fit as I was running a lot, and I was part of all the pre-season training for refereeing, but my body wasn’t really showing it.   
“I wasn’t really in the best shape. I had a layer of padding of fat here and there, and I felt it was slowing me down speed-wise. I wanted to have a better physical presence on the pitch and have the right impact as I was refereeing at the highest level in Hong Kong in rugby.   
“I wanted someone who would actually care more about my progress and who monitors my training, putting the pressure on me as and when required. Thankfully, I found that at U.P.”    


Stephen’s journey at U.P. faced its own trials and tribulations when the pandemic hit the world.

But nothing defeated his spirit, and his lockdown results are proof of what is possible when determination and consistency are allied with the experience and expertise of U.P.

“During the lockdown, instead of struggling to continue with the program, it eventually turned out pretty convenient for me. My trainer often came down to my place with the equipment, which was fantastic. So even this situation didn’t interrupt my regime. I have mentally become tougher now.  
“Besides, we were often working out in the park. While training with one of the S&C coaches of the rugby team, everybody noticed me working out and mentioned that it was commendable.   
“Respect is the most important thing when you are a referee in rugby, and I’m really happy that U.P. helped me gain that.”    

Stephen’s results at U.P. are striking, and his whole experience here has surpassed expectations. From losing bodyweight to gaining confidence in lifting, the training program has been an all-round success for him.

“I have come down from 84.7kg (187lbs) and 23% body fat to 73.4kg (162lbs) and 11.77% body fat. I notice a massive difference whenever I look in the mirror.   
“My waist size has dropped from 90cm to 73.9cm, and I’m back to wearing the size of clothes I wore while I was 18. This is a big achievement for me.”    

While the numbers on the scale are a marker of his incredible progress, the real acid test was stepping out onto the rugby field.

It was a test he passed with flying colours – his peers couldn’t believe the transformation in speed, power and fitness he had made.

“I recall that when we had our first pre-season tests, seeing my performance, the other guys and the manager were like ‘Wow, what have you been doing?’, as they could see the transformation I had undergone.   
“One of the tests that we do is the Yo-Yo test, which one has to pass to be able to referee at the top level in Hong Kong. Post-training at U.P., I managed to pass it easily and a lot of people, who were initially fitter than I, failed.”   

While training at U.P. might seem expensive at first, Stephen contends that it’s worth every dime and comes with its own perks at every stage of the program.

“I had been to the gym before; the personal trainers there never focused on the clients. At U.P., I had a trainer who cared and tracked my progress. This has changed my whole perception.   
“The professionalism here is well above what I have seen at other places. The money is totally worth investing in. I even introduced some colleagues to U.P., and they have had the exact same feedback. 
“If you’re looking to transform yourself, or for someone who could help you to get up to speed, or just want to change your lifestyle, then I’d strongly recommend you to join U.P. It’s the only place you need to be to make the change happen.”    



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