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Sneha knew it was time to change.

Her confidence was at an all-time low and she felt depressed about the way her body looked.

When she hit 84kg (185lbs) on the scales she felt like she had crossed an invisible line. It was now or never to make that change.

With a family history of diabetes, she knew she couldn’t carry on living her unhealthy, inactive life. Ultimate Performance’s incredible transformation photos spurred her to take positive action.

Freeing herself from years of poor eating habits, lethargy and low self-esteem had previously felt like an impossible challenge.

But with a dedicated U.P. trainer by her side, Sneha says her transformation was simple.

She came hoping for a modest 5kg (11 lbs) weight loss, but now she is 26kg (57lbs) down and the happiest and healthiest she’s ever been in her whole life.

“I have gone down from 84kg (185lbs) to 58kg (128lbs) both physically, (and dare I say mentally!) and reduced my body fat from 33% to 19%!

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“Achieving this and just watching my body go through so many positive changes have been incredible.”

As someone who couldn’t manage two flights of stairs without puffing and panting, Sneha’s time at U.P. required more than a diet change and new exercise regime – it needed her to overhaul her entire lifestyle.

“My lifestyle before coming to U.P. was very sedentary. I used to sleep for major portions of the day and did not exercise at all.

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“My diet was very unhealthy – I used to binge on junk food and chips and ate a very carb-heavy diet which just made me even more tired and sluggish.

“I had very low confidence and self-esteem and hated the way I looked. My physical appearance was affecting me more than just physically – it was making me depressed.”

For Sneha, the hardest part was summoning the belief to join U.P. and get started.

But once she took that first big step, everything else fell into place and it started a life-changing journey.

Sneha knew she needed to radically overhaul her diet.

From Day 1, her personal trainer helped guide and educate her on the right nutrition and what she needed to eat to get results.

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On my first day at U.P., I was advised to completely overhaul my diet and reduce my carb intake, while increasing my fat and protein intake.

“I learned that my previous carb-heavy diet was completely wrong for my body and was making it inflamed.

“Thereafter, my diet underwent a drastic change, and I now incorporate a lot of protein-rich foods in my diet while keeping my carb content minimal and that too is limited to non-processed and whole foods.”

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Sneha was amazed at how quickly exercising regularly and eating healthily started producing results.

Seeing her body change was the motivation she needed to really commit to her programme and give it 100% every day.

“My lifestyle changed drastically; I started working out even on days I wouldn’t go to the gym, and I enjoyed it. I now knew what worked for my body diet and exercise-wise!

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“I started making healthier choices while eating out at restaurants and even managed to stay within my macronutrient goals when I was on holiday – all with the support and guidance of my awesome personal trainer at U.P.”

For Sneha, the programme has been absolutely transformative, to say the least. She has rediscovered her self-confidence and has shed her shyness along with her weight.

“After an extremely long time, I now feel confident and positive about myself; I no longer hide at home or in photographs. I have also noticed I have started interacting with people a lot more confidently as compared to before when I considered myself a bit of an introvert.

“But in hindsight, I realise that the way I looked before my transformation affected my entire thought process, and caused me to shy away from social interactions.”

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Now she feels more in control of her life and has discovered that getting stronger in the gym has given her real mental strength and resilience too.

Sneha never expected to see herself featured in a transformation photo, but what once seemed impossible is now her reality.

“Once I started weight training at U.P., I realised I am a lot stronger than I thought myself to be and got a kick out of seeing the weight load increase and realising that my body is capable of so much just by being active and eating healthier.

“I am a completely different person, both physically and mentally after my transformation. I have so much energy, love building up my strength and radiate positive thoughts now! In short, I feel fabulous, healthy, my confidence levels have skyrocketed, and I feel so positive about my future!”

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When asked whether she would recommend U.P. to others, Sneha literally jumped out of her chair – “RUN to your nearest U.P. gym and sign up!

“They really do go by their motto ‘results, not promises’ and if you are depressed and sick of your body looking the way it is, but don’t know what to do or how to change it, go to U.P.

“It is definitely a class apart, in terms of the excellent trainers, well-maintained equipment, detailed guidance and daily monitoring of your diet, and the overall aura of positivity and achievement that radiates inside the gym.

“I have acquired lifelong knowledge at U.P. and will be using it for a long, long time to come.”


Sneha has overhauled her diet, overcome her apprehensions about training, and finally feels positive about her body – Fill in the form to find out more information or to get started.


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