Busy fashion merchandiser Sarah had been a commercial gym member for over 15 years, but never saw the results she wanted.

After actually gaining a stone while being coached by a personal trainer, she decided to embark on a transformation journey with the professionals at Ultimate Performance.

Waving goodbye to years of feeling self-conscious and lazy dieting, Sarah managed to lose an astonishing 30kg (66lbs) in 30 weeks, while learning how to eat enough protein as a pescatarian.

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“U.P. has definitely brought a life-changing difference. I haven’t looked this good before, plus I haven’t weighed this little since I was 13 or 14.”

Life before U.P. was filled with hectic working days and being too exhausted to exercise. With no knowledge of nutrition, Sarah found herself reaching for ready meals and convenience foods, which had no impact on her energy levels.

“My diet was varied. I’d have bouts of healthy eating and then times when I was busy at work and couldn’t be bothered.

“Before I joined U.P., my energy levels varied. I felt lethargic and tired a lot, which I would blame on work. I didn’t think it was anything to do with my lifestyle choices.”

Feeling unhappy with her body led to excessive amounts of spending. To compensate for her low self-esteem, Sarah would find herself using retail therapy to cover up her insecurities. Clothes and shoes became her comfort blanket, despite being a gym member for 15 years.

“It was very on and off. I had a personal trainer for three years in a commercial gym, and I put on a stone, somehow.

“My previous weight and look made me feel self-conscious. I’d buy clothes and makeup to hide the fact that I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.

“I tried loads of diets and gyms before, and nothing stuck. I knew U.P. would help me make a difference.”

The U.P. results came quickly, much to Sarah’s surprise. Equipped with a personal trainer that pushed her to her absolute limits, she realised she was more than capable of achieving her goals.

Despite lockdown hitting as she was about to embark on her journey, it became obvious that virtual sessions with her dedicated trainer were just as beneficial.

“My first session had to happen virtually. The first four weeks were at home with 3kg dumbbells and a 6kg kettlebell. We combatted this by doing more reps, putting them in a rucksack to increase the weight. We used my exercise bike to introduce cardio. My trainer just kept pushing me on.”

Being a pescatarian meant that Sarah was concerned about her protein intake. With the help of her trainer, Sarah was able to learn about protein-rich sources, allowing her to continue to make progress without compromising her ethics.

Constant support allowed Sarah to maintain her determination, despite not being a lover of exercise or the gym in general.

Introducing weight training into the equation allowed Sarah to fall in love with physical activity. Having the right trainer at U.P. allowed her to see her potential, unlike with her previous trainers in the past.

“My P.T. told me what I could eat in terms of proteins and fats. I cut back on carbs, which were what I was relying on most before.

“Weight training has been fantastic. I’d done the moves before, but never been pushed in the same way that I have been at U.P. They make it quite hard to help you reach your personal bests, which challenges you.

“I don’t enjoy the gym, which is why I would cancel before. But weight training made it enjoyable.”

Since her U.P. transformation, Sarah is lighter than she has been since her teenage years. The information that she has absorbed has allowed her to remain energised and driven, while sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Joining near the Christmas period made it easier to avoid binge-eating for the sake of it, with fresh, healthy food taking centre stage instead.

“My trainer is in constant contact. He looks at my numbers every day. I see him three times a week, and we go over everything I’ve been achieving. He’s always there for advice on eating and drinking etc. 

“When I began, I was wearing a U.K. size 16, and now I’m wearing a U.K. size 12. 

“I noticed the results after three months. My parents were very shocked and happy with my appearance.”  

Losing 30kg (66lbs) has only pushed Sarah to want more, as she strives further towards her ideal physique.

Due to this, her retail therapy habits have totally disappeared, leaving her with more money to spend on seeing friends and loved ones.

“This is a permanent lifestyle change. I’ve learnt that I can go out and have a meal and then reset myself the next day. It will be very helpful in later life.  

“It was good to join near Christmas, as I felt really motivated. You can still be fun and have a good time during your transformation.  

“Overall, I have lost 30kg (66lbs), and the goal is to lose about 36kg (79lbs). I just want to be a bit fitter as well. I’m starting to see some muscles.  

“I feel a lot happier in myself, along with a lot fitter. I also haven’t spent loads of money on clothes, so I’ve saved myself a fortune.”  



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