33-year-old Sophie was worried about how she would look in her wedding dress.

After buying the dress months before COVID came around, lockdown restrictions and working from home meant Sophie gained weight in the lead-up to her big day.

Determined to ensure she looked and felt her best walking down the aisle, Sophie entrusted Ultimate Performance to grant her wish.

After just 19 weeks Sophie’s U.P. trainer delivered the results she was so desperately searching for, leaving her feeling her ‘very best’ ahead of her special occasion.

She trimmed 18cm off her waist and lost 8kg of weight, glowing with natural confidence in her wedding photos giving her memories of a day she will treasure forever.

COVID had pushed Sophie’s fitness progress back. Her U.P. trainer quickly rekindled her love for training and, as a consequence, meant she could step into her wedding dress full of confidence.

“I found the whole transformation experience really enjoyable. Everyone is complimentary to you on your wedding day, and I think people noticed the hard work that I put into it. For me now looking back at photos, I definitely see that and appreciate everything that I’ve done to make that happen.”

Here, Sophie spoke about how she made her wedding day ambition a reality and discussed how her training plan remained enjoyable despite being a challenge.

  Ultimate Performance

What was your motivation for joining Ultimate Performance?

The main reason was the feeling of the unknown in the lead-up to my wedding. Things like would the dress fit and how I was going to feel in it. I bought the dress well in advance before COVID had hit, and with the COVID lockdown I think there was just a total fog about what I looked like at the time of buying my dress.

I didn’t really know what to expect, I’d never tried it on since. I didn’t know how it was going to fit, how I was going to feel in it, or generally how it was going to look. My focus throughout was I needed to feel great in it and I need to love it as much as I did the day that I bought it.

What did your lifestyle look like before starting with U.P.?

Before starting U.P. I found myself in a bad state of mind with the coronavirus lockdown, largely down to working from home and just feeling like I had a complete lack of control. Which again, I’m sure is relatable for a lot of people. Prior to lockdown, I had quite an active lifestyle.

I had a routine and a fitness schedule, so I’d really missed that. I’d also relocated as well, so I was finding it hard to get back into the old routines that I had which kept me motivated. I was just feeling a bit lost and didn’t really know how to get back to where I was.

How was your experience of working with a U.P trainer?

During the transformation I found the whole experience to be really enjoyable. I think you never really know, or you have preconceptions about how it might be torturous and really hard, but I found the routine good. I found the structure good and I enjoyed the training. It was completely different from what I’d done before. So, that was refreshing.

I’ve also enjoyed the food. I’ve never felt hungry or like I was depriving myself. That has been something that is now stuck with me and will stick with me going forward. I also enjoyed the process of using the Ultimate Performance app with it being a bit of a daily challenge.

Overall, how pleased are you with your transformation?

I found the whole transformation experience really enjoyable. Everyone is complimentary to you on your wedding day, and I think people noticed the hard work that I put into it.

For me now looking back at photos, I definitely see that and appreciate everything that I’ve done to make that happen. I think in years to come I’ll still feel really positive about it, and the goal of thinking I want to look my very best on my wedding day was achieved.

Aside from your physical transformation, have you noticed any other benefits?

I’ve found that my transformation has allowed me to improve my state of mind. Work remained quite busy and stressful throughout the whole period of COVID and lockdown. But now that I’ve got this separate focus outside of work, it allows me to shut my brain down and focus my attention on other things.

So, even when things are stressful, work’s busy, life is busy, there’s still that one part of my life which I feel like I’ve got control over. So, it’s a psychological thing, but it’s something that’s really helped me over the past six months.


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