Oisin wanted to be the best father possible for his baby daughter.

With the demands of raising a newborn, 35-year-old Oisin’s health was suffering with sleepless nights, no exercise and sugary snacks.

His biggest fear was his heart health. He needed to manage his blood pressure levels to control his condition, but life as a new dad made it a struggle.

Having been in good shape before his daughter was born, he was determined to ensure she grew up inspired by the fit and healthy Oisin of old.

Oisin decided to team up with Ultimate Performance knowing he could rely on their scientific, results-driven approach. In just 7 weeks, he increased his lean body mass, lost weight and lowered his blood pressure for his heart condition.

“My blood pressure has come down a little bit, which is important for me because I need to keep it low for my heart condition.”

“It is important that I manage my heart condition while also feeling good about myself and continuing to push hard in the gym. U.P. have been able to work around my goals which has been impressive.

“I also think there are definitely good habits that my daughter will pick up and learn from me as she’s growing up.”

Here, Oisin speaks about how he built his dream physique while leading a busy life as a father, and how the lessons he learned on nutrition will stick with him for the rest of his life.

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What was your motivation to join Ultimate Performance?

I initially saw some of the U.P. advertising online, and one of my cousins had been a follower of Nick Mitchell for a while. He talked very positively about U.P. and the scientific approach they take to training. Just seeing the results online was very impressive.

In terms of motivation, my daughter was born about 13 and a half months ago, and I’d been in decent shape when she was born. She has never been a good sleeper, so I just fell into some really bad habits. My diet suffered, I wasn’t getting consistent exercise and my quality of sleep was poor. I basically needed a kick up the backside, and this was it.


What was your diet and lifestyle like before your body transformation?

I’ve always had good and bad periods of dieting, but I suppose there were more bad periods six months before working with U.P. I was snacking quite a lot, especially in the evenings when I was tired.

I would use sugary foods to try and get through the day and not pay attention to eating fruit or vegetables. I’d also eat a lot of chocolate and pastries which were my kryptonite at the time. It was mainly sweet, sugary foods that were the problem.

How did you feel about yourself before your partnering with U.P.?

I would often feel very sluggish in the afternoons. I was off on paternity leave for seven or eight weeks in the summer and thought that would be a time when I’d get lots of rest and be energetic.

It was the opposite in fact, I found myself feeling extremely tired which was probably down to not eating well. I also found myself getting a lot of headaches, so in general, I wasn’t feeling great about myself.


Have you noticed any health benefits since working with your U.P. trainer?

My blood pressure has come down a little bit, which is important for me because I need to keep it low for my heart condition. It is important that I manage my heart condition while also feeling good about myself and continuing to push hard in the gym.

U.P. have been able to work around my goals which has been impressive. It’s just another degree of confidence in what my trainer has been doing with me.


You told us one of your biggest motivations was your daughter, how do you think your transformation will benefit her in the future?

I think when she sees us cooking clean at home, that’s going to be a big advantage. Me and my wife would generally cook well at home anyway, but for her not to be seeing me eating an entire bar of chocolate in the evening is important. Aside from the diet, I think there are definitely good habits that she’ll pick up and learn from us as she’s growing up.

The second thing is the discipline around consistently staying active. I’ve always been relatively active, but it’s the consistency that’s been different over the past 10 weeks. So, I think her just seeing that on a daily basis and seeing me walking around in my gym clothes will be helpful. Even if it’s just going out for a run or getting a few steps in, I think she’s probably going to have a more active lifestyle than she would’ve done otherwise.

Tell us how your diet has changed since working with your U.P. trainer?

One of the first things I noticed is just incorporating a lot more fruit and vegetables. Having lots of spinach and tomatoes at lunchtime for example, and just being able to taste those a lot more than I would’ve done previously.

One of the key things I’ll take from working with U.P. is just always having that piece of green on my plate for every meal. Even when we went out yesterday for a meal, I made sure to order broccoli and grilled veg which I enjoyed.


How quickly did you start to see results?

I think a lot of my improvement came in the first four weeks.

If you look at the pictures in the first four weeks, you can see the definition in my body and just an obvious loss of fat. I definitely started to feel better in those first four weeks as well, so it was quicker than I expected.


How do you feel the process that you’ve gone through with U.P. has helped set you up for the future?

I think diet-wise it is just ensuring that those certain foundational principles are consistent. Eating lots of vegetables, good-quality protein sources, and keeping the carbs down to a minimum, essentially. I think that is embedded as a habit now. Also, because me and my trainer have been working together twice a week, I have become accustomed to that accountability of training.

I have realised the benefits of being consistent, even if it’s not the hardest workout in the world, is critical. Beforehand I would’ve trained hard to get to a certain point and then stopped for two weeks to give myself a rest. My goal now is to make a lasting change and just stay active consistently rather than do hard workouts intermittently.

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