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Sanne had always wanted to get in great shape, but she didn’t know how.

She felt insecure about her body and wanted to change what she saw in the mirror.

She tried time and time again to achieve her ideal slim, toned and athletic body, but never got close.

Thinking she was eating ‘healthily’, she would swing between enjoying breads, cheeses, olives and wine, then subsisting on salads and soups the rest of the time.

Sanne says an unhealthy attitude to exercise and diet was not helping.

But now after taking on a 16-week body transformation at Ultimate Performance she has finally got the figure she wants after losing 8kg.

U.P. has helped her develop the knowledge she needs on training and diet to stay in shape for life.

Here Sanne explains how she made her transformation, what she learned on diet and how her unstoppable new mindset has changed her life outside of the gym too…


What were your motivations to start a body transformation at U.P.?

Ever since I was young, I dreamed of a well-trained body. In my life I had created the conviction that I had to be slim to be successful.

I have tried to achieve this several times myself, but lack of knowledge has not led to the desired result.

I heard of U.P. through my friend and knew from that moment on that I wanted to go for it.

I was confident that they could help me in achieving this result.


How were you feeling physically and mentally before starting with U.P.?

I was always insecure about my body, unhappy when I looked in the mirror. My critical view of myself had led to an unhealthy view on nutrition and exercise.

It was always in my head. I tried to work on it, but I just didn’t know how.

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What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started with U.P.?

I love good food, and I was raised in the Burgundian way of life; cheeses, olives, focaccia and a good glass of red wine.

Because I didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror, this exuberant eating was limited to a few times a month.

I ate very little the rest of the time, mostly salads and homemade soups – almost everything without any protein.


How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started with U.P.?

I thought I knew what was ‘healthy food’ and what was not.

However, I soon found out that this was not the case.

At U.P., I learned how much protein, fat and carbohydrates a good meal should consist of.

In addition, I learned to choose the right products. For example, in the morning I ate homemade tomato soup with meatballs or a steak with string beans.

I love string beans; I can eat them several times a day. They’re delicious!

I eat three meals a day; a good piece of meat or fish with vegetables. And now and then I treat myself with brown rice, almond milk or sweet potato from the oven.

Halfway through the transformation, I did a food intolerance test. I found out that I can’t have any gluten or lactose. Perhaps that’s what changed my lifestyle the most.


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What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy levels?

The first two weeks I felt miserable, lifeless and without energy. After these two weeks things got better.

I always thought I felt good, but now I really knew what feeling good feels like!

I have a lot more energy, no more dips during meetings and I wake up fit. In addition, I now feel much better when I eat something that I can’t handle properly.


How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

I found it a challenge to find my limits every time, therefore I always found the training hard.

It is very hard work to continuously push your boundaries. My trainers Joyce and Sander tried to get the most out of the training.

I have learned to have more respect for my body, I am proud when I see what we have achieved.

It also became clear that training always had to give way for work. In this process I had an obligation to myself, there was accountability and I managed to get a better balance between work and training. I always reminded myself, “Is it so important that I cannot ignore it until tomorrow?”


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What were your results like after your transformation? 

I always try to set challenging goals, U.P. helped with that.

They helped me believe in the image I had before me was achievable. I look in the mirror every day and enjoy the body that I now have.

I am proud of how much tighter it has become. I also know that this is just the beginning; the start of a much longer journey and a healthy lifestyle.


What were the most important things you learned during your transformation?

I learned that I had to believe in myself; I’m capable of so much more than I thought.

I’m proud of pushing my limits, and, above all, the conviction. If I want something, and I mean really want something, then I can achieve it.

I learned knowledge about nutrition and exercise; I now know what my body needs, and what to do in order to achieve my goals.

I learned balance; I noticed that I didn’t take enough time for myself, my work always took priority.

I understand now why I want to take more time for myself so that I feel energetic and happy.


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How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

I have become a lot stronger both mentally and physically.

I’m able to put my challenges more into perspective.

I wish everyone could do a transformation, because in addition to a fit and healthy body, there are so many more benefits.

I am very grateful to Joyce, Sander and the rest of the team for all the lessons, fun, inspiration and motivation.


Would you recommend U.P. and why?

I wish everyone could experience this feeling of strength and happiness and I am sure that U.P. is an indispensable player in achieving this.

You will feel so incredibly proud – and invincible – if you persevere and achieve your results.


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