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A familiar face at U.P., Aaron is back for round two – and this time he had not one but two goals, and he’s hit them both out of the park!

Since his first U.P. transformation, Aaron Emmett, the director of Click Properties has been living the life of a true fitness buff.

In the run-up to his first marathon, Aaron’s once again turned to U.P. to help him build up his stamina and get in top condition for the challenge, but that was only half of the reason that spurred him to join U.P. again.

The other half was simply to get the six-pack abs he had always longed for – and he’s achieved both.

“Successfully prepped for a marathon, peak physical conditioning, and I hit both. Really pleased!”

After just nine weeks of personal training, Aaron’s absolutely over the moon with the chiselled abs he’s proudly sporting, and he’s ever ready to get to the start line!

“I’m leaner, and stronger, and more agile, and that’s really really improving my ability and my stamina and stuff, so that’s really positive. Good stuff!”

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Speaking of his goals, Aaron Emmett admits he was doubtful as to whether or not it was possible to hit two birds with one stone in such a short amount of time.

Luckily for him, his U.P. trainer, Kane, knew exactly what Aaron needed to do to get in the shape of his life and marathon-ready simultaneously in the most effective way.

“I’ve had two goals that I’ve been trying to manage at the same time and they’re probably not that consistent with each other.

“I’ve been trying to get physically fit and create muscle, and look good, and get the abs; but at the same time I’ve also been shredding for a marathon and training for long-distance stamina run, and those two things typically you wouldn’t do together.”

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Now that Aaron knows anything is possible with the right mindset and the right coaching, he could not be more thrilled with what he’s accomplished.

“I’ve been really, really, really pleased by the fact that I’ve been trying to do those two things, and my trainer’s obviously helped me do that. We’ve been managing these goals in tandem, and still managed to make them all come together.

“My core strength, and my ability to run, and my stamina have absolutely increased, as well as losing weight. So I’ve had two different things happening at the same time and I’ve managed to hit them both.”

Coming back to U.P. for another transformation, Aaron thought he knew exactly what he was signing up to, but in order to reach the new goals he had set for himself this time, a revamp in his approach was needed.

“We rolled back the weight, we took everything back to really core basics.

“Like it was featherweight stuff, and rolling that back and building it all the way up again and from literally ground zero has been really, really positive because my execution has been absolutely perfect, but my weight and the weight values have gone up week on week – along with counting calories, along with the calorie deficit so I’m getting everything right this time around, and taking it and making it all perfect.”

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Having the foundation of a previous body transformation and the help from a world-class trainer has been absolutely invaluable for Aaron. And it’s because of that complete combination of experience and expertise that he was able to maximise his training and drastically minimise the time frame.

“The time frame is shorter this time for two reasons: one, I know what I’m doing; two, we’ve been able to take everything I’ve learned and concentrate on it.

“Based on my previous experience, we’ve exceeded my expectations.

“I don’t think – when I set out to achieve this back before Christmas – I was actually anticipating getting to where we are now or had any expectation that I was going to see these results in a month’s time. So actually making it happen quickly and efficiently is not a goal – it’s a real bonus!”

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There’s no doubt that the transformation has given Aaron a running start for the marathon, but the benefits don’t stop there. All aspects of his life have seen major improvements.

“I’ve got consistent energy throughout the day, it’s improving my work; it’s improving my focus, my attention; I don’t get fatigued during the day and that’s all because of effectively I’m fit and I feel fit.”

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Looking back at when he was just about to start his second transformation, Aaron gasps at the difference nine short weeks have made.

“I am really, really impressed with my pictures. I feel good. I know that, looking at them, I’ve achieved goals this time around that I’m really happy with.”

In true U.P. fashion, Aaron has, again, achieved maximum results in minimum time – but he’s not stopping here.

Even though he’s only just completed his second transformation, Aaron is already looking forward to taking his fitness up yet another notch!

“Obviously there’s now the next level, which is I’m going to do some more. I want to improve on what I am now, which there’s a tussle there but I do. It’s actually given me a new goal and something to work for and strive for, because when you see the results you want to make more results and ultimately it’s only about self-improvement.”

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Thanks to all the lessons he’s learned and the tools he’s acquired, Aaron’s life in fitness is only going to get better from now on.

“I definitely feel that I can maintain this and my health markers are all on point – they’re all perfect so I feel good in myself.

“This is by far the best personal training experience I’ve ever had.

“It’s second-to-none and with my experiences of the past, I feel like I’ve been trained to become an athlete, and that is a big difference. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort and energy, and after all you can’t buy a good body.”

Aaron’s two for two! Is it your turn now?
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