“I might live to the same age, but my quality has improved. I never thought I could get these results in the time I did.”

Lifting weights has helped Ruth hit her milestone 50th birthday full of health and happiness.

She’s lost over 12kg and built the visible muscle that she’s wanted for decades.

Having watched the decline of her parents’ health and mobility over the past few years, she realised that many of their ailments were down to a lack of muscle.

That motivated Ruth to focus on building her strength before 50 and become a role model for her two sons. The results she’s achieved are stunning.

In this Q&A with her trainer, she explains why swapping hours of cardio for weight training has been the best decision of her life…

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Ruth, can you tell us what motivated you to start personal training with Ultimate Performance?

I was turning 50. I wanted to reassess where I was and what I wanted my future to look like. In the last five years, I have watched the decline of my parents, and I could see that a lot of their mobility problems and health troubles were down to the fact that they didn’t have much muscle. They lived healthy lives, they didn’t drink or smoke, and they always ate healthy food, but they didn’t realise the importance of muscle and what that can do for your health. So that gave me an idea of what my life could have been like if I didn’t concentrate on building some muscle now. I said to myself I wanted to take control of my body and how I age.

Another motivation was my children. I want them to live healthy and happy lives, so I need to be a good mentor. I’m the main person in their lives, so they need to look at what I’m doing. Children are best at mimicking what they see rather than just being told what to do. If I’m doing it, they’re more likely to follow me.


Can you describe your training, diet, and lifestyle before you began working with your trainer?

I was following an online fitness class at home and doing two cardio sessions per week. It was always the same full-body workout using weights. The sessions took me around half an hour. I did that every weekday morning. I’ve always been quite active because I ride a bike every day. I also don’t sit down very much because of my job. I’m on the move most of the time. But, I didn’t look very athletic or particularly healthy. I was probably overweight and felt quite heavy.


What about your eating habits? Would you say you were mindful of what you ate?

I always made homemade food. I didn’t eat too much convenience food, but I did snack quite a lot. When I was working and felt the tiniest bit hungry, I would have something. I would always take snacks to work, and while I was preparing my evening meal, I would usually drink some alcohol and eat nuts as I was cooking. So, although I was eating good food, I just ate too much without thinking.


Okay, let’s talk about your program. How did you find the nutrition? Was tracking your food something you enjoyed?

I really enjoyed it. It gave me a great sense of control. I enjoyed discovering more about food and weighing things out. I also noticed I developed a much better understanding of my body. I learned that I didn’t have to respond to my hunger immediately. I could just wait and I didn’t need to eat as much as I thought I did. That was another sense of control I loved having. I feel like I eat much more purposefully and mindfully now.

I have a different relationship with food. I’m not just eating for the sake of it.


And how did you find lifting weights? Did it surprise you how much you enjoyed your time in the gym?

I loved it! I’m amazed that it is not more commonly known in gyms. Lots of people, particularly women, go to the gym and focus on cardio. They don’t understand how to build muscle. It seems strange to me now that people don’t realise the benefits of weight training. They are putting in the effort, going to the gym, turning up, and not getting the results they want. I would love to pass on what I’ve learned to others. I’m excited about having this new knowledge. Personally, in the gym, I feel empowered. I used to be intimidated by the free-weights section. I didn’t go there at all unless I was with someone else. But now, I feel confident. I know what I’m doing. It has really changed how I view my exercise regime.


That’s amazing to hear! How do you feel, physically and mentally, compared to when you first walked through the U.P. doors?

Amazing! The changes have been incredible. I never thought I would be able to get these results in such a short space of time. That’s another point I want to tell people – yes, it really is possible! I’m very excited about what I’ve achieved and I’m looking forward to the future. I’m now much more aware of what’s good for me. It’s given me a great focus and I feel much more positive about my life. I’m undoubtedly more confident and I’d like other people to join me on this path. It’s also great to be a role model to my two boys. They both go to the gym so they can look up to me and see I’m in shape myself.


Okay, one final question. Would you recommend U.P. to other people?

100%. This has been one of the best things I have ever done. It’s an investment in me and my future. I fully believe that I’ve changed my health destiny. I might live to the same age, but my quality of life has improved. I now understand the importance of building muscle and I’m going to keep working hard. Investing in your health is the best investment you can make, so I would definitely recommend training with Ultimate Performance.


Ruth has never been happier with her health at 50 years old. Whatever your starting point, you can make changes like this to your life with the world’s leading personal trainers. Enquire now to get started.


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