Balancing family life and a demanding job while staying in shape can feel like an uphill battle.

Father-of-two Sam was in this position – but he wanted to be a positive role model for his children and be fit and healthy.

Despite marathon training, the hedge fund manager had struggled to manage his weight and control his diet and get in the shape he wanted.

But it’s amazing what you can achieve with an intelligent and structured weight training and nutrition plan.

Sam lost 25kg working one-to-one with his Ultimate Performance personal trainer and is now the lean, healthy and fit father he always aspired to be for his children.

“I was 94kg when I started, now I’m 69kg. My waist was close to 38, 39 and I was pushing on a 40. Now I’m 32- or 31-inch waist.

“I’ve got muscle definition back. I actually feel fitter than I was in college, and I use to work out at college. 

“My strength’s gone up, so looking at the numbers from when we started, I was benching 30kg and it was a struggle. My back is ripped! I’ve always struggled getting my back in shape. It’s now in total shape!”

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He added: “I think UP really gave me my life back. I don’t mean in terms of family – obviously, my life is my family.

“Feeling healthy, feeling what I can achieve, feeling strong, feeling good about myself, it gave me all of that back. 

“I feel as good as I did when I was 18 and I’m pushing my 40’s. I feel great and that’s thanks to UP!”

Sam’s motivation to start his UP body transformation was twofold – he wanted to finally lose weight as well as getting in shape for his children.

“I’ve been yo-yo-ing in weight for a while, I’ve tried various trainers’ diets.

“I was marathon training just before I started so the pictures at the beginning I was marathon training looking like that.

“The other thing and this is really key for me is I’ve got two young boys and I wanted to give them a positive figure that basically you can be a dad, you can be working hard and still be in shape.

“You don’t need to look the way I used to look.”

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Diet and controlling the sweet tooth…

Sam says he wasn’t in great shape when he started at UP – he was overweight, eating too much and marathon training had taken its toll on his body with shin splints and he couldn’t run anymore.

“So when I came to UP at the beginning I was around 94kg. No shape, no body definition. 

“I was running but it was a constant steady pace. If I had to put in interval training I’d feel it. I’d be done.”

One thing Sam struggled with was his diet – and more specifically his sweet tooth.

He had knowledge about healthy eating but UP helped optimise his diet for health, performance and better body composition.

“My problem was always portion control and sweets. I’ve got a really bad sweet tooth. I love my desserts. I love to bake, I love to eat sweet things. 

“But I’d sit down and eat a lot of food. So, coming to UP and having to commit to ‘You’re going to eat this amount of food, you’re going to eat this amount of these kinds of nutrients, these kind of macros’.

“You’ve got to commit to that because training alone isn’t going to work. So it’s a whole lifestyle overhaul.”

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Sam’s new healthy diet…

Sam says he thought he was ‘healthy’ before he started, but the dietary changes he made and the knowledge on nutrition he learnt from the outset completely changes his perception.

“So I came to realise that actually thinking you’re healthy and actually being healthy are two totally different things.

“I had fairly high cholesterol but otherwise generally fit and healthy-ish.

“Now my cholesterol is down, even though I’m eating a lot more red meat, a lot more vegetables and just cutting things out my diet. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.”

Sam says the impact of his new diet has changed every sphere of his life – increasing his performance at work, improving his sleep, reducing his stress levels and making him a happier and more active father.

I feel better for it. My energy levels are up from where they were. I sleep better than before. I just generally all-round feel better.

“The changes have been a little bit of everything. My mood is better. I find that in the morning I’m genuinely less tired than I was before. I sleep consistently through the night.

“I’m more personable. My kids are happier to see me which is always good. I generally feel less stressed. It doesn’t feel like things are weighing me down anymore.

“Getting out of the office during the day helps as well as it takes stress away as well. So it’s just an all-round change really.”

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Big body changes…

Sam said he started to see the physical results of the hard work he was putting in in the gym after a matter of weeks.

Seeing the progress pictures after just a month showed a huge difference in his physique.

“So by the end of the first month we took some pictures and I was saying ‘oh bloody hell!’ I thought I looked great. Now when I look back and look at where I am now it’s like ‘wow!’. 

“You can see the progression every couple of weeks. The good thing is that it’s almost immediate.

“As long as you’re committed to it you see it within the first four weeks and that inspires you to keep going.”

“I’m seeing results, I’m seeing differences. Definition is coming in. It’s different. They may say ‘results, not promises’. Seriously, it’s for real.

“I have been totally surprised by how far I’ve come. When I look back at the old pictures of myself, even my wife says it, friends and family say it, we don’t recognise that.”

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Training to the maximum…

Sam says the training experience at Ultimate Performance has surpassed anything that he’s done before.

It has pushed him beyond the limits he thought he had and helped him build strength and muscle in his 40s that he never had in his 20s.

“The training is so hard. Every session I feel like that’s it this is the one where I’m going to drop dead. But you keep pushing and you learn something about yourself, you really do.

“Mentally you get strong as well, not just physically. You just push through it. It’s good.”

Sam says the new-found mental strength that the training has given him translates to other areas of his life outside of the gym.

“So I deal with stress better, I find that I’m actually calmer in stressful situations.

“Things that aren’t as important I let go of. Things that are important I can focus a lot more on. I found that it’s helping all round.”

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Becoming the fit and healthy father…

Sam says the training sessions are tough and push him to the limit – but completing them gives him a real boost.

“Whenever we train legs, I always dread it before we start training. Once we train them I look like I’m dying. The minute it’s over I actually feel amazing.

“So I’m walking back to the office and I feel good. It just gives me that lift. It gives me a boost for the rest of my day.”

This feel-good factor from lifting weights and getting stronger translates to his home life too –especially being a father of two young boys.

“It gets me all pumped up and the weight training aspect of it, it translates into little bits of your life as well.

“So I’d go home I’d play with the kids, I’ve got more energy. I’ve got young kids so I’m picking them up and throwing them around. They’re happy and I’m happy for it as well. It’s all round.”

Getting in shape has helped Sam become the role model dad he wanted to be for his children.

“I’m just trying to exert the positive influences on them of how they eat, sports that they play, getting them to be active so they don’t descend into just laziness and the ‘iPad generation’.

“The kids love to cycle, they love to play sport, being able to participate with them, feeling fitter doing all that stuff, feeling healthier.

“Being that positive role model of a dad who’s in shape and has it together really makes me feel good. It makes them happy, makes my wife happy and I feel good for it as well. 

“There’s no reason why you have to have the classic dad body. You can be 40 years old, as I am, be in shape and healthy and that’s a good role model for the kids when they get older.”

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You can achieve anything…

Sam’s dedication to his transformation has been incredible – and his hard work and commitment have earned him some impressive results.

What Sam has been able to achieve has surprised him – but he is proof of where you can get to with the right nutrition, training and guidance in place.

“I have actually recommended UP to a couple of friends.

“Some people say to me it’s going to be like one of those TV channels where you get the before and after, but I actually am the before and after. 

“So I’ve seen the results I’ve seen how if you buy into it how it works. I haven’t had to take any supplements or anything like that.

“These guys are about pure training and pure nutrition.”

Content_sam_lunges Content_sam_lunges Ultimate Performance

Sam admits he didn’t believe it was possible to get in the shape he wanted – but now he says the sky is the limit for his goals.

“When I first started results wise I just wanted to get down to 80kg and I thought that was going to be a struggle. Once I got down there, I realised I can.

“I want to get down to 10% body fat. So the goals are constantly evolving and as you hit one you realise ‘okay, I want to change that goal slightly’.

“I didn’t think I could achieve it when I first started I thought it was going to be really hard like any other gym. Now I think yeah I can do whatever I want to.”

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