What’s the secret to a strong relationship? Being happy, healthy and supporting each other’s goals.

Husband and wife Sarah and Dale came to Ultimate Performance with the goal of improving their fitness and health together.

Working alongside each other every step of the way, they managed to lose a total of 42kg in body fat.

Sarah has completely transformed her body and her health during her eight-month personal training journey at UP.

Thirty-nine-year-old Sarah said: “The most obvious result is my weight and fat loss.”

“Since starting at UP, I have lost 30kg, and my body fat has gone from 38% to 18%.”

“I’ve gone down five dress sizes since starting training. As well as having more muscle definition, I have more energy, sleep better, and my sugar cravings have reduced dramatically.”

Sarah 8 Month Results - Front Sarah 8 Month Results - Front Ultimate Performance


Dale, who is 45, made his own impressive transformation doing UP’s Group Training sessions every week and says he now feels ‘fantastic.’

He adds: “I’ve lost about 12kg and I’ve got more muscle than I had before, so I’ve probably lost about 14-15kg of fat.”

Coming into UP to train had felt like a big step for the couple.

Dale feared that lifting weights might harm his running times and worried the gym would be packed with muscly guys. But his preconceptions were soon changed.

“I do a lot of running. I was concerned if I come to train here, would it have an effect on my running.”

“I suppose the other thing is if you go to a gym and it’s normally full of men who are five times bigger than me, lifting a lot of weights.”

Sarah-and-dale Sarah-and-dale Ultimate Performance


Sarah had similar reservations – but her apprehensions about coming into a super-driven gym environment were assuaged by the friendly, familial feel of the UP gym.

“From the first day I came in, the reception staff made me feel welcome and pointed me to the changing rooms and said ‘walk over there with confidence,’” she explains.

“Then since then, everyone has been great.”

Dale adds: “It’s actually been fantastic. All the people are really, really friendly.”

“All of the other customers support each other and all the trainers have been friendly. It’s been really great. It’s not intimidating at all.”

UP has built its pre-eminent reputation on delivering results and helping clients make profound and lasting changes to their lifestyles.

Sarah and Dale experienced this firsthand during their time at UP.

Sarah-and-dale-before Sarah-and-dale-before Ultimate Performance


A huge change was becoming educated on the right nutrition and how to manage their diet for optimal body composition and health.

“The biggest shock to me is how much the actual diet impacts you,” says Dale.

“I just thought if you train hard enough, it doesn’t matter what you eat. But that is not the case.”

Dale says it was challenging at first – particularly in our city where eating and drinking are a big part of the culture.

He says cutting back on chocolate and alcohol were the toughest things to get to grips with – but the support of Sarah alongside him on his transformation journey was important in helping him make the positive changes he wanted.

“Living in the city it can be tough because there’s a big active social life.”

“It’s been tough, but it’s been easy. It’s easier because Sarah is doing it as well. I feel really guilty if she’s not drinking any alcohol.”

“It definitely helps if there’s two of you.”

Sarah-and-dale-rows Sarah-and-dale-rows Ultimate Performance

Diet was a big thing for Sarah to get on top of too – but it has helped her lose 30kg and get in the best shape of her life.

“I was a social drinker,” she explains, “so I didn’t drink every day. But at the weekend I could easily drink two bottles of wine.”

“Now I went without for quite some time when I first started. I’ve probably had just four or five glasses of wine since I started eight months ago!”

The support of Dale and the guidance of her personal trainer has proved invaluable in helping her achieve her new body.

“My trainer Angela has been awesome. She has nagged at me and moaned at me and kept me on track when I’ve needed her to be there.

“She also knows my physical and mental capabilities, so she knows when’s a good time to push me and when’s not a good time and what I can do physically. So the whole experience has been great.”

It’s not just her personal trainer – but the whole team at UP has helped encourage her to achieve her incredible weight loss goal.

“It’s been great.  When other trainers notice a change, they’re very quick to come up to you and congratulate you and tell you to keep going and that you’re doing well.”

Result-sarahm-8mth-side-900 Result-sarahm-8mth-side-900 Ultimate Performance


Training has been challenging, but very rewarding for the couple.

For Dale, in particular, it’s been hugely surprising to see the positive benefits that weight lifting can have as a first-time lifter.

“It’s been really good for me because I never did any resistance work before, and doing such small classes you’ve got the trainers there who can help you and make sure you get all your posture correct.”

The biggest surprise has been with his running – something which he thought might suffer when he started lifting weights.

“My running has got a lot better in the last few months. It surprises me how much faster I can run.”

Weight loss does have its downsides, however. Dale has had to buy a whole new wardrobe to compliment his lean and muscular new physique.

“It’s been pretty expensive as I’ve had to buy a whole new set of clothes. It’s very good.”

“There’s obviously a lot of people at work comment and friends comment about ‘how much better you look’ so it definitely boosts your self-confidence.”

Sarah-and-dale-on-prowler Sarah-and-dale-on-prowler Ultimate Performance

Dale’s new body hasn’t gone unnoticed by his wife either.

“Body transformation-wise he was always a long distance runner before and since joining here has been able to lift more heavy weights and also has seen more muscle development and more muscle tone during his time here.”

Sarah has thoroughly enjoyed the UP experience which has given her a new body, new-found strength and self-confidence.

She says: “I’ve already mentioned Ultimate Performance to several of my friends and several of them are now coming here for group classes and personal training.”

“I would say if you’re serious about making a transformation, then definitely come here.”

“But to get the best results, you need to follow the advice of your trainer and stick with it and keep going, and they will get you the results you want.”

Sarah Rows Sarah Rows Ultimate Performance

Dale adds: “All of our friends ask us about it because they can see the big difference it’s made.”

“We still go out and see friends, which was one of our biggest concerns, but we’re just a lot more sensible.”

“It means I actually wake up on a Saturday morning and I don’t want to stay in bed.”



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